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Blessed Names and Attributes of Allah

by Abdur Raheem Kidwai Kube Publishing Ltd (March 25, 2016)

"Allah's are the names most beautiful. Whatever is in the heavens and earth extols His glory."—The Qur'an (Al-Hashr 59:24)

"Allah has 99 names. He who remembers these will certainly enter Paradise."—Prophet...

I Belong Only to Myself: The Life and Writings of Leda Rafanelli

by Andrea Pakieser AK Press (December 01, 2014)

The life and words of an Italian feminist and firebrand.

Reasoning with God: Reclaiming Shari'ah in the Modern Age

by Khaled Abou El Fadl Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (October 23, 2014)

In Reasoning with God renowned Islamic scholar Khaled Abou El Fadl explores the role of Shari‘ah in today’s world, for both Muslims and non-Muslims. After a prologue that explains Shari‘ah in depth, Abou...

Structure and Qur'anic Interpretation: A Study of Symmetry and Coherence in Islam's Holy Text

by Raymond Farrin White Cloud Press (August 02, 2014)

The Qur'an, Islam's holy book, is widely misunderstood because it is a difficult book to engage. The Qur'an is not written as a straightforward narrative like the Christian Gospels but is composed of discontinuous...

The Synagogue Survival Kit: A Guide to Understanding Jewish Religious Services

by Jordan Lee Wagner Jason Aronson, Inc. (December 13, 2012)

Many new to attending synagogue services feel confused and isolated, unsure of what the different parts of the service mean and how to participate. Whether you are a Jew by choice, a Jew rediscovering your religious...

The Staff of Moses: Reflections of Islamic Belief, and Divine Existence and Unity

by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Tughra Books (September 15, 2014)

The Staff of Moses is a collection of Nursi's writings concerning worship, youth, life after death, belief in the Hereafter and their relation with happiness in this world and the next.

Women in the Mosque: A History of Legal Thought and Social Practice

by Marion Katz Columbia University Press (September 23, 2014)

Juxtaposing Muslim scholars’ debates over women’s attendance in mosques with historical descriptions of women’s activities within Middle Eastern and North African mosques, this study shows how over the...

Jihad and Genocide

by Richard L. Rubenstein Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (January 16, 2010)

This book examines the relationship between jihad and genocide, past and present. Richard L. Rubenstein, a respected scholar in the field of genocide studies, takes a close look at the violent interpretations...

A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its Women: African American Muslim Women in the Movement for Black Self-Determination, 1950-1975

by Bayyinah S. Jeffries Lexington Books (April 04, 2014)

A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its Women: African American Muslim Women in the Nation of Islam, 1950–1975 challenges traditional interpretations of African American women who joined the Original Nation of...

A Treasury of Hadith: A Commentary on Nawawi's Selection of Prophetic Traditions

by Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Daqiq al-'Id, Imam Nawawi & Mokrane Guezzou Kube Publishing Ltd (July 15, 2014)

This treasury of hadith is as a short introduction to foundational Islamic principles through the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Demystifying Islam: Tackling the Tough Questions

by Harris Zafar Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (May 29, 2014)

Demystifying Islam is a concise guide to what Islam really teaches about provocative topics, from the burqa to Shariah law. After a short introduction to basic beliefs and practices, each chapter boldly tackles...

The Mythology of Eden

by Arthur George & Elena George Hamilton Books (May 23, 2014)

Arthur and Elena George utilize new historical and archaeological discoveries to reveal how the author of the Eden story uses veiled symbolism and mythological storytelling to convey his message about the most...

Islam and the West: Wars of the Gods. The Geopolitics of Faith

by Ardavan Amir-Aslani Enigma Books (July 15, 2013)

Iran and all Muslim countries are in the news. This book offers insights into issues facing America today.


by David S. Powers University of Pennsylvania Press (May 08, 2014)

In Zayd, David S. Powers restores Muhammad's adopted son to his place at the center of the Islamic foundation narrative, arguing that Zayd is modeled on earlier biblical figures to address ideas about legitimate...

Future of the Prophetic: Israel's Ancient Wisdom Re-presented

by Marc H. Ellis Fortress Press (May 01, 2014)

Future of the Prophetic argues that in the persistence of the prophetic, the legacy of the ancient Jewish world spread beyond the boundaries of the Jewish community and took root throughout the world. As a way...

From an Immigrant Association to a National Education Network

by Tamar Horowitz, Shmuel Shamai & Zinaida Ilatov UPA (April 23, 2014)

This book traces the journey of the Mofet Association, an educational coalition established by teachers who immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union. This book describes the step by step processes that...

