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Embracing Envy: Finding the Spiritual Treasure in Our Most Shameful Emotion

by Josh Gressel UPA (October 08, 2014)

Embracing Envy features interviews with everyday people, reviews of mainstream psychological research, and lessons from wisdom literature that delve into how envy can be seen as meaningful and useful in our...

The Passage from Youth to Adulthood: Narrative and Cultural Thresholds

by Pierluca Birindelli UPA (September 26, 2014)

This book investigates how young adults build their identities in modern society. Looking at narratives from Italian young adults living with their parents and from university students, along with sociological,...

Terra Incognita: A Psychoanalyst Explores the Human Soul

by Joseph Isaac Abrahams UPA (September 07, 2014)

Terra Incognita provides an autobiographical account of Joseph Abrahams’ 75-year career as a psychoanalyst with extensive scientific data, life-altering discoveries, and insightful conclusions. Each chapter...

Marching as to War: Personal Narratives of African American Women's Experiences in the Gulf Wars

by Elizabeth F. Desnoyers-Colas UPA (May 22, 2014)

Seen through the eyes of eleven African American servicewomen, this book explores issues such as health care, child care, sexism/sexual harassment, racism, religion, career advancement, and serving in combat...

One Hundred Years of Service Through Community: A Gould Farm Reader

by Steven K. Smith & Terry Beitzel UPA (April 28, 2014)

This reader consists of diverse writings about Gould Farm, considered the nation’s oldest residential rehabilitation community. The Farm now assists those with persistent mental illness. This book includes...

Pseudoscience and Deception: The Smoke and Mirrors of Paranormal Claims

by Bryan Farha & Michael Shermer UPA (December 24, 2013)

Pseudoscience and Deception is a compilation of some of the most eye-opening skeptical articles pertaining to extraordinary claims and pseudoscience. The articles explore paranormal, extraordinary, or fringe-science...

"Oh, it's like CSI...": A Qualitative Study of Job Satisfaction Experiences of Forensic Scientists

by Tharinia Dukes-Robinson & Ashraf Esmail UPA (December 06, 2013)

This book goes beyond the glamorous portrayals of CSI professionals on television to highlight the real sources of job satisfaction among forensic scientists. Drawing on interviews with current forensic scientists,...

Test Anxiety: Applied Research, Assessment, and Treatment Interventions

by Marty Sapp UPA (November 20, 2013)

This book is designed to give students and researchers the confidence to understand, assess, treat, and research test anxiety. Marty Sapp presents the various cognitive and behavioral theories of test anxiety...

Metaphysics of Infinity: The Problem of Motion and the Infinite Brain

by Ion Soteropoulos UPA (November 26, 2013)

Ion Soteropoulos reconciles the contradiction between the finite and infinite and transforms this reconciliation into the founding principle of motion. This book will appeal to readers interested in the logical...

Internarrative Identity: Placing the Self

by Ajit K. Maan UPA (December 08, 2009)

This book asks how identity is created and examines the history of conceptions of the self, from Aristotle to Postmodernism, to find the answers. Maan finds the human capacity to self creation exists in what...

Imaging the Other: Essays on Diversity

by Marie A. Conn & Thérèse McGuire UPA (December 11, 2009)

These essays explore the creation of the 'other' as the basis for conflict among humans, within the context of each author's background, interests, and research. These essays speak of the 'other,' how we create...

Depression as a Psychoanalytic Problem

by Paolo Azzone UPA (December 07, 2012)

Over the past few decades, psychoanalysis and dynamic psychiatry have been steadily stepping back from a key role in the understanding and treatment of depressive disorders. This book investigates the historical...

Effective Planning Strategies and Proposal Writing: A Workbook for Helping Professionals

by Salene J. Cowher & Larry S. Dickson UPA (December 08, 2009)

This book provides a comprehensive review of planning strategies and related concepts, including leadership and the role of the helping professional as 'change agent.' The text presents material in a straightforward...

Making Rapid Response Real: Change Management and Organizational Learning in Critical Patient Care

by Jason D. Park UPA (November 11, 2009)

This book discusses the reasons why doctors and nurses might be reluctant to make use of Rapid Response Teams (RRTs), which provide critical care in hospitals, in spite of the possible benefits. This book offers...

The Outline of Parapsychology

by Jesse Hong Xiong UPA (November 09, 2009)

This work of 'systematic parapsychology' aims to construct a framework and system of parapsychology, taking a comprehensive approach to the field. The book states that parapsychology has a different philosophical...

Embodied Collective Memory: The Making and Unmaking of Human Nature

by Rafael F. Narváez UPA (December 16, 2012)

The human body is not a given fact—it is acquired, achieved, and learned. The body remembers, and it does so in collectively relevant ways. This book discusses how, why, and to what extent corporeal memories...

Transactions at Play: Volume 9

by Cindy Dell Clark UPA (May 16, 2009)

This is a new volume from the Association for the Study of Play. This book presents a healthy interchange of ideas about play, which is one of the hallmarks of the Association's work.

