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The Worry-Free Mind

by Carol Kershaw, Bill Wade & Richard Powers Blackstone Publishing (January 23, 2017)

The brain's superpowers have been discovered by neuroscience. Your genius mind knows how to make your brain dissolve worry and stay in your best internal states longer. The result is a life full of possibility....

If You're Freaking Out, Read This

by Simone DeAngelis, Erin Bennett, Faith G. Harper & Cassandra de Cuir Blackstone Publishing (February 24, 2020)

Is everything terrible? Is your life going to shit and your brain's convinced you that you're utterly screwed? Have you found yourself in a dark place with no way out? Are you having trouble holding onto reality...

The Success Principles Workbook

by Jack Canfield, Brandon Hall, Janet Switzer & Danny Campbell HarperAudio (March 31, 2020)


Don't just dream about the life you want. Take action with this essential companion guide to Jack Canfield's #1 success book. 

Hailed by Oprah Winfrey as "a guide to how to lift...


by Vicky Beeching & Billie Fulford-Brown HarperAudio (July 24, 2018)

Vicky Beeching, called "arguably the most influential Christian of her generation" in The Guardian, began writing songs for the church in her teens. By the time she reached her early thirties, Vicky was a household...

Pantsdrunk: Kalsarikanni

by Miska Rantanen & Ann Richardson HarperAudio (June 05, 2018)

When it comes to happiness rankings, Finland always scores near the top. Many Finnish phenomena set the bar high: the best education system, gender equality, a flourishing welfare state, sisu or bull-headed...

Game Changers

by Dave Asprey & Rick Adamson Harper Wave (December 04, 2018)

The bestselling author of Head Strong and The Bulletproof Diet answers the question, "How can I kick more ass at life?" by culling the wisdom of world-class thought leaders, maverick scientists, and disruptive...

Lose Well

by Chris Gethard HarperAudio (October 16, 2018)

Comedian and cult hero Chris Gethard performs his laugh-out-loud, kick-in-the-pants self-help narrative for anyone who ever felt like they didn't fit in or couldn't catch a break, showing us how to get over...

Crash Test Girl

by Kari Byron HarperAudio (May 08, 2018)

Kari Byron--former host of the wildly popular, iconic cult classic MythBusters--shows how to crash test your way through life, no lab coat required.

Kari Byron's story hasn't been a straight line. She started...

Getting to Yes with Yourself

by William Ury HarperAudio (January 20, 2015)

William Ury, coauthor of the international bestseller Getting to Yes, returns with another groundbreaking book, this time asking: how can we expect to get to yes with others if we haven't first gotten to yes...


by Robert B. Cialdini & George Newbern HarperAudio (October 11, 2016)

The widely adopted, now classic book on influence and persuasion--a major national and international bestseller with more than four million copies sold!

In this highly acclaimed New York Times bestseller, Dr....

Pick Three

by Randi Zuckerberg HarperAudio (May 15, 2018)

In this motivational handbook--both a business how-to and self-help guide--the New York Times bestselling author of Dot Complicated takes on the fallacy of the "well-balanced" life, arguing that the key to success...

The Little Book of Lykke

by Meik Wiking HarperAudio (December 26, 2017)

Join the happiness revolution! The author of the New York Times bestseller The Little Book of Hygge offers more inspiration and suggestions for achieving greater happiness, by practicing Lykke (LOO-ka)--pursuing...

The Power of Half

by Kevin Salwen, Hannah Salwen & Fred Sanders HarperAudio (February 10, 2010)

When fourteen-year-old Hannah Salwen saw a homeless man at the same instant she spotted a man driving a glistening Mercedes, she said, "Dad, if that man had a less nice car, that man there could have a meal."...

Start Where You Are

by Chris Gardner, Mim E. Rivas & Andre Blake HarperAudio (May 12, 2009)

"Gardner is encouraging us all to start where we are and dare to make our lives bigger and stronger, more satisfactory, and better. Chris Gardner is a knockout!"

--Maya Angelou


 Chris Gardner's astonishing...

The 50th Law

by 50 Cent & Robert Greene HarperStudio (September 08, 2009)

In The 50th Law, hip hop and pop culture icon 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) joins forces with Robert Greene, bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power, to write a "bible" for success in life and work based on...


by Neil Strauss HarperAudio (September 01, 2009)

Terrorist attacks. Natural disasters. Domestic crackdowns. Economic collapse. Riots. Wars. Disease. Starvation.

What can you do when it all hits the fan?

You can learn to be self-sufficient and survive without...

Necessary Endings

by Henry Cloud HarperAudio (January 18, 2011)

"If you're hesitant to pull the trigger when things obviously aren't working out, Henry Cloud's Necessary Endings may be the most important book you read all year." --Dave Ramsey, New York Times bestselling...

