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by Gabrielle Giffords & Mark Kelly Scribner (September 02, 2014)

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, share their impassioned argument for responsible gun ownership.

After the 2011 Tucson shooting that nearly took her life, basic questions...

Double Agent

by Peter Duffy Scribner (July 22, 2014)

The never-before-told tale of the German-American who infiltrated New York’s Nazi underground in the days leading up to World War II: “Thrilling, well-researched, well-told, fascinating” (Minneapolis Star...

When A Billion Chinese Jump

by Jonathan S. Watts Scribner (October 26, 2010)

As a young child, Jonathan Watts believed if everyone in China jumped at the same time, the earth would be shaken off its axis, annihilating mankind. Now, more than thirty years later, as a correspondent for...

Green Gone Wrong

by Heather Rogers Scribner (April 20, 2010)

In Green Gone Wrong environmental writer Heather Rogers blasts through the marketing buzz of big corporations and asks a simple question: Do today’s much-touted "green" products—carbon offsets, organic food,...

The Emerging Democratic Majority

by John B. Judis & Ruy Teixeira Scribner (August 27, 2002)


Political experts John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeira convincingly use hard data -- demographic,...

Listen Up, Mr. President

by Helen Thomas & Craig Crawford Scribner (October 06, 2009)

Helen Thomas has covered the administrations of ten presidents in a career spanning nearly sixty years. She is known for her famous press conference closing line, "Thank you, Mr. President," but here she trades...

To Be a Friend Is Fatal: The Fight to Save the Iraqis America Left Behind

by Kirk W. Johnson Scribner (September 03, 2013)

The “searing” (The New Yorker), “must read” (The Philadelphia Inquirer) memoir of “one of the few genuine heroes of America’s war in Iraq” (Dexter Filkins).

In January 2005 Kirk Johnson, then twenty-four,...

The Mueller Report

by The Washington Post Scribner (April 19, 2019)

The Crucial #1 New York Times Bestseller

“The Mueller report is that rare Washington tell-all that surpasses its pre-publication hype…the best book by far on the workings of the Trump presidency.” —Carlos...

Boss Rove: Inside Karl Rove's Secret Kingdom of Power

by Craig Unger Scribner (August 13, 2012)

The epic 2012 presidential contest between President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney represents the stunning comeback of GOP boss Karl Rove, the brilliant political operator whose scorched-earth...

The Age of Walls

by Tim Marshall Scribner (October 09, 2018)

Tim Marshall, the New York Times bestselling author of Prisoners of Geography, analyzes the most urgent and tenacious topics in global politics and international relations by examining the borders, walls, and...

Crashback: The Power Clash Between the U.S. and China in the Pacific

by Michael Fabey Scribner (October 24, 2017)

This chilling account of the “warm war” over control of the South China Sea—one that is threatening to flare into full-scale conflict—presents a “telling picture of the operational challenges the US...

The Other America

by Michael Harrington & Maurice Isserman Scribner (January 01, 1900)

In the fifty years since it was published, The Other America has been established as a seminal work of sociology. This anniversary edition includes Michael Harrington’s essays on poverty in the 1970s and ’80s...

Blue on Blue

by Charles Campisi & Gordon L. Dillow Scribner (February 07, 2017)

In one of the most illuminating portraits of police work ever, Chief Charles Campisi describes the inner workings of the world’s largest police force and his unprecedented career putting bad cops behind bars....

Three Minutes to Doomsday

by Joe Navarro Scribner (April 18, 2017)

An intense cat-and-mouse game played between two brilliant men in the last days of the Cold War, this shocking insider’s story shows how a massive giveaway of secret war plans and nuclear secrets threatened...

The Duel

by Tariq Ali Scribner (September 16, 2008)

Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world. It is the only Islamic state to have nuclear weapons. Its border with Afghanistan extends over one thousand miles and is the likely hideout of Osama...

Muqtada Al-Sadr and the Battle for the Future of Iraq

by Patrick Cockburn Scribner (October 21, 2008)

Time magazine listed him as one of its "100 People Who Shape Our World." Newsweek featured him on its cover under the headline "How Al-Sadr May Control U.S. Fate in Iraq." Paul Bremer denounced him as a "Bolshevik...

Thanks for the Memories, Mr. President

by Helen Thomas Scribner (March 05, 2003)

In a natural follow-up to her national bestseller Front Row at the White House, the dean of the White House press corps presents a vivid and personal presidential chronicle. Currently a columnist for Hearst...

Follow the Money

by John Anderson Scribner (September 11, 2007)

With its barbecues, new Cadillacs, and $4,000 snakeskin cowboy boots, Texas is all about power and money -- and the power that money buys. This detailed and wide-scope account shows how a group of wealthy Texas...

Planet India

by Mira Kamdar Scribner (February 20, 2007)

India is everywhere: on magazine covers and cinema marquees, at the gym and in the kitchen, in corporate boardrooms and on Capitol Hill. Through incisive reportage and illuminating analysis, Mira Kamdar explores...

House of Bush, House of Saud

by Craig Unger Scribner (March 19, 2004)

Newsbreaking and controversial -- an award-winning investigative journalist uncovers the thirty-year relationship between the Bush family and the House of Saud and explains its impact on American foreign policy,...

Watchdogs of Democracy?

by Helen Thomas Scribner (June 20, 2006)

In the course of more than sixty years spent covering Washington politics, Helen Thomas has witnessed a raft of fundamental changes in the way news is gathered and reported. Gone are the days of frequent firsthand...

