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by Jonathan Sacks Basic Books (August 31, 2020)

A distinguished religious leader's stirring case for reconstructing a shared framework of virtues and values.

With liberal democracy embattled, public discourse grown toxic, family life breaking down, and drug...

The Prophet

by Kahlil Gibran, Michael Kramer & Kate Reading Spoken Realms (April 14, 2020)

"Work is love made visible." - Khalil Gibran

Filled with wisdom, written in simple, poetic language, The Prophet is a book for all ages, which remains amazingly relevant to our times. This audiobook, narrated...


by Blaise Pascal, William Sutherland & H. F. Stewart Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

Compiled after his death in 1662, Pascal's "pensées" (thoughts) are his ideas for a book in defense of faith in a rational world. These fragments give evidence of a profoundly original thinker who had resolved...

Socrates in the City

by Eric Metaxas & the contributing authors Blackstone Publishing (October 13, 2011)

Following the extraordinary success of the New York Times bestseller Bonhoeffer, Eric Metaxas’ latest book offers inspirational and intellectually rigorous thoughts about the great questions surrounding us...

Skepticism and Religious Relativism

by Nicholas Capaldi, Ben Kingsley, Walter Harrelson & Mike Hassell et al. Knowledge Products (February 28, 2006)

The Religion, Scriptures, and Spirituality Series

The longstanding ideas of humanism, agnosticism, and atheism have increasingly challenged traditional religious doctrines or practices. Yet reason alone often...

Baruch Spinoza

by Thomas Cook, Charlton Heston, John Lachs & Mike Hassell et al. Knowledge Products (April 24, 2006)

A Portuguese Jew living in Holland, Spinoza was excommunicated because of the unorthodox view he took of God. Spinoza wrote in the rationalist style of a geometric proof to develop his idea of God as the infinite,...

The Question of God

by Armand M. Nicholi & Simon Vance Blackstone Publishing (February 14, 2012)

In The Question of God, renowned psychiatrist and educator Armand Nicholi presents a fascinating comparison of the beliefs of Sigmund Freud and C. S. Lewis.

For all the variety of specific religious beliefs,...

Duns Scotus and Medieval Christianity

by Ralph McInerny, Lynn Redgrave, John Lachs & Wendy McElroy et al. Knowledge Products (January 01, 2007)

The Roman Empire became Christian in AD 323; about two centuries later, the rest of Europe began to convert. Medieval culture blurred the line between the sacred and the secular. While political and religious...

St. Thomas Aquinas

by Kenneth L. Schmitz, Charlton Heston, John Lachs & Mike Hassell et al. Knowledge Products (March 05, 2006)

St. Thomas Aquinas is known for producing history's most complete system of Christian philosophy. In the late thirteenth century, this quiet, reflective Dominican scholar combined the work of Aristotle with...

St. Augustine

by R. J. O’Connell, Charlton Heston, John Lachs & Mike Hassell et al. Knowledge Products (March 04, 2006)

St. Augustine (AD 354–430) was the first great systematic Christian philosopher. He attempted to combine the philosophical insights of Plato with the faith explicated in the Bible. Augustine thought of Plato’s...

Thomas Aquinas in 90 Minutes

by Paul Strathern & Simon Vance Blackstone Publishing (June 25, 2005)

We see our age as the greatest in human history, filled with seemingly unending originality. Yet such dynamism is not a necessary characteristic of great eras. Among the most long-lasting and stable civilizations...