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A Prayer for Orion

by Katherine James & Pam Ward Blackstone Publishing (April 28, 2020)

It's always somebody else's kid-until it's yours. When Katherine James and her husband found out their son was using heroin, their responses ran the gamut: disbelief, anger, helplessness, guilt.

As they struggled...

Choosing to Be a Medium

by Sharon Farber & Ann Richardson Blackstone Publishing (March 08, 2019)

Experience the wonder of spirit communication firsthand-even if you don't think you were born a medium. Sharon Farber shares her amazing story of becoming a medium through study, not birthright, and she reveals...

Spiritual Portals

by Nora D’Ecclesis & Ann Richardson Blackstone Publishing (February 11, 2020)

Spirituality is a uniquely individual experience resulting from an introspective assessment of the moral, ethical, and compassionate components of our lives. It includes the nonmaterialistic aspects of life....

Grandma Says: Wake Up, World!

An Uncommon Bond

by Jeff Brown & Ray Chase Blackstone Publishing (October 06, 2015)

This intimate and revealing love story is told through the eyes of Lowen as he experiences the heights and depths that come with meeting his beloved, Sarah. In this remarkably engaging story, we walk beside...

Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet

by Kellyann Petrucci, Erin Bennett & JJ Virgin Blackstone Publishing (December 08, 2015)

Centered on the newest health craze, Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet is a twenty-one-day plan to lose up to twenty pounds and see fewer wrinkles.

The New York Times says it "ranks with green juice and coconut...

Super Mind

by Norman E. Rosenthal & Dan Woren Blackstone Publishing (May 17, 2016)

The noted research psychiatrist and New York Times bestselling author explores how Transcendental Meditation permanently alters your daily consciousness, resulting in greater productivity, emotional resilience,...

Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth

by Tommy Rosa, Stephen T. Sinatra, Robertson Dean & Malcolm Hillgartner Blackstone Publishing (November 17, 2015)

Fifteen years ago, Bronx-born plumber Tommy Rosa died in a hit-and-run incident. Lying by the road, he felt a tug whisking him off into a tunnel of light to meet his divine teacher in heaven. After several weeks...

After This

by Claire Bidwell Smith Blackstone Publishing (April 28, 2015)

Claire Bidwell Smith follows TheRules of Inheritance with After This--anexploration of the afterlife that is part personal and part prescriptive, aninvitation on a journey into the unknown.

In her therapy practice...

The Portal

by Tom Cronin, Jacqui Fifer, Timothy Andrés Pabon & Erin Bennett Blackstone Publishing (January 14, 2020)

Calm your mind. Unlock your power. Save the planet.

Our world is suffering from a number of growing crises: wars, climate change, the threat of economic collapse. We're at a tipping point, but there is another...

The Grateful Life

by Nina Lesowitz, Mary Beth Sammons & Heather Henderson Blackstone Publishing (November 15, 2014)

The Grateful Lifeis a guide to discovering and achieving one's dreams by harnessing the power ofa positive attitude. In years of research and practice, authors Nina Lesowitzand Mary Beth Sammons have discovered...

Meditations from the Mat

by Rolf Gates, Katrina Kenison & Kevin Kenerly Blackstone Publishing (September 08, 2015)

As more and more people in the West pursue yoga in its various forms, whether at traditional centers, in the high-powered atmosphere of sports clubs, or on their own, they begin to realize that far from being...

Meditations on Intention and Being

by Rolf Gates & Kevin Kenerly Blackstone Publishing (December 08, 2015)

Yoga has never been more popular. Throughout the United States, people are turning to this ancient practice as a response to the pressures of today's hectic world.

In Meditations on Intention and Being, acclaimed...

Occult America

by Mitch Horowitz & Paul Michael Garcia Blackstone Publishing (September 08, 2009)

Americans have long had a fixation with the occult. Now, well-known writer and expert on the occult Mitch Horowitz presents a meticulously researched, compulsively readable history of the mystical and spiritual...

The Lives of Carl Atman

by Morris Wayne Walker & Paul Michael Garcia Blackstone Publishing (May 18, 2014)

Eachsoul's journey through life on planet earth is an adventure. The greaterpicture of the billions of lives and their stories is a cosmic phenomenon wecan never fully comprehend. But with our God-given intuition...

Imperfect Spirituality

by Polly Campbell & Meredith Mitchell Blackstone Publishing (August 01, 2013)

Pulling a raisin out of a two-year-old's noseprobably wasn't on the Buddha's path to enlightenment, but it was one of theobstacles for author Polly Campbell. For many people, stuck raisins and otherreal-life...

A Life at Work

by Thomas Moore & Lloyd James Blackstone Publishing (February 26, 2008)

Bestselling author and internationally known lecturer Thomas Moore finds people everywhere he goes who express unhappiness with their work lives and ask, “Why am I doing what I’m doing?” In A Life at Work,...

Mere Christianity

by C. S. Lewis & Ralph Cosham Blackstone Publishing (June 22, 2005)

Mere Christianity is C. S. Lewis' forceful and accessible doctrine on Christian belief. First heard as informal radio broadcasts and then published as three separate books--The Case for Christianity, Christian...

A Mindful Year

I'm Spiritual, Dammit!

by Jenniffer Weigel Blackstone Publishing (August 08, 2017)

Is it possible to be grounded and have a rich interior life? Is it possible to get through the day with poise when everything hits the fan? Is it possible to have a spiritual life and not be a wing-nut? For...

Making Space

by Thich Nhat Hanh, Edoardo Ballerini & Rachel Neumann Blackstone Publishing (September 30, 2015)

Transform any space into a place of peace and calm with this inspiring guide from celebrated Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Designed for those new to mindfulness practices, Making Space offers easy-to-follow instructions...


by Thich Nhat Hanh & Edoardo Ballerini Blackstone Publishing (October 31, 2015)

Based on Dharma talks by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and insights from participants in retreats for healing the inner child, Reconciliation is an exciting contribution to the growing trend of using Buddhist practices...

Peace Is Every Step

by Thich Nhat Hanh, Edoardo Ballerini, Arnold Kotler & The Dalai Lama Blackstone Publishing (May 12, 2015)

In the rush of modern life, we tend to lose touch with the peacethat is available in each moment. World-renowned Zen master, spiritual leader,and author Thich Nhat Hanh shows us how to make positive use of the...

Postcards from Heaven

by Dan Gordon, Anthony Heald & Linda Gray Blackstone Publishing (November 11, 2008)

A postcard from heaven is not a revelation from on high—rather, it is a whisper, a brush of the presence of someone who’s passed away. Though subtle, these coincidences are uncanny enough to suggest that...