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General Chemistry

by Linus Pauling Dover Publications (April 02, 2012)

"An excellent text, highly recommended." — Choice

When it was first published, this first-year chemistry text revolutionized the teaching of chemistry by presenting it in terms of unifying principles instead...

My Scrapbook of Science (by Professor Genius)

by QA international Collectif Les Éditions Québec Amérique (August 09, 2012)

Professor Genius invites us to discover his brand new scrapbook about the sciences. This cultured scholar shares with young readers his knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, and physics, telling the story of...

The Visual Dictionary of Science & Energy

by Ariane Archambault & Jean-Claude Corbeil Les Éditions Québec Amérique (July 20, 2012)

The Visual Dictionary of Science and Energy takes the reader into a fascinating journey through pure science (chemistry, physics, mathematics) and the main sources of energy: geothermal and fossil energy, hydroelectricity,...

Chemistry (Speedy Study Guides)

by Speedy Publishing Dot EDU (August 04, 2014)

Chemistry is, briefly, the study of the transformation or various changes of matter. Chemistry deals primarily with the structure of the material, tangible world, and also with the intangible, the small, microcosmic...

Chemistry Equations & Answers: Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing Dot EDU (August 26, 2014)

General chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry are all difficult courses requiring much memorization for the student. Essentially there is no easy way to learn formulas and facts....

Organic Chemistry Fundamentals (Speedy Study Guides)

by Speedy Publishing Dot EDU (July 03, 2014)

An Organic Chemistry Fundamentals Reference Guide would be a useful tool for chemistry students, medical, allied health, pharmacy, and nursing majors. The useful guide has the periodic table of elements, varied...

Periodic Table (Basic) Speedy Study Guide

by Speedy Publishing Dot EDU (July 04, 2014)

The average chemistry student lives and breathes the information that is depicted on the periodic table. It is the entire comprehensive list of every element we know of, and from these elements all things in...

Note-by-Note Cooking: The Future of Food

by Hervé This & Malcolm DeBevoise Columbia University Press (October 07, 2014)

Note-by-Note Cooking is a landmark in the annals of gastronomy, liberating cooks from the constraints of traditional ingredients and methods through the use of pure molecular compounds. 1-Octen-3-ol, which has...

Organic Chemistry Reactions: Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing Dot EDU (September 03, 2014)

Students of organic chemistry are expected to consume much information in a relatively short period of time. Most have had no clue to the expanse of knowledge that organic chemistry explores. Students are required...

Chemistry Equations & Answers

by Speedy Publishing Dot EDU (August 01, 2014)

One of the most important parts of learning chemistry is simply knowing all of the equations and formulas that are used in it. It is important to know the exact formatting of these equations, and most classes...

The 13th Element: The Sordid Tale of Murder, Fire, and Phosphorus

by John Emsley Wiley (January 01, 2002)

The incredible "glowing" history of the "Devil's element "phosphorus

Discovered by alchemists, prescribed by apothecaries, exploited by ninth-century industrialists, and abused by twentieth-century combatants,...

Umami: Unlocking the Secrets of the Fifth Taste

by Ole Mouritsen, Klavs Styrbæk, Jonas Drotner Mouritsen & Mariela Johansen Columbia University Press (April 22, 2014)

In the West, we have identified only four basic tastes—sour, sweet, salty, and bitter—that, through skillful combination and technique, create delicious foods. Yet in many parts of East Asia over the past...

The Chemical History of a Candle

by Michael Faraday Dover Publications (July 31, 2012)

This highly readable text by a famous inventor explores the components and weight of the atmosphere; capillary attraction; carbon content in oxygen and living bodies; and much more. Numerous illustrations.

From Alchemy to Chemistry

by John Read Dover Publications (December 26, 2012)

Broad, humanistic treatment focuses on great figures of chemistry and ideas that revolutionized the science. Much on alchemy, also development of modern chemistry, atomic theory, elements, organic chemistry,...

Alchemy and Alchemists

by C. J. S. Thompson Dover Publications (June 14, 2012)

Well-researched study traces history of alchemy, chronicling search for philosopher's stone and elixir of life, alchemist's laboratory and apparatus, symbols and secret alphabets, famous practitioners, plus...

Molecular Vibrations: The Theory of Infrared and Raman Vibrational Spectra

by E. Bright Wilson, J. C. Decius & Paul C. Cross Dover Publications (April 13, 2012)

Pedagogical classic and essential reference focuses on mathematics of detailed vibrational analyses of polyatomic molecules, advancing from application of wave mechanics to potential functions and methods of...