Fidel Castro: My Life

by Ignacio Ramonet & Fidel Castro Scribner (January 08, 2008)

The intimate and highly revealing life story of the world’s longest-serving, most charismatic, and controversial head of state in modern times.

Fidel Castro was a dictatorial pariah to some and a hero and...


by Patrick Cockburn Scribner (April 08, 2008)

Time magazine listed him as one of its "100 People Who Shape Our World." Newsweek featured him on its cover under the headline "How Al-Sadr May Control U.S. Fate in Iraq." Paul Bremer denounced him as a "Bolshevik...

Palestinian Walks

by Raja Shehadeh Scribner (June 03, 2008)

Raja Shehadeh is a passionate hill walker. He enjoys nothing more than heading out into the countryside that surrounds his home. But in recent years, his hikes have become less than bucolic and sometimes downright...


by Andrew Cockburn Scribner (February 27, 2007)

Donald Rumsfeld, who as secretary of defense oversaw the army, navy, air force, and marines from 2001 to December 2006, is widely blamed for the catastrophic state of America's involvement in Iraq. In his groundbreaking...

Dateline: Toronto

by Ernest Hemingway Scribner (July 25, 2002)

Dateline: Toronto collects all 172 pieces that Hemingway published in the Star, including those under pseudonyms. Hemingway readers will discern his unique voice already present in many of these pieces, particularly...


by Rick Perlstein Scribner (May 13, 2008)

“Perlstein...aims here at nothing less than weaving a tapestry of social upheaval. His success is dazzling.” —Los Angeles Times

“Both brilliant and fun, a consuming journey back into the making of modern...

The Woven Figure

by George F. Will Scribner (July 15, 1999)

Swatches From The Century's End

...I cannot deny my past to which my self is wed, the woven figure cannot undo its thread.

Louis MacNeice, "Valediction"

These words express a truth of conservatism that has...

My America

by Hugh Downs Scribner (October 15, 2002)

"Some of these essays are powerful and poetic. Some seem to reflect a stunned condition on the part of the contributor. But all of them share a newborn or reawakened feeling about the country we live in -- an...

Ravens in the Storm

by Carl Oglesby Scribner (February 11, 2008)

In 1964, Carl Oglesby, a young copywriter for a Michigan-based defense contractor, was asked by a local Democratic congressman to draft a campaign paper on the Vietnam War. Oglesby's report argued that the conflict...

The Party Faithful

by Amy Sullivan Scribner (February 19, 2008)

As late as the 1960s, religion was a decidedly nonpartisan affair in the United States. In the past forty years, however, despite abundant evidence that Americans care about their candidates' personal faith,...

Kremlin Rising

by Peter Baker & Susan Glasser Scribner (June 07, 2005)

In the tradition of Hedrick Smith's The Russians, Robert G. Kaiser's Russia: The People and the Power, and David Remnick's Lenin's Tomb comes an eloquent and eye-opening chronicle of Vladimir Putin's Russia,...

Trump Revealed

by Michael Kranish & Marc Fisher Scribner (August 23, 2016)

A comprehensive biography of Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner in the presidential election campaign. Trump Revealed will be reported by a team of award-winning Washington Post journalists and co-authored...

"All Governments Lie"

by Myra MacPherson Scribner (May 11, 2010)

Boasting equal parts scholarship and style, "All Governments Lie" is a highly readable, groundbreaking, and timely look at I. F. Stone -- one of America's most independent and revered journalists, whose work...

Nine Months at Ground Zero

by Glenn Stout, Charles Vitchers, Robert Gray & Joel Meyerowitz Scribner (April 25, 2006)

Hours after two airplanes hit the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001, Charlie Vitchers, a construction superintendent, and Bobby Gray, a crane operator, headed downtown. They knew their...

The Ripple Effect

by Alex Prud'Homme Scribner (June 07, 2011)

 AS ALEX PRUD’HOMME and his great-aunt Julia Child were completing their collaboration on her memoir, My Life in France, they began to talk about the French obsession with bottled water, which had finally...

The Breach

by Peter Baker Scribner (January 12, 2001)

The journalist who co-wrote the original article breaking the Monica Lewinsky scandal for the Washington Post reveals the complete story behind the headlines: a riveting, in-depth account of an event unique...

Dead Center

by Georgia Jones Sorenson & James MacGregor Burns Scribner (November 26, 1999)

"The urgent question of our time is whether we can make change our friend and not our enemy....To renew America, we must be bold...must revitalize our democracy....Together with our friends and allies, we will...

We Are Afghan Women

by George W. Bush Institute & Laura Bush Scribner (March 08, 2016)

“Inspiring stories that not only capture the suffering of Afghan women, but also show their tremendous courage and resilience and the contribution they are making to build a better future for Afghanistan”...

Prisoners of Geography

by Tim Marshall Scribner (October 27, 2015)

In this New York Times bestseller, an award-winning journalist uses ten maps of crucial regions to explain the geo-political strategies of the world powers—“fans of geography, history, and politics (and...

How to Catch a Russian Spy

by Naveed Jamali & Ellis Henican Scribner (June 23, 2015)

With an epilogue on recent Russian spying, a “page-turner of a memoir” (Publishers Weekly) about an American civilian with a dream, who worked as a double agent with the FBI in the early 2000s to bring down...

Dirty Diplomacy

by Craig Murray Scribner (May 31, 2011)

With all the pace and drama of a political thriller, Dirty Diplomacy is a riveting account of a young, fast-living ambassador's battle against a ruthless dictatorship in Central Asia and the craven political...