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The Fall of Che Guevara

by Henry Butterfield Ryan & Richard McGonagle Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2007)

This book tells the story—for the first time—of the United States government’s response to Guevara’s ill-starred insurgency in Bolivia in 1967. Henry Butterfield Ryan argues that Guevara’s life must...

Russia and the Soviet Union

by Ralph Raico, Peter Hackes, Wendy McElroy & Pat Childs Knowledge Products (February 24, 2006)

Recent events have made it clear that the Soviet Union is not a monolith; it’s a collection of nationalities, many with serious objection to union. The demise of communism holds great promise and great danger...

The Middle East

by Wendy McElroy, Sheldon Richman, Harry Reasoner & Pat Childs Knowledge Products (March 24, 2006)

By the end of World War I, Britain had promised control of Palestine both to Arabs and Jews. Each of these peoples claimed a longstanding right to the same piece of land, and violence was inevitable. This presentation...

Menace in Europe

by Claire Berlinski & Wanda McCaddon Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

We think of Europe as the charming continent of windmills and gondolas. But lately, Europe has become the continent of endless strikes and demonstrations, bombs on the trains and subways, radical Islamic cells...

America Alone

by Mark Steyn & Brian Emerson Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Someday soon, you might wake up to the call to prayer of a muezzin. Europeans already do.

Liberals tell us that “diversity is our strength”—while Talibanic enforcers...

Daydream Believers

by Fred Kaplan, Stefan Rudnicki & Emily Janice Card Blackstone Publishing (February 04, 2008)

America’s power is in decline, its foreign policy adrift, its allies alienated, its soldiers trapped in a war that even generals regard as unwinnable. What has happened these past eight years is well known....

A World Destroyed

by Martin J. Sherwin & John Lescault Blackstone Publishing (July 14, 2010)

Continuously in demand since its first, prize-winning edition was published in 1973, this is the classic history of Hiroshima and the origins of the arms race, from the development of the American atomic bomb...

The West's Last Chance

by Tony Blankley & Mark Warner Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

The West, says author Tony Blankley in this shocking book, is down to its last chance. Within our lifetimes, Europe could become Eurabia, a continent overwhelmed by militant Islam that poses a greater threat...

Night in the American Village

by Akemi Johnson & Nancy Wu Blackstone Publishing (November 26, 2019)

A beautifully written examination of the complex relationship between the women living near the US bases in Okinawa and the servicemen who are stationed there

At the southern end of the Japanese archipelago lies...

South Africa

by Joseph Stromberg, Harry Reasoner, Wendy McElroy & Pat Childs Knowledge Products (March 03, 2006)

South Africa has become the world’s symbol of racism. From the moment the Dutch colonists set foot on the Cape in 1652, this nation has steered a straight course toward apartheid, resulting in consistent civil...

In the Graveyard of Empires

by Seth G. Jones & William Hughes Blackstone Publishing (August 16, 2010)

This definitive account of the American experience in Afghanistan is a political history of Afghanistan in the “Age of Terror” from 2001 to 2009, exploring the fundamental tragedy of America’s longest...

Trump vs. China

by Newt Gingrich & James Wu Center Street (November 19, 2019)

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich sounds the warning bell that communist-ruled China poses the biggest threat to the United States that we have seen in our lifetime.

The United States is currently engaged...

Don't Wait for the Next War

by Wesley K. Clark & Donald Corren Blackstone Publishing (October 07, 2014)

With the end of the Cold War came not the end ofhistory, but the end of America's sense of its strategic purpose in the world.Then, after a decade of drift, the United States was violently dragged back intointernational...

Roosevelt and Churchill

by David Stafford & Richard McGonagle Blackstone Publishing (March 20, 2013)

Anintriguing look behind the congenial façade of Franklin D. Roosevelt andWinston Churchill, this work reveals how each leader jealously guardedknowledge from the other in pursuit of separate national interests....

The Hundred-Year Marathon

by Michael Pillsbury & Malcolm Hillgartner Blackstone Publishing (April 01, 2015)

One of the US government's leading China experts reveals the hidden strategy fueling that country's rise--and how Americans have been seduced into helping China overtake us as the world's leading superpower....

