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Terrapin: Poems by Wendell Berry

by Wendell Berry Counterpoint (October 20, 2014)

Tom Pohrt spent years gathering those poems of Wendell Berry’s he imagined children might read and appreciate, making sketches to accompany his selection. Over the past several years a dialogue has evolved...

Danger on Peaks: The Deluxe Audio Edition

by Gary Snyder Counterpoint (September 22, 2014)

We are proud to continue our project of publishing Deluxe Audio Editions of the poems of Gary Snyder, read by him. When first published in 2004, it was the poet’s first new collection of poems in twenty years....

Modernist Women Poets: An Anthology

by Robert Hass & Paul Ebenkamp Counterpoint (April 05, 2014)

The 20th century was a time of great change, particularly in the arts, but seldom explored were the female poets of that time. Robert Hass and Paul Ebenkamp have put together a comprehensive anthology of poetry...

This Day: Collected & New Sabbath Poems

by Wendell Berry Counterpoint (September 16, 2013)

For nearly thirty-five years, Wendell Berry has been at work on a series of poems occasioned by his solitary Sunday walks around his farm in Kentucky. From riverfront and meadows, to grass fields and woodlots,...

Cold Mountain Poems

by Gary Snyder Counterpoint (June 11, 2013)

In 1953, Gary Snyder returned to the Bay Area and, at age 23, enrolled in graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley, to study Asian languages and culture. He intensified his study of Chinese...

Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems

by Gary Snyder Counterpoint (August 28, 2009)

By any measure, Gary Snyder is one of the greatest poets in America in the last century. From his first book of poems to his latest collection of essays, his work and his example, standing between Tu Fu and...

Notes from a Bottle Found on the Beach at Carmel: A Poem

by Evan S. Connell Counterpoint (February 01, 2013)

Praise for Notes from a Bottle Found on the Beach at Carmel

“A unique tour de force” —The New York Times Book Review

“One of the most remarkable books that I have read in a long time.” —Kenneth Rexroth...

A Country of Marriage: Poems

by Wendell Berry Counterpoint (March 01, 2013)

First published in 1971, The Country of Marriage is Wendell Berry's fifth volume of poetry. What he calls "an expansive metaphor" is "a farmer's relationship to his land as the basic and central relation of...

Points for a Compass Rose

by Evan Connell Counterpoint (October 01, 2012)

“We have here on the planet with us a man of such courage and strength of spirit that he has not lost what Alfred Adler calls ‘the nerve for excellence.’ He has kept it despite the burden of an awareness...

Careless Rambles by John Clare: A Selection of His Poems Chosen and Illustrated by Tom Pohrt

by Tom Pohrt & Robert Hass Counterpoint (March 10, 2012)

Born in 1793, John Clare lived and worked during the Golden Age of British poetry, the time of Shelley, Byron, Keats, and Coleridge. In the grand tradition of English nature writing, he stands alongside Wordsworth...

New Collected Poems

by Wendell Berry Counterpoint (April 01, 2012)

In Wendell Berry’s upcoming The New Collected Poems, the poet revisits for the first time his immensely popular Collected Poems, which The New York Times Book Review described as “a straight-forward search...

The Practice of the Wild

by Gary Snyder Counterpoint (January 10, 2004)

Gary Snyder has been a major cultural force in America for five decades. Future readers will come to see this book as one of the central texts on wilderness and the interaction of nature and culture. The nine...

The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry

by Wendell Berry Counterpoint (March 01, 2009)

The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry gathers one hundred poems written between 1957 and 1996. Chosen by the author, these pieces have been selected from each of nine previously published collections. The rich...

On Jupiter Place: New Poems

by Nicholas Christopher Counterpoint (March 01, 2016)

Best known as a novelist, Nicholas Christopher began publishing poems in The New Yorker in his twenties, and has published eight collections, praised over the years by poets and critics as being among America’s...

Roots to the Earth: Poems and a Story

by Wendell Berry & Wesley Bates Counterpoint (August 22, 2016)

In 1995, Wendell Berry’s Roots to the Earth was published in portfolio form by West Meadow Press. The wood etchings of celebrated artist and wood engraver, Wesley Bates, were printed from the original wood...

A Small Porch: Sabbath Poems 2014

by Wendell Berry Counterpoint (June 01, 2016)

More than thirty-five years ago, when the weather allowed, Wendell Berry began spending his sabbaths outdoors, walking and wandering around familiar territory, seeking a deep intimacy only time could provide....

Farming: A Hand Book

by Wendell Berry Counterpoint (September 01, 2011)

The America many people would like to believe in is convincingly explored in this volume of poems by a writer close to the heart of things. The sanity and eloquence of these poems spring from the land in Kentucky...

News of the Universe: Poems of Twofold Consciousness

by Robert Bly Counterpoint (September 01, 2015)

Acclaimed poet and translator Robert Bly here assembles a unique cross-cultural anthology that illuminates the idea of a larger-than-human consciousness operating in the universe. The book’s 150 poems come...

A Sense of the Whole: Reading Gary Snyder's Mountains and Rivers Without End

by Mark Gonnerman Counterpoint (June 09, 2015)

In 1997, Mark Gonnerman organized a yearlong research workshop on Gary Snyder’s Mountains and Rivers Without End at the Stanford Humanities Center. Members of what came to be known among faculty, students,...

The River of Heaven: The Haiku of Basho, Buson, Issa, and Shiki

by Robert Aitken Counterpoint (May 01, 2011)

Known to many as the study of quiet stillness and introspection, Zen Buddhism distinguishes itself through brilliant flashes of insight and its terseness of expression. In River of Heaven these concepts and...