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The Politics of Crisis Management in China: The Sichuan Earthquake

by Sonny Shiu-Hing Lo Lexington Books (November 14, 2014)

This book studies the Chinese government and military’s rapid mobilization and coordination work in the aftermath of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. It is a comparative and historical analysis for scholars and...

The New Minorities of Europe: Social Cohesion in the European Union

by Michael Johns Lexington Books (February 21, 2014)

In The New Minorities of Europe: Social Cohesion in the European Union, Michael Johns looks to intra-EU migration as a way to analyze our understanding issues such as minorities, free movement, and rights. Tracing...

Military Resilience in Low-Intensity Conflict: A Comparative Study of New Directions Worldwide

by Rachel Suissa Lexington Books (June 14, 2012)

Military Resilience in a Low-Intensity Conflict: A Comparative Study of New Directions Worldwide, by Rachel Suissa, studies states involved in low-intensity conflicts to offer a corrective to post-modern problems...

The Uprooted: Improving Humanitarian Responses to Forced Migration

by Susan F. Martin, Patricia Weiss Fagen, Kari M. Jorgensen & Andrew Schoenholtz et al. Lexington Books (July 21, 2005)

The Uprooted is the first volume to methodically examine the progress and persistent shortcomings of the current humanitarian regime. The authors, all experts in the field of forced migration, describe the organizational,...

New Directions for International Relations: Confronting the Method-of-Analysis Problem

by Alex Mintz & Bruce Russett Lexington Books (February 11, 2005)

Why does the academic study of international relations have limited impact on the policy community? In New Directions for International Relations, Mintz and Russett identify differences in methods of analysis...

The Political Theory of a Compound Republic: Designing the American Experiment

by Vincent Ostrom & Barbara Allen Lexington Books (November 29, 2007)

The Political Theory of a Compound Republic presents the essential logic of James Madison and Alexander Hamilton's design of limited, distributed, constitutional authority proposed inThe Federalist. Two revised...

Media Bias?: A Comparative Study of Time, Newsweek, the National Review, and the Progressive, 1975-2000

by Tawnya J. Adkins Covert & Philo C. Wasburn Lexington Books (October 17, 2008)

Media Bias? addresses the question: To what extent can mainstream news media be characterized as 'conservative' or 'liberal'? The study involves a systematic comparative analysis of the coverage given to major...

Sharia or Shura: Contending Approaches to Muslim Politics in Nigeria and Senegal

by Sakah Saidu Mahmud Lexington Books (July 12, 2013)

Although Muslims in northern Nigeria and Senegal share a common Islamic background in the Sufi tradition, the societies differ in their attitudes and approaches to public affairs. This book provides explanations...

Toward Better Governance in China: An Unconventional Pathway of Political Reform

by Dennis V. Hickey, Baogang Guo, Chunlong Lu & Chia-chen Chou et al. Lexington Books (November 12, 2009)

This book examines contemporary Chinese political reform through an examination of a number of policy initiatives taken in recent years. These include programs designed to improve administrative efficiency,...

Dancing with the Dragon: China's Emergence in the Developing World

by Baogang Guo, Dennis Hickey, Jih-Un Kim & Muhamad Al-Olimat et al. Lexington Books (April 30, 2010)

This co-edited book focuses on China's increasing engagement with many of the less developed countries-particularly those in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East-and explores...

Multiplicity of Nationalism in Contemporary Europe

by Andrzej Marcin Suszycki, Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski, David Bruce MacDonald & Taras Kuzio et al. Lexington Books (November 05, 2009)

Nationalism remains one of the key political, societal, and socio-psychological phenomena in contemporary Europe. The international scholars assembled in this edited collection suggest that the use of three...

Harmonious World and China's New Foreign Policy

by Guo And Blanchard Lexington Books (June 22, 2010)

The concept of 'harmonious world' has become the basis for the new principles and goals of Chinese foreign policy under the fourth generation leadership. The question remains, however, about the exact meanings...