Be Love Now

by Ram Dass, Rameshwar Das & Dan Woren HarperAudio (November 02, 2010)

Ram Dass's long-awaited Be Love Now is the transformational teaching of a forty year journey to the heart. The author of the two-million-copy classic Remember, Be Here Now and its influential sequel Still Here...

Passages in Caregiving

by Gail Sheehy HarperAudio (June 08, 2010)

"One of those rare books that can drastically lighten even the heaviest of loads."

--Rosalynn Carter


"Trust me: there is no better guide to caregiving."

 --Bill Moyers


Gail Sheehy, author of the groundbreaking...

Know What Makes Them Tick

by Max Siegel, G.F. Lichtenberg & Clifton Duncan HarperAudio (February 16, 2010)

"Siegel shows us how to successfully navigate situations that may arise at work, in the home, or in personal relationships. More, he shows how, if the cards are played right, everyone walks away a winner--an...

Choice Theory

by William Glasser & John Meagher HarperAudio (February 18, 2014)

Dr. William Glasser offers a new psychology that, if practiced, could reverse our widespread inability to get along with one another, an inability that is the source of almost all unhappiness.

For progress...

Marry Him

by Lori Gottlieb & Mia Barron HarperAudio (February 04, 2010)

You have a fulfilling job, a great group of friends, the perfect apartment, and no shortage of dates. So what if you haven't found The One just yet. Surely he'll come along, right?

But what if he doesn't? Or...

The Happiness Project

by Gretchen Rubin HarperAudio (December 29, 2009)

"This book made me happy in the first five pages." --AJ Jacobs, author of The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible

Award-winning author Gretchen Rubin...

The Shadow Effect

by Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson & Debbie Ford HarperAudio (May 25, 2010)

In this groundbreaking exploration, three New York Times bestselling authors--Debbie Ford (The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Why Good People Do Bad Things), Marianne Williamson (The Age of Miracles, A Return...


by Kevin Hall & Patrick Lawlor HarperAudio (January 05, 2010)

An expert recognized for his uncovering the hidden, and often secret meaning of words, Kevin Hall now shares his wisdom with us all. In Aspire! he teaches readers to understand what words mean in their purest...

Spiritual Partnership

by Gary Zukav HarperAudio (May 18, 2010)

In his first major book since the legendary bestseller The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav reveals a revolutionary new path for spiritual growth. What began with an introduction to a major paradigm shift in The...

Straight Talk, No Chaser

by Steve Harvey HarperAudio (December 07, 2010)

Steve Harvey;intimacy;love;commitment;intimacy;harmony;how to please husband;husband;wife;unity;future;build a home;happiness;humourgrowth;success;positivity;guide;memoir;anecdotal;humourous;celebrity;purpose;Family...

Surviving a Shark Attack (On Land)

by Dr. Laura Schlessinger HarperAudio (January 18, 2011)

Filled with her trademark no-nonsense voice, and building on the principles developed during her long career as a licensed therapist, Dr. Laura Schlessinger shows readers how to survive enemies--traitors, backstabbers,...

Love, Lust & Faking It

by Jenny McCarthy & Julia Whelan HarperAudio (October 05, 2010)

"Even though this book is not as funny as mine, you should still buy it." --Chelsea Handler

New York Times bestselling author Jenny McCarthy turns on the lights for a bawdy and hilarious look at women and sex....

Peace Is Every Breath

by Thich Nhat Hanh & Dan Woren HarperAudio (February 15, 2011)

"Among Buddhist leaders influential in the West, Thich Nhat Hanh ranks second only to the Dalai Lama." --New York Times

"Thich Nhat Hanh is a holy man.... His ideas for peace, if applied, would build a monument...


by Darya Pino Rose HarperAudio (September 10, 2013)

In Foodist, Darya Pino Rose, a neuroscientist, food writer, and the creator of, delivers a savvy, practical guide to ending the diet cycle and discovering lasting weight-loss through the love...

Sexual Intelligence

by Marty Klein & Alan Winter HarperAudio (June 18, 2013)

Enjoyable sex: it's not about technique or a perfect body or being hopelessly, passionately in love. It's about Sexual Intelligence.

In his three decades of working with couples and individuals as a sex therapist...

Mothers Who Can't Love

by Susan Forward, Donna Frazier Glynn, Kathleen Gati & Julia Whelan et al. HarperAudio (October 01, 2013)

With Mothers Who Can't Love: A Healing Guide for Daughters, Susan Forward, Ph.D., author of the smash #1 bestseller Toxic Parents, offers a powerful look at the devastating impact unloving mothers have on their...