Guidance from the Holy Qur'an

by Sayyid Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi The Islamic Foundation (April 13, 2014)

A collection of Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi's essays on the Qur'anic worldview in its rich variety.

A Textbook of Hadith Studies: Authenticity, Compilation, Classification and Criticism of Hadith

by Mohammad Hashim Kamali The Islamic Foundation (February 15, 2014)

Find out all you need to know about Hadith methodology and literature.

A Simple Guide to Prayer for Beginners: For New Muslims

by Batool Al-Toma The Islamic Foundation (April 13, 2014)

Introduces the Muslim prayer including its actions and its Divine origins through Prophets Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. 

An Oral-Formulaic Study of the Qur'an

by Andrew G. Bannister Lexington Books (April 24, 2014)

This unique book uses innovative computerized oral-formulaic analysis of the Arabic text of the Qur’an to demonstrate that much of the Qur’an was composed live in oral performance. It explores the rich oral...

Islam on the Street: Religion in Modern Arabic Literature

by Muhsin al-Musawi Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (June 16, 2009)

Islam on the Street deals with the popular side of Islam, from among the more militant groups in Islam, and by other, more secular thinkers who have also influenced public opinion. Muhsin al-Musawi explains...


by Nursi Tughra Books (November 01, 2008)

Written by a celebrated Islamic scholar to his students in Turkey after his political exile in 1925, these letters follow the long-established traditions of correspondence between spiritual masters and their...

Islam: Belief And Practice

by Suleyman Eris Tughra Books (May 01, 2006)

This book is intended to open a small window into the Islamic belief and practice in order to assist beginners desiring to learn the basics of Islam. It covers the pillars of faith and the pillars of Islamic...

Satanism And False Mystical Trends

by Louise Cunningham Tughra Books (April 01, 2004)

Satanism, the main subject of this book, is the name for the so-called worship of Satan. The Book presents a grim example of movements that have emerged as a result of the weakened moral codes of society.

Questions and Answers about Islam

by M. Fethullah Gulen Tughra Books (October 01, 2007)

The second volume delves deeper into a variety of subjects that will help those who are embarking on the exploration of Islam; wisdom in the message of the Qur'an; ethics and spirituality, the virtues of service...

Al Jawshan Al Kabir

by Yesilova & Kose Tughra Books (September 01, 2004)

Al-Jawshan al Kabir is one of the prayers most frequently recited by Muslims. Some Muslims prefer to read the entire prayer by themselves, whereas others share it with their friends or household and make it...


by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Tughra Books (February 16, 2010)

The Words forms the first part of the Risale-i Nur collection, an approximately 6,000-page Qur’anic commentary. In this commentary Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s main concern is how to save and strengthen one’s...

Resurrection And The Afterlife

by Ali Unal Tughra Books (February 16, 2010)

Basing himself on Said Nursi's Risale-i Nur, Ali Unal presents a scientific and logical argument for the validity of one of religion's main elements of faith: belief in the resurrection and the afterlife.

Resurrection And The Hereafter

by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Tughra Books (February 16, 2010)

This book is a collection of letters and treatises by Bediuzzaman about resurrection and its basis in Islam. It includes the famous 10th Word from the book The Words.


by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Tughra Books (November 01, 2008)

This illuminating guide presents an innovative and contemporary approach to the Qur?an and its philosophy in the Islamic tradition. From the religious tome?s purpose and objectives to its rhetoric and eloquence,...


by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Tughra Books (October 16, 2010)

Providing a framework of Islamic thought for issues raised in modern times, this cornerstone volume offers important insight into matters of belief through a collection of arguments that assert the importance...

The Miraculous Quran and Some of its Mysteries

by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Tughra Books (April 01, 2009)

This book presents a brief comparison between the Qur'an's sacred wisdom and human philosophy, a concise summary of the Qur'anic instruction and training for humanity's personal and social life.

Message Of Abraham

by Ibrahin Canan Tughra Books (October 01, 2008)

The life and teachings of the Prophet Abraham?generally regarded as the patriarch of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism?are presented from an Islamic standpoint in this meditation on the interfaith icon. From...

Essentials of The Islamic Faith

by M. Fethullah Gulen Tughra Books (April 01, 2006)

Essentials of the Islamic Faith is a selection from some of the speeches M. Fethullah Glen has given to large audiences over a life-time of dedicated service. In these speeches, he explains the principal elements...

