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Barry's First Time

by John Derek (November 16, 2014)

This book contains a depiction of a first person sexual act. Barry is straight. Or so he thinks. Until he sees his neighbor getting a blow job. It makes him wonder what is that all about. This is a first person...

FAR/AIM 2015

by Federal Aviation Administration Skyhorse (November 18, 2014)

If you’re an aviator or aviation enthusiast, you cannot be caught with an out-of-date edition of the FAR/AIM. In today’s environment, there is no excuse for ignorance of the rules of the US airspace system....

Full Circle: Death and Resurrection In Canadian Conservative Politics

by Bob Plamondon (November 21, 2014)

Full Circle tells the dramatic story of how the Canadian conservative movement was fractured in the 1990s and how it was restored to glory and was returned to power in 2006. It recounts the humiliating defeat...

Why Can't a Man Be More Like a Woman?

by Lewis Wolpert Skyhorse (November 18, 2014)

How different are men and women, really? Controversy surrounds the question and makes uncovering the answers—based in evolution, genetics, and biology—increasingly difficult. Still, significant differences...

Wounded Leaders: How Their Damaged Past Affects Your Future

by Allan Bonner Sextant Publishing (October 17, 2014)

Why are we in a leadership crisis? Up to 85% of mergers and acquisitions destroy value, executives are in jail, economies are shaky and politics isn't providing answers.

This new book provides answers. Based...

Political Conventions

by Allan Bonner Sextant Publishing (October 17, 2014)

Launched in honour of President Obama's inaugural, this book was written during the most remarkable political season in American history. The author visited all major presidential campaign offices in New York...

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

by S.K. Allen (September 26, 2014)

Angel Major is a tough as nails drill sergeant. Jamie Jackson is a new recruit with a secret in the age of Don't ask, Don't tell. Jamie is struck by her Drill sergeant and they form a bond that could get them...

An Unlikely Candidate: Reflections on My Run for Congress

by Arthur Sr. Lieber (February 21, 2013)

In 2010, Arthur Lieber ran for Congress in Missouri's 2nd Congressional District when no other Democrat would. Operating on a budget considered minuscule by today's standards, and refusing donations, he ran...

Jakarta Undercover

by Moammar Emak Monsoon Books Pte. Ltd. (November 14, 2005)

Prowling the seedy red-light districts, the underground club circuit and the house parties of wealthy Indonesian society, Moammar Emka offers a unique glimpse into the underbelly of modern, urban Jakarta. This...

Invisible Trade

by Gerrie Lim Monsoon Books Pte. Ltd. (June 14, 2004)

Welcome to the very real, largely hidden, and often surreal world of high-class sex for sale in Singapore, where the sexual desires of this tiny island run the gamut from simple missionary zeal to the cracking...

The Secessionist States of America

by Douglas MacKinnon Skyhorse (October 07, 2014)

Millions of American families from every race, creed, and economic background are losing hope as the United States continues slide deeper into fiscal insanity and moral decay. Where will America stand when we...

The Mensch Handbook

by Max Gross Skyhorse (October 21, 2014)

For years after college, Max Gross was a schlubby ne'er-do-well sporting an unwieldy Jewfro. He fought off double-chins and man-boobs. His style of dress was reminiscent of a stoned urban slacker. Young Max...

The Little Black Book of Political Wisdom

by Sanford L. Jacobs Skyhorse (November 04, 2014)

Politics. It’s a word that carries a great deal of weight, and there have been many words spoken about it ever since human beings decided it might be a good idea to come down from the trees and form some kind...

An Endless Sea of Stars

by Jamie Lynn Miller (September 16, 2014)

The year is 2121. While Earth has conquered exploration of the Milky Way, we have yet to develop an interstellar engine to take us beyond our own galaxy. Thus the Intergalactic Exploration Alliance and the Gemini...


by R. J. Black & E. Night (September 06, 2014)

The story of a post-apocalyptic future London where the wealthy are top of the chain and the poor are barely able to survive. Somewhere in between are the executioners, coliseum gladiators who enact the punishments...

Pot Shards: Fragments of a Life Lived in CIA, the White House, and the Two Koreas

by Donald P. Gregg New Academia Publishing/VELLUM Books (September 12, 2014)

Pot Shards is a memoir, based on the author's memorable experiences. He served as a CIA's agent on the island of Saipan, during ten years in Japan, a tour in Burma, four years tied up in the Vietnam War, two...

Nature's Unruly Mob: Farming and the Crisis in Rural Culture

by Paul Gilk & Helena Norberg-Hodge Wipf and Stock (June 03, 2009)

Growing up in the mostly wooded rural countryside of northern Wisconsin, in the decades immediately after the Second World War, meant immersion in cultural transformation. An economy of subsistence and self-provisioning...

After Freedom: How Boomers Pursued Freedom, Questioned Virtue, and Still Search for Meaning

by Mary VanderGoot Cascade Books (June 27, 2012)

The youngest Boomers are not quite fifty; the oldest have already turned sixty-five. A generation that started out in the 1960s, determined to be young forever, is now asking what the point is of growing old....

Walking Distance: Remembering Classic Episodes from Classic Television

by Victor L. Cahn Resource Publications (July 18, 2014)

In this entertaining and informative book, Victor L. Cahn revisits memorable episodes from eleven classic television shows, including The Twilight Zone, Maverick, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Fugitive, The Avengers,...

