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The Millionaire's Secrets

by Mark Fisher Touchstone (December 21, 2010)

Writing for those who want more than the average how-to financial advice, the author of The Instant Millionaire cites a series of parables and questions to teach readers the lessons of setting goals, listening...

Clarity Quest

by Pamela Ammondson Touchstone (November 30, 2010)

What to do if it's time to take stock--and you have no time!

Have you ever fantasized about taking time for yourself just to reflect on the quality of your work life? Are you doing what you really want to be...

Discover What You're Best At

by Linda Gale Touchstone (November 23, 2010)

The bestselling career guide that has helped more than half a million people discover their true talents and make successful career choices, now completely revised for the digital age.

Learn how to identify your...

Ebony Power Thoughts

by Joseph Mcclendon iii & Tony Robbins Touchstone (June 15, 2010)

The power within the words of our great black leaders and role models is astonishing. By studying their positive accomplishments, we can move forward to our own successes. Now, Anthony Robbins and coauthor Joseph...

Chocolate for a Lover's Heart

by Kay Allenbaugh Touchstone (June 15, 2010)

Discover a Love as Sweet as Chocolate!

The power of love -- it can move mountains, make our dreams come true, and comfort us on the darkest of days. Whether we're in a relationship with a special partner, in...

Dear Hubby, About Your Retirement

by Nancy Robison Touchstone (June 15, 2010)

Advice Only a Loving Wife Can Give

Destined to become the perfect retirement gift, Dear Hubby, About Your Retirement is filled with wisdom, warmth, and gentle advice from a wife to her husband.

This unique book...

Healing A Broken Heart

by Sarah La Saulle & Sharon Kagan Touchstone (May 11, 2010)

The loss of a love is a nearly universal emotional crisis, whether the end is divorce, desertion, or a mutually agreed-upon separation. At first, friends and family are there to offer a shoulder to cry on, but...

Journey to Center

by Thomas Crum Touchstone (October 16, 1997)

Vital techniques needed to achieve a more relaxed, energized, and integrated approach to our lives.

This practical guide introduces readers to the Zen principles Tom Crum has lived by and taught for many years....

The Art of Talking So That People Will Listen

by Paul W. Swets Touchstone (April 25, 1986)

Talking comes naturally...but getting people to listen is an art.

This guide provides you with practical, proven strategies for mastering the art of effective, persuasive communication--the skill most essential...

Positive Thinking Every Day

by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale Touchstone (June 30, 2008)

Compiling the wisdom of nine books--including international bestseller The Power of Positive Thinking--this timeless classic provides readers with a daily message of inspiration and affirmation from Norman Vincent...

Trophy Man

by Joy McElroy Touchstone (November 01, 2007)

You're attractive, fun to be around, and accomplished. Life is great. But it would be perfect if you had a partner by your side: a man with brains, ambition, a successful career, and eyes for you only. Problem...

You Are Not Your Illness

by Linda Topf Touchstone (May 08, 1995)

The author, who has lived with multiple sclerosis most of her adult life, delves deeply into her own experience to reveal the keys to regaining emotional and spiritual wholeness when a serious illness or injury...

Daily Life Strategies for Teens

by Jay McGraw Touchstone (June 30, 2008)

A daily guide to the Life Strategies and their power to change lives!

With Daily Life Strategies for Teens, Jay provides a day-by-day guide to life that will show you how to boost self-confidence, build friendships,...

Teens Can Make It Happen

by Stedman Graham Touchstone (September 05, 2000)

Prepare yourself for a lifetime of emotional and intellectual success and physical well-being with this essential and practical guide--perfect for teens, parents, grandparents, and educators alike.

The teenage...

A Purse of Your Own

by Deborah Owens & Brenda Lane Richardson Touchstone (December 29, 2009)


In A Purse of Your Own, wealth coach Deborah Owens draws from more than twenty years of experience in the fi nancial services industry for a revolutionary...

Character Driven

by Derek Fisher & Gary Brozek Touchstone (September 08, 2009)

The Three Time NBA Champion and starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers shares his Christian faith and inspirational values for success and happiness.

Since his inaugural season with the NBA in 1996,...

Chocolate for a Teen's Spirit

by Kay Allenbaugh Touchstone (November 01, 2007)

Sweet and Spirited

Heartwarming, haunting, and often hilarious, the delicious stories in Chocolate for a Teen's Spirit touch on the things all young women face as they move into adulthood and search for spiritual...