Handbook of Families and Work: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

by D. Russell Crane & Jeffrey E. Hill UPA (May 16, 2009)

This handbook is designed to illuminate issues involved in the intersection of family life and paid employment from a broad range of disciplines. These contributions by leading national and international work-family...

The Psychology Industry Under a Microscope!

by David B. Stein UPA (September 06, 2012)

The Psychology Industry Under a Microscope! explores why psychology treatment efficacy rates are so poor, why psychological testing is unreliable, and why diagnosis is uncertain. This thought-provoking book...

The World's Fearlessness Teachings: A Critical Integral Approach to Fear Management/Education for the 21st Century

by R. Michael Fisher UPA (November 16, 2009)

This book addresses the human fear problem by summarizing the teachings on fearlessness from around the world and throughout history and utilizing critical integral theory to categorize the developmental and...

The Wounds that Heal: Heroism and Human Development

by Judith A. Schwartz & Richard B. Schwartz UPA (September 23, 2010)

This book examines developmental theory in light of heroic narrative and argues that such theory should be adjusted to accommodate the experience of those who are, in many ways, our principal role models, examining...

Emotions and Spirituality in Religions and Spiritual Movements

by Erika Wilson UPA (July 23, 2012)

Applying recent psychological and neuropsychological studies of emotions, Wilson explores the role of emotions in major Eastern, Western, and primal religions, as well as in some contemporary spiritual movements....

Beyond Duality and Polarization: Understanding Barack Obama and His Vital Act of Participation

by Paul Koziey UPA (July 13, 2012)

This book explores an experience-based learning model, the Phenomenal Patterning approach for personal transformation. Rather than traditional prescriptive learning, methods of personal discovery help us understand...

Between Dreaming and Recognition Seeking: The Emergence of Dialogical Self Theory

by Hubert J. M. Hermans UPA (July 13, 2012)

In this book, Hubert J. M. Hermans, the creator of Dialogical Self Theory, applies this theory to his own life and explains how readers can do the same. Through a series of thought-provoking questions, he invites...

A Life in Balance

by Charles R. Stoner & Jennifer Robin UPA (December 14, 2006)

Are you working more but enjoying it less? Are you searching for greater fulfillment, significance, and meaning? Are you simply looking for a better sense of balance in your life? If you have identified with...

Play Intelligence

by James W. Findlay UPA (December 30, 2014)

On the whim of an idea, a sophomore student, unlike any other sophomore, takes on the might of the academic world with one of the most thought provoking books written on psychology and philosophy. Play Intelligence:...

War Trauma and its Aftermath

by Laurence Armand French & Lidija Nikolic-Novakovic UPA (December 16, 2011)

War trauma has long been associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a term coined in 1980 to explain the post-war impact of Vietnam veterans. The Gulf and Balkan wars added new dimensions to the...

Psychological Courage

by Daniel Putman UPA (April 15, 2004)

In this book, Daniel Putman outlays three forms of courage: physical, mental, and psychological. He defines psychological courage as the courage to face addictions, phobias, and obsessions, and to avoid self...

Noble Cause Corruption, the Banality of Evil, and the Threat to American Democracy, 1950-2008

by John DiJoseph UPA (April 12, 2010)

Noble Cause Corruption, the Banality of Evil, and the Threat to American Democracy, 1950-2008 is a probe of the mindset of American government officials, from presidents of the United States on down, who decided...

Antisemitism Explained

by Steven K. Baum & Shimon Samuels UPA (November 21, 2011)

In this book, Baum carefully guides the reader through the social mind and explains how the formation of social beliefs can be used as a narrative to determine reality. He offers a new perspective regarding...

Group Dynamics: Basics and Pragmatics for Practitioners

by Norris M. Haynes UPA (February 15, 2012)

This book provides a clear and engaging description of group dynamic processes. Group Dynamics will serve as an important text for students and professors and as a valuable guide for those who facilitate groups...

This Way Out: A Narrative of Therapy with Psychotic and Sexual Offenders

by Joseph Isaac Abrahams UPA (April 27, 2010)

This book is an account of work done six decades ago in Howard Hall, the maximum security section of St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C. The two volumes of this work help fill a need for specific data...

The Riddling between Oedipus and the Sphinx: Ontology, Hauntology, and Heterologies of the Grotesque

by Yuan Yuan UPA (April 12, 2016)

The Riddling between Oedipus and the Sphinx, Ontology, Hauntology, and Heterologies of the Grotesque probes the polemic status of the other and the dubious nature of the subject from a heterodox perspective...

Primary Love: The Elemental Nature of Human Love, Intimacy, and Attachment

by Randall S. Klein UPA (June 05, 2010)

This book describes love and intimacy as they evolve in the context of family relations from birth to maturity in adulthood. Dr. Klein's view of love and intimacy is that found in the ideal marriage and family,...

Applying Family Systems Theory to Mediation: A Practitioner's Guide

by Wayne F. Regina UPA (November 16, 2011)

By applying Murray Bowen's family systems theory to mediation techniques, Regina offers a much-needed unifying theoretical foundation for the field of mediation. This book provides a practical guide for the...