The Body Book

by Cameron Diaz & Sandy Rustin Harper Wave (December 31, 2013)

Cameron Diaz shares her formula for becoming happier, healthier, and stronger in this positive, essential guide grounded in science and inspired by personal experience, a #New York Times bestseller.


Ask Wendy

by Wendy Williams HarperAudio (May 07, 2013)

Go ahead . . . ask her anything

Over the radio and now on her popular TV talk show, Wendy Williams has always been approached for her blunt, in-your-face words of advice. How's she doin'? "Ask Wendy" has become...

Boost Your Brain

by Majid Fotuhi & Robert Fass HarperAudio (September 10, 2013)

Based on cutting-edge science, Boost Your Brain is internationally recognized neurologist Majid Fotuhi's complete program for increasing brain size and enhancing brain function, including memory, creativity,...


by Debbie Ford, Wayne W. Dyer & Deanna Hurst HarperAudio (April 23, 2013)

From Debbie Ford, the author whose inspiring words have helped millions of readers, Courage has the power to change your life. A tried-and-tested, process-driven approach to conquering our fears, accepting our...

Buddhist Boot Camp

by Timber Hawkeye HarperAudio (February 19, 2013)

Buddhism is all about training the mind, and boot camp is an ideal training method for this generation's short attention span. The chapters in this small book can be read in any order, and are simple and easy...

Epic Measures

by Jeremy N. Smith & Patrick Lawlor Harper Wave (April 07, 2015)

Moneyball meets medicine in this remarkable chronicle of one of the greatest scientific quests of our time--the groundbreaking program to answer the most essential question for humanity: how do we live and die?--and...

Healthy Brain, Happy Life

by Wendy Suzuki & Billie Fitzpatrick HarperAudio (May 19, 2015)

A neuroscientist transforms the way we think about our brain, our health, and our personal happiness in this clear, informative, and inspiring guide--a blend of personal memoir, science narrative, and immediately...

The Happiness Track

by Emma Seppala & Nan McNamara HarperAudio (January 26, 2016)

A leading expert on health psychology, well-being, and resilience argues that happiness is the key to fast tracking our professional and personal success.

Everyone wants to be happy and successful. And yet the...

Mind Your Body

by Joel Harper & Mehmet C. Oz HarperAudio (March 17, 2015)

Foreword by Dr. Mehmet Oz

A renowned personal trainer to Olympic athletes, movie stars, Broadway actors, and supermodels, draws on twenty years of experience to create a powerful three-step fitness approach--combining...

Taming Your Gremlin (Revised Edition)

by Rick Carson HarperAudio (January 22, 2013)

This is a completely updated edition of the 1983 classic that introduced a powerful method for gaining freedom from self-defeating behaviors and beliefs. Rick Carson, creator of the renowned Gremlin-Taming(TM)...

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

by Amy Morin HarperAudio (December 23, 2014)

Expanding on her viral post that has become an international phenomenon, a psychotherapist offers simple yet effective solutions for increasing mental strength and finding happiness and success in life.

As a...

Tears to Triumph

by Marianne Williamson HarperAudio (June 14, 2016)

The internationally recognized teacher, speaker, and New York Times bestselling author of A Return to Love argues that our desire to avoid pain is actually detrimental to our lives, disconnecting us from our...


by David B. Feldman, Lee Daniel Kravetz & Joel Richards Harper Wave (June 24, 2014)

Starting where resiliency studies leave off, two psychologists explore the science of remarkable accomplishment in the wake of trauma, revealing the surprising principles that allow people to transform their...

Mind Gym

by Sebastian Bailey, Octavius Black & Ralph Lister HarperAudio (September 09, 2014)

The international bestseller that will help you transform your personal and professional life by changing the way you think.

Today, the pressure to achieve is intense. To be at our best, we need our minds working...

How to Live Between Office Visits

by Bernie S. Siegel HarperAudio (November 08, 2011)

In this compassionate and powerful healing guide, Dr. Bernie Siegel, the author of the triumphant bestsellers Love, Medicine & Miracles and Peace, Love & Healing, provides readers with healthy ways to respond...

The Shared Wisdom of Mothers and Daughters

by Alexandra Stoddard & Laural Merlington HarperAudio (April 02, 2013)

In this inspirational follow-up to the beloved Things I Want My Daughters to Know, lifestyle philosopher Alexandra Stoddard reflects on the lessons she's learned from her daughters and offers further thoughts...

Let Me Tell You Something

by Caroline Manzo HarperAudio (March 26, 2013)

Red-hot advice from the redhead who doesn't pull any punches

Mother, wife, and fan favorite Caroline Manzo has been through it all as one of the original breakout stars of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey...