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by Cary Hazlegrove & David Michaelis Turner (March 20, 2010)

Nantucket Island, off coastal New England, has always been a cherished vacation destination. On a given summer day the population swells to more than forty thousand people. The summer months bring a steady stream...

Historic Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

by John B. Manbeck Turner (September 01, 2009)

The Brooklyn Bridge resounds throughout popular culture as an iconic image. Yet its creation was fraught with turmoil. Working with the relatively untested theory of suspension, John Roebling designed a suspension...

Historic Photos of University of Michigan Football

by Michelle O'Brien Turner (August 01, 2008)

The images in this book, Historic Photos of University of Michigan Football, depict 100 years of gridiron action and the players and coaches who competed on three historic fields. The first football team at...

Historic Photos of World War II

by Bob Duncan Turner (September 01, 2007)

World War II was a conflict that split a majority of the world's nations into two opposing sides, the Allies and the Axis. Spanning much of the globe, World War II resulted in the deaths of more 60 million people,...

Historic Photos of Chicago Crime

by John Russick Turner (November 01, 2007)

Perhaps no city has a more fabled past than Chicago, home of legendary Al Capone. But that fabled past is often portrayed separate from the surrounding web of social realities, without which no event, no period...

Historic Photos of Detroit in the 50s, 60s, and 70s

by Mary J. Wallace Turner (September 20, 2011)

The 1950s, 60s, and 70s saw some of the most defining moments in our nation’s history, and Detroit remained at the forefront during these decades of change. A companion book to Historic Photos of Detroit,...

Historic Photos of Louisiana

by Dean M. Shapiro Turner (February 01, 2010)

For nearly 300 years, from its founding in the early 1700s to the present, Louisiana has been one of the most fascinating and culturally diverse geographical areas on the North American continent. To many people,...

Historic Photos of Ernest Hemingway

by James Plath Turner (March 01, 2009)

When Ernest Hemingway won the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature, presenters called him “one of this epoch’s great molders of style,” praising his vivid dialogue and journalistic eye for “robust details...

Historic Photos of Long Island

by Joe Czachowski Turner (November 01, 2008)

The largest island in the continental United States, Long Island comprises Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. With a rich history that has included American Indian tribes such as the Massapequa,...

Historic Photos of the Golden Gate Bridge

by Anne Merritt Turner (July 01, 2008)

The Golden Gate Bridge is a marvel of engineering and architecture considered by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful bridges, its picturesque vistas favored by photographers, artists, visitors to...

Historic Photos of General George Patton

by Russ Rodgers Turner (October 01, 2007)

To be a successful soldier you must know history. . . . What you must know is how man reacts. Weapons change but man who uses them changes not at all. To win battles you do not beat weapons??????you beat the...

Historic Photos of New Orleans

by Melissa Lee Smith Turner (November 01, 2007)

New Orleans is a unique American city, where Spanish, French, Caribbean, African, and other cultures have mingled together to create inimitable styles of music, architecture, and cuisine. New Orleans mixes the...

Historic Photos of Dwight D. Eisenhower

by Dana Lombardy Turner (November 01, 2007)

Dwight David Eisenhower is famous as both a soldier and as a statesman. Like George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant, Eisenhower the soldier commanded large American military forces and helped win a war that...

Historic Photos of St. Louis

by Adele Heagney & Jean Gosebrink Turner (September 01, 2007)

St. Louis is the largest city in Missouri and the Gateway to the West, a moniker symbolized since 1965 by the mighty Gateway Arch fronting the Mississippi River. Historic Photos of St. Louis is a photographic...

Historic Photos of Los Angeles

by Dana Lombardy Turner (April 01, 2008)

Two letters of the alphabet are all that are needed to say the name of America’s second-largest city: L.A. Historic Photos of Los Angeles captures the historical essence of this rapidly moving, fast-growing,...

Historic Photos of Milwaukee

by Elizabeth Chasco Turner (May 01, 2007)

From the original founding fathers of Juneau, Kilbourn and Walker to becoming the brewing capitol of the world, Historic Photos of Milwaukee is a photographic history collected from the areas top archives. With...

Historic Photos of Detroit

by Mary J. Wallace Turner (January 01, 2007)

From the Underground Railroad to the Model T, the Cultural Center to Motown, Historic Photos of Detroit is a photographic history collected from the areas top archives. With around 200 photographs, many of...

Historic Photos of San Francisco

by Rebecca Schall Turner (December 01, 2006)

The 1950s, 60s, and 70s were defining moments in our nation's history, and San Francisco was at the forefront of the avant-garde artistic, intellectual, and cultural movements of the time. San Francisco gave...

Historic Photos of Kansas City

by Lara Copeland Turner (October 01, 2006)

Historic Photos of Kansas City captures Kansas City's past through photographs from the city's finest archives. From the Civil War period, to the turn of the century, to the building of a modern metropolis,...

Historic Photos of Cincinnati

by Linda Bailey Turner (September 01, 2006)

Historic Photos of Cincinnati captures the history of The Queen City in still photography from various collections held at the Cincinnati Museum Center. The book follows life, government, educations and events...