Beyond Realism: Human Security in India and Pakistan in the Twenty-First Century

by Rekha Datta & Paul Rich Lexington Books (February 15, 2008)

Focusing on India and Pakistan, this book adopts an innovative combination of realist analysis with a human security approach. It will be a valuable resource for a wide variety of scholars, practitioners, and...

Italian Critics of Capitalism

by Lorella Cedroni Lexington Books (March 31, 2010)

The writings collected in this volume present leading statements of theories of democracy and capitalism in twentieth century Italy starting from Vilfredo Pareto. The book is the first (and the unique) collection...

Higher Education and Equality of Opportunity: Cross-National Perspectives

by Matt Evans, N. Jayaram, Fred A. Lazin & , O'Connor, Noga et al. Lexington Books (July 10, 2012)

This volume provides a broad overview of recent higher education policy in a variety of countries, both developed and developing, around the world. Using interdisciplinary methods and analysis, it focuses on...

Multidimensional Diplomacy of Contemporary China

by Jean-Marc F. Blanchard, Simon Shen, Chien-peng Chung & Ghulam Ali et al. Lexington Books (July 10, 2012)

Multidimensional Diplomacy of Contemporary China covers the interaction between China's multidimensional dealings with various parts of the world in the 21st century. Covering from the ancient Taoism and a new...

Emerging Scholarship on the Middle East and Central Asia

by Elisabeth Yarbakhsh, Maria Syed, Katlyn Quenzer & Matthew Gray et al. Lexington Books (September 15, 2018)

Emerging Scholarship on the Middle East and Central Asia: Moving from the Periphery provides fresh analysis and cutting-edge critique of phenomena and events across the region. Working out of diverse disciplinary...

Prison Bureaucracies in the United States, Mexico, India, and Honduras

by Brian Norris Lexington Books (February 15, 2018)

Modern criminal justice institutions globally include police, criminal courts, and prisons. Prisons, unlike courts which developed out of an old aristocratic function and unlike police which developed out of...

Securitizing Balance of Power Theory: A Polymorphic Reconceptualization

by Ilai Z. Saltzman Lexington Books (December 22, 2011)

Securitizing Balance of Power Theory: A Polymorphic Reconceptualization by Ilai Z. Saltzman presents a cutting-edge attempt to re-conceptualize one of the fundamental concepts of International Relations theory—balance...

Political Science Revitalized

by Michael Haas Lexington Books (July 28, 2017)

Political science has been described as a jigsaw puzzle with many specializations and subfields that do not talk to one another. This book offers a solution that will advance the field from mid-level theory...

Reconceptualizing Security in the Americas in the Twenty-First Century

by Hanna S. Kassab, Jonathan D. Rosen, Bruce M. Bagley & Bradford R. McGuinn et al. Lexington Books (February 19, 2015)

This book illustrates the plethora of security concerns of the Americas in the 21st century. It presents the work of a number of prolific scholars and analysts in the continents of America. The book provides...

A Converging Post-War European Discourse

by Thomas C. Hoerber Lexington Books (December 24, 2014)

This book explores the most important components and contributing factors to the European integration process during the 1950s. It seeks to combine comparative politics and political history to examine core...

Chinese Models of Development

by Yu-Shan Wu, Tse-Kang Leng, Allen C. Lynch & Xiaoming Huang et al. Lexington Books (November 20, 2014)

This book approaches Chinese development from theoretical, historical, and comparative perspectives. Scholars in political science, sociology, economics, and history will find it useful for teaching and research...

Peace and Conflict in Inter-Group Relations

by Agnes Katalin Koós Lexington Books (November 18, 2014)

The book ventures into the explanation of intra-state communal conflict, more narrowly of the conflict between majority and minority communal groups, and develops arguments that highlight the causal impact of...

