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Party Responses to Social Movements

by Daniela R. Piccio Berghahn Books (February 01, 2019)

Across the West, the explosion of social movement activity since the late 1960s has constituted a “participatory revolution” that has posed profound challenges for formal political parties. Through an analysis...

The Nuclear Crisis

by Christoph Becker-Schaum, Philipp Gassert, Martin Klimke & Wilfried Mausbach Berghahn Books (October 01, 2016)

In 1983, more than one million Germans joined together to protest NATO's deployment of nuclear missiles in Europe. International media overflowed with images of marches, rallies, and human chains as protesters...

The Virago Story

by Catherine Riley Berghahn Books (April 01, 2018)

The 1970s witnessed a renaissance in women's print culture, as feminist presses and bookshops sprang up in the wake of the second-wave women's movement. At four decades' remove from that heady era, however,...

The Women's Liberation Movement

by Kristina Schulz Berghahn Books (July 01, 2017)

For over half a century, the countless organizations and initiatives that comprise the Women's Liberation movement have helped to reshape many aspects of Western societies, from public institutions and cultural...

Between Prague Spring and French May: Opposition and Revolt in Europe, 1960-1980

by Martin Klimke, Jacco Pekelder & Joachim Scharloth Berghahn Books (June 01, 2011)

Abandoning the usual Cold War–oriented narrative of postwar European protest and opposition movements, this volume offers an innovative, interdisciplinary, and comprehensive perspective on two decades of...

Hairy Hippies and Bloody Butchers


Juliane Riese Berghahn Books (April 30, 2017)

In the popular imagination, no issue has been more closely linked with the environmental group Greenpeace than whaling. Opposition to commercial whaling has inspired many of the organization's most dramatic...

A Fragmented Landscape

by Silvia De Zordo, Joanna Mishtal & Lorena Anton Berghahn Books (December 01, 2016)

Since 1945, even as European states have achieved ever-greater levels of economic integration, their social policy landscapes have proven remarkably varied. This is particularly true for contentious issues...

The Revolution before the Revolution: Late Authoritarianism and Student Protest in Portugal

by Guya Accornero Berghahn Books (April 01, 2016)

Histories of Portugal's transition to democracy have long focused on the 1974 military coup that toppled the authoritarian Estado Novo regime and set in motion the divestment of the nation's colonial holdings....

Protest Cultures: A Companion

by Kathrin Fahlenbrach, Martin Klimke & Joachim Scharloth Berghahn Books (March 01, 2016)

Protest is a ubiquitous and richly varied social phenomenon, one that finds expression not only in modern social movements and political organizations but also in grassroots initiatives, individual action,...

Children of the Dictatorship: Student Resistance, Cultural Politics and the 'Long 1960s' in Greece

by Kostis Kornetis Berghahn Books (November 01, 2013)

Putting Greece back on the cultural and political map of the "Long 1960s," this book traces the dissent and activism of anti-regime students during the dictatorship of the Colonels (1967-74). It explores the...

The Third World in the Global 1960s

by Samantha Christiansen & Zachary Scarlett Berghahn Books (November 01, 2012)

Decades after the massive student protest movements that consumed much of the world, the 1960s remain a significant subject of scholarly inquiry. While important work has been done regarding radical activism...

Protest Beyond Borders: Contentious Politics in Europe since 1945

by Hara Kouki & Eduardo Romanos Berghahn Books (March 01, 2011)

The protest movements that followed the Second World War have recently become the object of study for various disciplines; however, the exchange of ideas between research fields, and comparative research in...

Changing the World, Changing Oneself: Political Protest and Collective Identities in West Germany and the U.S. in the 1960s and 1970s

by Belinda Davis, Wilfried Mausbach, Martin Klimke & Carla MacDougall Berghahn Books (March 01, 2010)

A captivating time, the 60s and 70s now draw more attention than ever. The first substantial work by historians has appeared only in the last few years, and this volume offers an important contribution. These...