How Can I Be Your Lover When I'm Too Busy Being Your Mother?

by Sara Dimerman & J.M. Kearns Touchstone (May 07, 2013)

Do you feel like your partner has become your child?

Do you find yourself being his maid, his cook, his manager?

Have romance, respect, fun--and sex--been drained out of your relationship?

In How Can I Be Your...

Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life

by Vimala Rodgers Touchstone (April 16, 2013)

When we purposefully change our handwriting, we introduce attitudes that can improve our relationships, give us the impetus to achieve and take risks, and simply bring out the best in us. This is because our...

You Can If You Think You Can

by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale Touchstone (January 08, 2013)

Best-selling classics by Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Positive Thinking (special 35th anniversary edition). The greatest inspirational best seller of the century offers confidence without fear and a life...

The Game of Life

by Florence Scovel Shinn Touchstone (December 04, 2012)

This book will open your mind and renew your life!

The late Florence Scovel Shinn, artist, metaphysician, and lecturer, left us with this beautiful and inspiring book brimming with precious brimming with the...

Where to Draw the Line: How to Set Healthy Boundaries Every Day

by Anne Katherine Touchstone (September 25, 2012)

From the acclaimed author of the perennial favorite Boundaries, Where to Draw the Line is a practical guide to establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in many different situations.

With every encounter,...

Chocolate For A Woman's Heart: 77 Stories Of Love Kindness And Compassion To Nour

by Kay Allenbaugh Touchstone (September 11, 2012)

Love, like chocolate, comes to us in many varieties -- pure and simple, rich and complicated, sweet and bittersweet, and always memorable. Now the creator of the bestselling Chocolate for a Woman's Soul serves...

Narcissism: Denial of the True Self

by Alexander Lowen Touchstone (August 21, 2012)


Are you a narcissist? Do you interact with someone who is? Contrary to popular belief, narcissists do not love themselves or anyone else. They cannot accept their true selves, constructing instead...

The Adversity Advantage

by Paul Stoltz, Erik Weihenmayer & Stephen R. Covey Touchstone (February 21, 2012)

From the world’s foremost blind athlete and a Harvard Business School lecturer comes an inspiring, seven-step program for converting both mundane and dramatic struggles into the kind of fuel that spur personal...

The Surrendered Wife

by Laura Doyle Touchstone (February 28, 2001)

A New York Times bestseller, this controversial guide to improving your marriage has transformed thousands of relationships, bringing women romance, harmony, and the intimacy they crave.

Like millions of women,...

What to Do with The Rest of Your Life

by Robin Ryan Touchstone (August 27, 2002)

Stuck in a job that's going nowhere? Hate going to work? Pounding the pavement looking for an opportunity? Bored? Whether you are caught in a career crisis, a victim of corporate downsizing, or suffering from...

Chocolate para el corazon de mama

by Kay Allenbaugh Touchstone (May 11, 2010)

¡A las mamás también les gusta el chocolate!

Las madres hacen de todo -- enseÑan, escuchan, guÍan y protegen. Nos dan refugio durante las inesperadas tormentas de la vida, nos sustentan y cuidan para encami-narnos...

How To Work With Just About Anyone

by Lucy Gill Touchstone (December 24, 1999)


Every office has them: the ever-complaining colleague...the co-worker who is constantly late for meetings...the boss who either blows up at you or blows you...

Project Everlasting

by Mathew Boggs & Jason Miller Touchstone (June 05, 2007)

A heartwarming and revealing look at the wisdom drawn from successful marriages and the secrets to making love last, not from Ph.D.s or therapists but from more than 200 real couples who have walked the walk...

Kiss and Run

by Elina Furman Touchstone (February 06, 2007)

You May Be Commitment-Phobic If:

  • You have a mile-long list of requirements for your ideal mate
  • You go from one short-lived relationship to the next
  • You have a habit of dating "unavailable" men
  • You think...

Thoughts From the Seat of the Soul

by Gary Zukav Touchstone (June 19, 2007)

The Journey Toward Authentic Power

Thoughts from the Seat of the Soul is a beautiful collection of carefully chosen excerpts from Gary Zukav's celebrated bestseller The Seat of the Soul. Slip this lovely little...

When Friendship Hurts

by Jan Yager Touchstone (May 11, 2010)



We've all had friendships that have gone bad. Whether it takes the form of a simple yet inexplicable estrangement or a devastating betrayal, a failed friendship...