Introduction to Crystallography

by Donald E. Sands Dover Publications (May 17, 2012)

Clear, concise explanation of logical development of basic crystallographic concepts. Topics include crystals and lattices, symmetry, x-ray diffraction, and more. Problems, with answers. 114 illustrations. 1969...

Chemical Magic

by Leonard A. Ford Dover Publications (August 22, 2012)

Classic guide provides intriguing entertainment while elucidating sound scientific principles, with more than 100 unusual stunts: cold fire, dust explosions, a nylon rope trick, a disappearing beaker, much more....

Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry

by George C. Schatz & Mark A. Ratner Dover Publications (April 02, 2012)

Advanced graduate-level text looks at symmetry, rotations, and angular momentum addition; occupation number representations; and scattering theory. Uses concepts to develop basic theories of chemical reaction...

Molecular Quantum Electrodynamics

by D. P. Craig & T. Thirunamachandran Dover Publications (October 16, 2012)

Self-contained, systematic introduction examines application of quantum electrodynamics to interpretation of optical experiments on atoms and molecules and explains the quantum theory of electromagnetic radiation...

Modern Quantum Chemistry: Introduction to Advanced Electronic Structure Theory

by Attila Szabo & Neil S. Ostlund Dover Publications (May 11, 2012)

This graduate-level text explains the modern in-depth approaches to the calculation of electronic structure and the properties of molecules. Largely self-contained, it features more than 150 exercises. 1989...

Group Theory and Chemistry

by David M. Bishop Dover Publications (June 14, 2012)

Concise, self-contained introduction to group theory and its applications to chemical problems. Symmetry, matrices, molecular vibrations, transition metal chemistry, more. Relevant math included. Advanced-undergraduate/graduate-level....

An Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics

by Terrell L. Hill Dover Publications (May 11, 2012)

Four-part treatment covers principles of quantum statistical mechanics, systems composed of independent molecules or other independent subsystems, and systems of interacting molecules, concluding with a consideration...

A Taste of Molecules: In Search of the Secrets of Flavor

by Diane Fresquez The Feminist Press at CUNY (October 21, 2013)

A spirited food writer on the trail of obsessive scientists and entrepreneurs who want to titillate our taste buds.

Chemistry for Nonchemists: Principles and Applications for Environmental Practitioners

by Frank R. Spellman Government Institutes (March 03, 2006)

Chemistry for Nonchemists provides environmental, health and safety professionals with an introductory reference book that will help them to understand the fundamental principles of chemistry and to understand...


by Tim Gregory Basic Books (October 12, 2020)

Explore the universe and immerse yourself in the story of our solar system, planet, and life through meteorites.

Meteorites have long been seen as portents of fate and messages from the gods, their fiery remains...

Painless Chemistry

by Loris Chen Barrons Educational Series (August 26, 2020)

Barron's makes learning Chemistry fun and PAINLESS!

Painless Chemistry provides lighthearted, step-by-step learning and includes:

  • Complex topics broken down with examples and illustrations, including atomic theory,...

IFLScience 117 Things You Should F*#king Know About Your World

by Paul Parsons Running Press Adult (October 07, 2019)

IFLScience presents the most intriguing and far-out facts about space, technology, the human brain, nature, and so much more that you should know, right now!

117 Things You Should F*#ing Know About Your World...

Kicking the Carbon Habit: Global Warming and the Case for Renewable and Nuclear Energy

by William Sweet Columbia University Press (May 16, 2006)

With glaciers melting, oceans growing more acidic, species dying out, and catastrophic events like Hurricane Katrina ever more probable, strong steps must be taken now to slow global warming. Further warming...

AP Chemistry with Online Tests

by Neil D. Jespersen & Pamela Kerrigan Barrons Educational Series (July 07, 2020)

Barron’s AP Chemistry with Online Tests provides realistic practice exams and in-depth content review aligned with the current AP Chemistry curriculum.

This edition includes:

  • Three full-length practice exams...

Regents Exams and Answers: Chemistry--Physical Setting 2020

by Albert Tarendash Barrons Educational Series (April 28, 2020)

Barron’s Regents Exams and Answers: Chemistry 2020 provides essential practice for students taking the Chemistry Regents, including actual recently administered exams and thorough answer explanations for all...

Let's Review Regents: Chemistry--Physical Setting 2020

by Albert S. Tarendash Barrons Educational Series (April 28, 2020)

Barron's Let's Review Regents: Chemistry 2020 gives students the step-by-step review and practice they need to prepare for the Regents Chemistry/Physical Setting exam. This updated edition is an ideal companion...

The Perfect Scent

by Chandler Burr Henry Holt and Co. (January 21, 2008)

From the New York Times perfume critic, a stylish, fascinating, unprecedented insider's view of the global perfume industry, told through two creators working on two very different scents.