Politics of the European Union in Bosnia-Herzegovina

by Doga Ulas Eralp Lexington Books (April 05, 2012)

Politics of the European Union in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Between Conflict and Democracy, by Doga Ulas Eralp, evaluates the European Union's ability to transform the escalating political tensions at a period where...

Useful Complaints: How Petitions Assist Decentralized Authoritarianism in China

by Jing Chen Lexington Books (September 09, 2016)

This book examines the positive effects of the petition system on China’s resilient decentralized authoritarian regime. Combining detailed case studies and rigorous statistical analysis, it argues that citizens’...

The Jarring Road to Democratic Inclusion: A Comparative Assessment of State-Society Engagements in Israel and Turkey

by Yusuf Sarfati, Aviad Rubin, Niva Golan-Nadir & Inna Michaeli et al. Lexington Books (August 30, 2016)

This edited volume brings together that offer theoretically pertinent comparisons between various dimensions of Israeli and Turkish politics. Each chapter covers a different aspect of state–society interactions...

Forging Military Identity in Culturally Pluralistic Societies: Quasi-Ethnicity

by Thomas Stubbs, Daniel Zirker, Mamadou Diouma Bah & Ibikunle Adeakin et al. Lexington Books (October 08, 2015)

Ethno-politics has become a major force and source of conflict in the post-Cold War era. The challenge of the Twenty-First Century to military establishments in deeply plural societies is the formation of quasi-ethnic...

Executive Politics in Semi-Presidential Regimes: Power Distribution and Conflicts between Presidents and Prime Ministers

by Martin Carrier Lexington Books (December 16, 2015)

This book analyzes the variation of power distribution between presidents and prime ministers in semi-presidential regimes. Through selected case studies, it exposes the necessity to understand power variation...

The World of Protracted Conflicts

by Michael Brecher Lexington Books (May 15, 2016)

The World of Protracted Conflicts analyzes interstate protracted conflict, a widespread phenomenon in the global system and regional subsystems during the past near-century. It describes the content of a protracted...

Democracy (Made in Taiwan): The 'Success' State as a Political Theory

by Chih-Yu Shih Lexington Books (January 17, 2008)

While political scientists generally see Taiwan as a success state because of its economic modernization and political democratization, this book reinterprets Taiwan's success from the Confucian and postcolonial...

Indigenous Conflict Management Strategies in West Africa: Beyond Right and Wrong

by Joseph Kingsley Adjei, Jesse J. Benjamin, Brandon D. Lundy & Willie Aziegbe Eselebor et al. Lexington Books (November 19, 2014)

This book evaluates indigenous conflict management strategies in West Africa. It proposes a set of mechanisms by which the best elements of indigenous knowledge and skills in conflict management may be deployed...

Elite Recruitment and Coherence of the Inner Core of Power in Finland: Changing Patterns during the Economic Crises of 1991-2011

by Ilkka Ruostetsaari Lexington Books (July 01, 2015)

The book analyzes the extent to which the recruitment into and the coherence of different elites have changed in Finland throughout the period of 1991-2011. This change has been characterized by important societal...

Western Civilization and the Academy

by Bradley C. S. Watson, Rob Koons, Anthony M. Esolen & Toby Huff et al. Lexington Books (September 03, 2015)

This is a go-to volume for all those who seek to address the nature of Western civilization and its enduring significance in American education, especially higher education. There are no other single volume...

Full Spectrum Diplomacy and Grand Strategy: Reforming the Structure and Culture of U.S. Foreign Policy

by John Lenczowski Lexington Books (March 17, 2011)

Full Spectrum Diplomacy and Grand Strategy: Reforming the Structure and Culture of U.S. Foreign Policy, by John Lenczowski offers a solution to one of the greatest weaknesses in U.S. foreign policy that has...

Turkey and the European Union: The Question of European Identity

by Selcen Öner Lexington Books (February 16, 2011)

European identity has always been in a state of construction. With the creation of the European Union, however, this construction now takes place within an institutional framework, introducing a number of new...