Quilts Are Forever

by Kathy Lamancusa Touchstone (June 15, 2010)


Every quilt has a story to tell, an endearing story that lasts forever. Whether it is a craft-fair find, a generations-old...

Chocolate for a Woman's Dreams

by Kay Allenbaugh Touchstone (November 20, 2001)

Is anything sweeter or more precious than a treasured dream? In Chocolate for a Woman's Dreams, 77 all-new, real-life tales celebrate the power of dreams to shape our lives at any age, whether we are exploring...

Flowers Are for Love

by Kathy Lamancusa Touchstone (January 10, 2002)


Whether you are looking for love, building a lasting relationship, or trying to reignite a romantic bond, flowers are powerful messengers of affection. In this wonderful...

Chocolate For a Teen's Soul

by Kay Allenbaugh Touchstone (February 21, 2001)

Rich, enticing, and delectable as a luscious box of chocolates, this collection offers 55 tales of life and love as a teenager. From teens of every age, including women who remember what it was like, come stories...

Come Hither

by Gloria G. Brame Touchstone (February 29, 2000)

How do you tell your partner that you'd like to be spanked?

Where can you find a good dominatrix?

If your husband like to wear your panties, does that mean he's gay?

What really goes on at SM clubs?

After you...

The Impulse Factor

by Nick Tasler Touchstone (October 07, 2008)

In his work as research and development director at cutting-edge think tank TalentSmart, where he helps businesses work better and employees think smarter, Nick Tasler realized that the recent discovery by scientists...

Chocolate For a Teen's Heart

by Kay Allenbaugh Touchstone (September 16, 2001)


Life offers no experience sweeter -- or more difficult -- than learning to love. And in this exceptionally delicious volume in the bestselling series, Kay Allenbaugh brings us 55 rich,...

Chocolate for a Woman's Courage

by Kay Allenbaugh Touchstone (November 19, 2002)

Be Brave! Celebrate and Eat Chocolate!

Every woman knows that courage isn't just something you find in a crisis, it's something you tap into every day of your life. In this triumphant salute to mothers, daughters,...

Kokology 2

by Tadahiko Nagao & Isamu Saito Touchstone (September 25, 2001)

Based on the bestselling Japanese phenomenon of addictive pop-quiz games that uses proven psychological principles to reveal your hidden attitudes about sex, family, love, work, and more, Kokology 2 offers more...

Never Check E-Mail In the Morning

by Julie Morgenstern Touchstone (January 11, 2011)


Maintaining control in today's hectic workplace is a challenge -- everything is lean, competitive, and uncertain. What does it take to survive?

Making Work Work is Julie Morgenstern's most...

Supergirls Speak Out

by Liz Funk Touchstone (March 03, 2009)

Some girls seem to have it all...

The top grades

The best clothes

A great body

A cute boyfriend

But they may also have...



Eating disorders

Crippling insecurity

From grammar school girls...

The Blueprint For My Girls In Love

by Yasmin Shiraz Touchstone (June 07, 2005)

This is my first relationship. What should I do?

I don't know who to trust. Which guys can be trusted?

My best friend and I like the same guy. Should we remain friends?

Has everyone had sex except me? How...

Touching Tomorrow

by Mary LoVerde Touchstone (April 15, 2002)

What does your mother remember

about her first kiss?

What's the first thing your father

tells himself every morning?

By the time we are adults, it is all too easy to look at our parents and grandparents as...

Stop Screaming At The Microwave

by Mary LoVerde Touchstone (July 14, 1999)


You've organized, prioritized, delegated, and simplified, and you still don't have...

Love Someone Today

by Delilah Touchstone (July 08, 2001)

When you think love, think Delilah.

Each evening, more than seven million listeners tune in to Delilah. Her unique blend of love songs, compassionate advice, and tell-it-like-it-is honesty makes people feel...

Starring in Your Own Life

by Lena Nozizwe Touchstone (March 15, 2002)

All too often we cast ourselves as spectators, afraid to put ourselves forward and follow our dreams. But you can break free from the boredom and monotony of a lackluster life. This empowering book will show...

50 Ways to Read Your Lover

by Todd Lyon Touchstone (February 11, 2003)

Who Is the Man You Love?

Well, that depends. Does he rescue stray cats? Do his pupils widen when he looks at you? Are his thumbs especially long? Is he an only child?

Questions such as these are anything but...