Blessed Days & Nights Of The Islamic Yea

by Huseyin Algul Tughra Books (November 01, 2008)

The blessed days, nights, and months are each a distinctive sign of islam. They are celebrated by Muslims all around the world in due respect to their unique worth and sanctity that make them distinct from the...

Questions and Answers about Islam

by M. Fethullah Gulen Tughra Books (November 01, 2007)

The first volume of the series addresses the more essential questions concerning Islamic faith: e.g. God and the nature of His existence; can islam solve every problem? Did Prophet Muhammad write the Qur'an...

Prophet Muhammad And His Miracles

by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Tughra Books (November 01, 2007)

Prominet scholars of Islam say that the evidences of Muhammad's prophethood and his miracles amount to about 1000. Countless people have affirmed it in their own particular ways, and the Qur'an itself provides...

Prayer And Healing In Islam

by Salih Yucel Tughra Books (December 16, 2010)

Praying for health is a significant Islamic custom alongside seeking medical treatment, and has become a vital part of Muslim culture. There are two areas of focus in this book: the methodology and criteria...

Pilgrimage In Islam

by Huseyin Yagmur Tughra Books (November 01, 2007)

An extensive manual describing the Hajj?a journey that enlightens the significance of human existence and submission?this guidebook offers advice for those undertaking the holy voyage and gives the meanings...

Pearls of Wisdom

by M. Fethullah Gulen Tughra Books (November 01, 2007)

This short book features many of Gulen's ideas that have guided this extraordinary venture since its inception. They have inspired millions of ordinary people to do what they normally might never consider doing:...

Fasting In Islam And The Month Of

by Ramadanali Tughra Books (January 01, 2006)

This book seeks to eplore the divine institution of fasting in Islam by providing comprehensive information on its place in the Islamic doctrine and on the month of Ramadan in which fasting is observed. Major...

Existence And Divine Unity

by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Tughra Books (February 01, 2006)

Several Quranic verses are interpreted in this booklet to elaborate on the concept of Divine Unity. The book discusses the easiness in unity. Virtues of belief and consequent human happiness is further revealed....

Charity In Islam

by Omer Senturk Tughra Books (January 01, 2008)

Exploring one of the five essential pillars of Islam, this guide to zakat explains how this Muslim practice plays a key role in preserving a peaceful economic balance within a Muslim society and how it encourages...

Beware Satan

by Mahmet Seker Tughra Books (October 01, 2008)

Offering a perspective of the world as an arena of assessment and testing, this masterfully illuminating investigation explores the struggle between man and his archenemy, Satan. The book claims that success...

Al Mathnawi Al Nuri

by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Tughra Books (May 01, 2007)

This book summarizes all the topics in the Risale-i Nur, the author's great multivolume commentary on the Qur'an, and provides an outline for the later, more famous and massive treatise. Now available in English,...

Essential Figures in Jewish Scholarship

by Ronald L. Eisenberg Jason Aronson, Inc. (March 20, 2014)

Essential Figures in Jewish Scholarship compiles thorough but manageable entries on the figures most vital to an understanding the scholarship of the post-Talmudic era. Despite the fact that these scholars have...

Levinas Faces Biblical Figures

by Yael Lin, Eli Schonfeld, Gary D. Mole & Elisabeth Goldwyn et al. Lexington Books (March 20, 2014)

Levinas Faces Biblical Figures captures the drama of the encounter between a great philosopher and a text of primary importance. The book considers the ways in which Levinas's thoughts can open up the biblical...

Biblical and Talmudic Medicine

by Julius Preuss & Fred Rosner Jason Aronson, Inc. (October 12, 2004)

This is a translation of the 1911 Biblisch-Talmudiesche Medizin , an extensively researched text that gathers the medical and hygienic references found in the Jewish sacred, historical, and legal literatures,...

Historical Dictionary of Prophets in Islam and Judaism

by Scott B. Noegel & Brannon M. Wheeler Scarecrow Press (September 26, 2002)

Both traditions recognize and draw theological and historical lessons from some of the same narrative sources, but this is the first comparative resource to provide interdisciplinary coverage of the history...

Biblical Bethsaida: A Study of the First Century CE in the Galilee

by Carl E. Savage Lexington Books (February 18, 2011)

Biblical Bethsaida: A Study of the First Century CE in the Galilee enters the process of constructing a portrait of the First Century CE in the Galilee by drawing primarily upon the archaeological data from...