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Abraham Joshua Heschel: The Call of Transcendence

by Shai Held Indiana University Press (November 04, 2013)

Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972) was a prolific scholar, impassioned theologian, and prominent activist who participated in the black civil rights movement and the campaign against the Vietnam War. He has...

The Insistence of God: A Theology of Perhaps

by John D. Caputo Indiana University Press (September 13, 2013)

The Insistence of God presents the provocative idea that God does not exist, God insists, while God's existence is a human responsibility, which may or may not happen. For John D. Caputo, God's existence is...

A Phenomenology of Christian Life: Glory and Night

by Felix O Murchadha Indiana University Press (September 11, 2013)

How does Christian philosophy address phenomena in the world? Felix Ó Murchadha believes that seeing, hearing, or otherwise sensing the world through faith requires transcendence or thinking through glory and...

Kierkegaard, Communication, and Virtue: Authorship as Edification

by Mark A. Tietjen Indiana University Press (June 12, 2013)

In contrast to recent postmodern and deconstructionist readings, Mark A. Tietjen believes that the purpose behind Kierkegaard's writings is the moral and religious improvement of the reader. Tietjen defends...

A Philosophical Anthropology of the Cross: The Cruciform Self

by Brian Gregor Indiana University Press (March 18, 2013)

What does the cross, both as a historical event and a symbol of religious discourse, tell us about human beings? In this provocative book, Brian Gregor draws together a hermeneutics of the self-through Heidegger,...

The Paradoxical Rationality of Søren Kierkegaard

by Richard McCombs Indiana University Press (March 04, 2013)

Richard McCombs presents Søren Kierkegaard as an author who deliberately pretended to be irrational in many of his pseudonymous writings in order to provoke his readers to discover the hidden and paradoxical...

Creation and the Sovereignty of God

by Hugh J. McCann Indiana University Press (July 20, 2012)

Creation and the Sovereignty of God brings fresh insight to a defense of God. Traditional theistic belief declared a perfect being who creates and sustains everything and who exercises sovereignty over all....

The Obligated Self

by Mara H. Benjamin Indiana University Press (May 24, 2018)

Mara H. Benjamin contends that the physical and psychological work of caring for and rearing children, for centuries the province of women, is theologically fruitful but a largely unexplored terrain for feminists....

Richard Kearney’s Anatheistic Wager

by Chris Doude van Troostwijk & Matthew Clemente Indiana University Press (April 23, 2018)

Philosopher Blaise Pascal famously insisted that it was better to wager belief in God than to risk eternal damnation. More recently, Richard Kearney has offered a wager of his own--the anatheistic wager, or...

The Inconspicuous God

by Jason W. Alvis Indiana University Press (June 01, 2018)

Dominique Janicaud once famously critiqued the work of French phenomenologists of the theological turn because their work was built on the seemingly corrupt basis of Heidegger's notion of the inapparent or inconspicuous....

Martin Buber's Theopolitics

by Samuel Hayim Brody Indiana University Press (February 16, 2018)

How did one of the greatest Jewish thinkers of the 20th century grapple with the founding of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—one of the most significant political conflicts of his time? Samuel...

Jewish Philosophy as a Guide to Life: Rosenzweig, Buber, Levinas, Wittgenstein

by Hilary Putnam Indiana University Press (February 19, 2008)

Distinguished philosopher Hilary Putnam, who is also a practicing Jew, questions the thought of three major Jewish philosophers of the 20th century-Franz Rosenzweig, Martin Buber, and Emmanuel Levinas-to help...

The Essential Caputo

by B. Keith Putt Indiana University Press (January 12, 2018)

This landmark collection features selected writings by John D. Caputo, one of the most creative and influential thinkers working in the philosophy of religion today. B Keith Putt presents 21 of Caputo’s most...

Reasoning from Faith

by Justin Sands Indiana University Press (December 22, 2017)

Merold Westphal is considered to be one of the preeminent Continental philosophers of religion. His articulation of faith as the task of a lifetime has become a touchstone in contemporary debates concerning...

Transfinite Life

by Bruce Rosenstock Indiana University Press (June 06, 2017)

Oskar Goldberg was an important and controversial figure in Weimar Germany. He challenged the rising racial conception of the state and claimed that the Jewish people were on a metaphysical mission to defeat...

Kierkegaard's God and the Good Life

by Stephen Minister, J Aaron Simmons & Michael J Strawser Indiana University Press (June 06, 2017)

Kierkegaard's God and the Good Life focuses on faith and love, two central topics in Kierkegaard's writings, to grapple with complex questions at the intersection of religion and ethics. Here, leading scholars...

In Praise of Heteronomy

by Merold Westphal Indiana University Press (May 22, 2017)

Recognizing the essential heteronomy of postmodern philosophy of religion, Merold Westphal argues against the assumption that human reason is universal, neutral, and devoid of presupposition. Instead, Westphal...

Discourses at the Communion on Fridays

by Søren Kierkegaard & Sylvia Walsh Indiana University Press (July 28, 2011)

Søren Kierkegaard's 13 communion discourses constitute a distinct genre among the various forms of religious writing composed by Kierkegaard. Originally published at different times and places, Kierkegaard...

Negative Theology as Jewish Modernity

by Michael Fagenblat Indiana University Press (February 27, 2017)

Negative theology is the attempt to describe God by speaking in terms of what God is not. Historical affinities between Jewish modernity and negative theology indicate new directions for thematizing the modern...

Ethics and the Problem of Evil

by James P. Sterba Indiana University Press (February 27, 2017)

The problem of evil has been an extremely active area of study in the philosophy of religion for many years. Until now, most sources have focused on logical, metaphysical, and epistemological issues, leaving...

Kierkegaard and Death

by Patrick Stokes & Adam J Buben Indiana University Press (October 20, 2011)

Few philosophers have devoted such sustained, almost obsessive attention to the topic of death as Søren Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard and Death brings together new work on Kierkegaard's multifaceted discussions...

Moses Mendelssohn's Living Script: Philosophy, Practice, History, Judaism

by Elias Sacks Indiana University Press (December 12, 2016)

Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786) is often described as the founder of modern Jewish thought and as a leading philosopher of the late Enlightenment. One of Mendelssohn's main concerns was how to conceive of the...

Radical Theology: A Vision for Change

by Jeffrey W. Robbins Indiana University Press (August 08, 2016)

"Radical theology" and "political theology" are terms that have gained a lot of currency among philosophers of religion today. In this visionary new book, Jeffrey W. Robbins explores the contemporary direction...

Levinas's Ethical Politics

by Michael L. Morgan Indiana University Press (May 09, 2016)

Emmanuel Levinas conceives of our lives as fundamentally interpersonal and ethical, claiming that our responsibilities to one another should shape all of our actions. While many scholars believe that Levinas...

The Hidden God: Luther, Philosophy, and Political Theology

by Marius Timmann Mjaaland Indiana University Press (November 15, 2015)

In this phenomenological reading of Luther, Marius Timmann Mjaaland shows that theological discourse is never philosophically neutral and always politically loaded. Raising questions concerning the conditions...

Degrees of Givenness: On Saturation in Jean-Luc Marion

by Christina M. Gschwandtner Indiana University Press (October 22, 2014)

The philosophical work of Jean-Luc Marion has opened new ways of speaking about religious convictions and experiences. In this exploration of Marion's philosophy and theology, Christina M. Gschwandtner presents...