No journalist has ever...

Chemical Communication

by William C. Agosta Henry Holt and Co. (April 14, 1992)

A wounded minnow attempts to rejoin its school and the other minnows scatter in panic; a single beetle finds a pine tree to its liking and soon thousands of beetles swarm that tree and others in the vicinity;...


by Theodore Gray & Nick Mann Black Dog & Leventhal (October 03, 2016)

In his highly anticipated sequel to The Elements, Theodore Gray demonstrates how the elements of the periodic table combine to form the molecules that make up our world.

Everything physical is made up of the...

Theodore Gray's Completely Mad Science

by Theodore Gray Black Dog & Leventhal (September 12, 2016)

The ultimate Theodore Gray collection, Theodore Gray's Completely Mad Science collects every one of Gray's dramatic, visually spectacular, and enlightening scientific experiments into one complete volume.



by Theodore Gray & Nick Mann Black Dog & Leventhal (April 02, 2012)

With more than 1 million copies sold worldwide, The Elements is the most entertaining, comprehensive, and visually arresting book on all 118 elements in the periodic table.

Includes a poster of Theodore Gray's...


by Theodore Gray Black Dog & Leventhal (November 06, 2017)

The third book in Theodore Gray's bestselling Elements Trilogy, Reactions continues the journey through the world of chemistry that began with his two previous bestselling books The Elements and Molecules.


Mendeleyev's Dream

by Paul Strathern Pegasus Books (June 04, 2019)

In 1869 Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleyev was puzzling over a way to bring order to the fledgling science of chemistry. Wearied by the effort, he fell asleep at his desk. What he dreamed would fundamentally...


by Vaclav Smil Oneworld Publications (November 02, 2017)

World acclaimed scientist Vaclav Smil reveals everything there is to know about nature's most sought-after resource

Oil is the lifeblood of the modern world. Without it, there would be no planes, no plastic,...

Why Does Asparagus Make Your Pee Smell?

by Andy Brunning Ulysses Press (May 10, 2016)


Have you ever wondered...

• Why bacon smells so good?

• Why onions make you cry?

• If eating turkey makes...

Chemistry and the Enlightenment

by Ian Jackson, Edwin Newman, Jack Sommer & Mike Hassell et al. Knowledge Products (April 29, 2006)

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, scientists went beyond Aristotle’s four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water) to catalog nature’s many basic elements. New materials and potions stimulated...

Love Sense

by Sue Johnson Little, Brown & Company (December 31, 2013)

The bestselling author of Hold Me Tight presents a revolutionary new understanding of why and how we love, based on cutting-edge research.

Every day, we hear of relationships failing and questions of whether...


by Tim James Abrams Press (March 25, 2019)

If you want to understand how our world works, the periodic table holds the answers. When the seventh row of the periodic table of elements was completed in June 2016 with the addition of four final elements--nihonium,...

Science for Sale

by David L. Lewis Skyhorse (August 27, 2019)

For the first time in paperback and with a new introduction. Discover how and why the government is corrupting scientific research.

When Speaker Newt Gingrich greeted Dr. David Lewis in his office overlooking...

Science for Sale

by David L. Lewis Skyhorse (June 03, 2014)

When Speaker Newt Gingrich greeted Dr. David Lewis in his office overlooking the National Mall, he looked at Dr. Lewis and said: "You know you're going to be fired for this, don't you?" "I know," Dr. Lewis replied,...

Polymer Science and Technology

by Richard A. Pethrick Whittles Publishing (July 05, 2016)

Polymers and composites are widely used for a range of applications in engineering and technology. Selecting the correct material which is fit for purpose is a critical decision faced by engineers and scientists...

Introduction to Molecular Motion in Polymers

by Richard A. Pethrick, Taweechai Amornsakchai & Alastair M. North Whittles Publishing (July 05, 2016)

A valuable primer to help students and workers understand concepts and relationships which are developed more fully in other specialist texts on polymer molecular physics, Introduction to Molecular Motion in...

Our Fated Century

by Grant V. Rodkey PageTurner, Press and Media (November 27, 2017)

Book Summary

Our Fated Century is a kaleidoscopic scan of events and attitudes that have affected us and our fellow earthly travellers during the tumultuous period from 1917 to 2017. During this period, the earth,...

Reconstructing Wonder

by Timothy Weatherstone Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften (March 17, 2017)

The book uses scientific discipline of chemistry to inform a Natural Theology. While Natural Theology typically employs scientific analysis from Cosmology, Physics, Mathematics and at times Biology the author...