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The Quantum Moment

by Robert P. Crease, Alfred Scharff Goldhaber & Sean Runnette Blackstone Publishing (October 13, 2014)

The fascinating story ofhow quantum mechanics went mainstream

The discovery of thequantum--the idea, born in the early 1900s in a remote corner of physics, thatenergy comes in finite packets instead of infinitely...

How the Hippies Saved Physics

by David Kaiser & Sean Runnette Blackstone Publishing (June 27, 2011)

The surprising story of eccentric young scientists who stood up to convention—and changed the face of modern physics

In the 1970s, amid severe cutbacks in physics funding, a small group of underemployed physicists...

The Flicker Men

by Ted Kosmatka & Keith Szarabajka Blackstone Publishing (July 21, 2015)

A quantum physicist shocks the world with a startling experiment, igniting a struggle between science and theology, free will and fate, and antagonizing forces not known to exist.

Eric Argus is a washout. His...

Spooky Action at a Distance

The Shape of a Life

by Shing-Tung Yau, Steve Nadis & Arthur Morey Blackstone Publishing (October 29, 2019)

A Fields medalist recounts his lifelong transnational effort to uncover the geometric shape--the Calabi-Yau manifold--that may store the hidden dimensions of our universe.

Harvard geometer and Fields medalist...

Einstein's Dice and Schrödinger's Cat

by Paul Halpern & Sean Runnette Blackstone Publishing (April 14, 2015)

Albert Einstein and Erwin Schrödinger were friendsand comrades-in-arms against what they considered the most preposterous aspectsof quantum physics: its indeterminacy. Einstein famously quipped that God doesnot...

The Black Hole War

by Leonard Susskind & Ray Porter Blackstone Publishing (July 07, 2008)

This is the inside account of the battle over the true nature of black holes—with nothing less than our understanding of the entire universe at stake.

What happens when something is sucked into a black hole?...