Mapping the Cold War

by Timothy Barney & William Hughes Blackstone Publishing (April 13, 2015)

In this fascinating history of Cold War cartography,Timothy Barney considers maps as central to the articulation of ideologicaltensions between American national interests and international aspirations.Barney...

The Rise of Nuclear Iran

by Dore Gold & Tom Weiner Blackstone Publishing (September 10, 2009)

Former UN Ambassador Dore Gold shows why engaging Iran through diplomacy is not only futile but also could be deadly.

In the West, liberal politicians and pundits are calling for renewed diplomatic engagement...

K Blows Top

by Peter Carlson & Malcolm Hillgartner Blackstone Publishing (June 02, 2009)

Khrushchev’s 1959 trip across America was one of the strangest exercises in international diplomacy ever conducted—“a surreal extravaganza,” as one historian called it. Khrushchev told jokes, threw tantrums,...

To Build a Better World

by Philip Zelikow, Condoleezza Rice & Arthur Morey 12/Twelve (October 08, 2019)

A deeply researched international history and analysis of how a divided world ended and our present world was fashioned, as the world drifts toward another great time of choosing.

Two of America's leading scholar-diplomats,...


by Chalmers Johnson & Tom Weiner Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

This final volume of Chalmers Johnson's bestselling Blowback trilogy confronts the overreaching of the American empire and the threat it poses to the republic.

In his prophetic book Blowback, Johnson linked...

The China Fantasy

by James Mann & Jeff Riggenbach Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

Does America’s policy toward China make sense? In this in-depth look at China’s political evolution and its future, Mann explores two scenarios popular among our policy elite. The soothing scenario foresees...

Central Europe

by Ralph Raico, Richard C. Hottelet, Wendy McElroy & Pat Childs Knowledge Products (April 28, 2006)

Central Europe’s ancient civilizations have long been dominated by empires: the Roman Empire, the Habsburg Empire, based in Austria, and more recently, the Soviet Communists. But the decline of communism in...

The Philippines

by Wendy McElroy, Harry Reasoner & Pat Childs Knowledge Products (March 26, 2006)

Strategically located, the Philippine Islands have been one of the keys to American policy in the Pacific. But this loose island chain has a bitter history, vacillating between oppression and rebellion. America's...


by Wendy McElroy, Harry Reasoner & Pat Childs Knowledge Products (January 26, 2006)

The “isle of poets and scholars” has known almost constant warfare for centuries. In 1920, it was divided into North and South. Yet this purely political solution left a religious and cultural schism intact....


by Joseph Stromberg, Harry Reasoner, Wendy McElroy & Pat Childs Knowledge Products (January 03, 2006)

This island was once a clearing house for importing slaves into the New World. It later became one of the world’s few remaining bastions of Marxism, proclaiming socio-economic equality. In both forms, Cuba...

Chile and Argentina

by Mark Szuchman, Richard C. Hottelet, Mike Hassell & Pat Childs Knowledge Products (April 30, 2006)

The "southern cone" of South America has a vibrant yet checkered history. Argentina in 1920 was a productive and wealthy nation, yet by the 1980s was reduced to virtual third world status. Chile has a long history...


by Ralph Raico, Harry Reasoner, Wendy McElroy & Pat Childs Knowledge Products (January 19, 2006)

Germany is historically one of the most important of all nations. Since emerging from its days as a Roman province, Germany (including Prussia) has had a central role in European affairs. It has reached the...


by Chalmers Johnson & Tom Weiner Blackstone Publishing (November 01, 2007)

The term “blowback,” invented by the CIA, refers to the unintended consequences of American actions abroad. In this incisive and controversial book, Chalmers Johnson lays out in vivid detail the dangers...


by Jean-François Revel, Christopher Lane & Diarmid Cammell Blackstone Publishing (June 26, 2005)

After the 9/11 attack on the United States, the brief moment of global sympathy for America soon began giving way to blame. In France and other quarters of Europe, and elsewhere in the world, it was said that...