Win at the Bingo

by Patrick Penillon (August 25, 2014)

In each of these sets of numbers choose 5 numbers from your grid lotto or euro (or more if you play multiple (gain guaranteed). You will play with the technique called "reverse" that works very well ... at lotto...

The Man Who Killed Kennedy

by Roger Stone & Mike Colapietro Skyhorse (September 02, 2014)

"We appreciate Roger Stone, he is one tough cookie." - President Trump

The sensational New York Times bestseller, now in paperback.

Find out how and why LBJ had JFK assassinated.

The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The...

Airplane Flying Handbook

by Federal Aviation Administration & David Soucie Skyhorse (September 02, 2014)

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Airplane Flying Handbook provides pilots, student pilots, aviation instructors, and aviation specialists with information on every topic needed to qualify for and excel...

Education of an American Liberal

by Lucille Llc Milner (February 21, 2013)

Lucille Milner describes her early years as a reformer. She documents her work as a co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union and work with other progressive organizations.

Dirty Down Under

by Daniel Blue (July 23, 2014)

'Dirty Down Under' is a collection of Daniel Blue's hot and steamy homoerotic tales set in Australia and New Zealand, where the men are rugged and their masculine lovers even more so. Indulge in a world of raunchy,...

South of the Equator

by Daniel Blue (July 23, 2014)

'South of the Equator' is a collection of Daniel Blue's steamy homoerotic stories set in central and southern Africa. Journey south to a place of vast landscapes and interesting men, from dark-skinned beauties...

First Time Tales

by Daniel Blue (July 22, 2014)

Do you remember your first time? Remember being so excited that you could hardly breathe as you eyes drank in the beauty of naked flesh for the first time and your hands explored smooth skin and rampant urgency?...

Man Lust X2

by Daniel Blue (July 22, 2014)

Sometimes the only person who can understand the urgency and potency of a man's lust is another man. Sometimes the touch of another man's hand is just what a man needs. Return to the jungle in your soul, roam...

First Time With a Fisherman

by Daniel Blue (July 22, 2014)

Hans lives in a small town stuck out on a limb by the sea. Loneliness, and his hunger to be with a man, are driving him to distraction. One day, while out walking on an empty beach, he sees a fisherman wearing...

Gianni Gets It Good

by Daniel Blue (July 22, 2014)

Gianni's English is not good, but he wants to tell you his story in his own words and in his own inimitable way. Join him on his journey as he travels from being a young Italian cub to a fully fledged bear,...

God Has a Plan for Us All

by Dudley Clarence Sturgis IV (July 17, 2014)

Set in a parallel universe to our own, this three-chapter epic tells the story of a girl as she grows up in a post-apocalyptic America, as a slave to a twisted and dark form of Christianity. Or is it any different...

Kazakhstan's Assassinated Democracy

by Yerzhan Psy.D. Dosmukhamedov (February 21, 2013)

Kazakhstan's Assassinated Democracy describes how the highest levels of

government in Kazakhstan are attempting to suppress the country's genuine

democratization, particularly through the case of a political party,...

Darkness Falls

by Jamie Lynn Miller (January 13, 2017)

Matthew Tucker is a successful actor on a hit television show, his career on the rise. Life is good. What more could he want? Daniel Westman, that's what - his co-star and close friend. Matthew's attraction...

The Greenwash Effect

by Guy Pearse Skyhorse (August 05, 2014)

Going green is the new black for big business. But how real is the climate-friendly revolution that’s being advertised? Toyota would like us to think that Mother Nature drives a Prius, Ford wants us to “Join...

Curiosity - Lesbian Erotic Stories

by Virginia Wild (June 25, 2012)

"Curiosity - Lesbian Erotic Stories" is a collection of 5 short stories--Lesbian erotica, mostly of straight women falling for lesbians. Inner conflicts and mixed feelings dissolve as attraction overshadows...

Out of the Shadows

by Jamie Lynn Miller (July 14, 2014)

For K-9 Officer Shane Walker, transferring from the Tulsa police department to the elite L.A.P.D. was a dream come true. He nearly forgets he's in Hollywood until he responds to a 911 call that brings him to...

Pinkcy: As Good As It Gets

by Nicholas Bartock (April 16, 2013)

A flooding at home resulted in a call to a lifelong plumber friend. But, unable to attend he sends his plumber's mate, James, and a new friendship is born. Along with James comes a new circle of friends and...

Paasch's Illustrated Marine Dictionary

by Heinrich Paasch Skyhorse (July 01, 2014)

Captain Heinrich Paasch was the first to recognize the complexity and variety in marine vocabulary and technical terminology and the inherent need for a cohesive classification of nautical terms. Equipped with...

Short Stories 04

by Eckie (May 19, 2014)

Eckie, aka Bondagfan has been writing stories for many years and many delighted readers have been enjoying his stories on his website. This book is the fourth of a series and includes the following: The Suit...


by Colin Wilson Skyhorse (July 01, 2014)

Author Colin Wilson opens this illuminating psychological discussion with the development of the 1977 Behavioral Science Unit, which was set up in order to answer the many questions surrounding serial killers:...

We, the People

by Adolph Psy.D. Caso Branden Books (February 21, 2013)

According to Adolph Caso, the dream behind "We, the people..." has not yet been fulfilled, although America came close in doing so with Dr. Martin Luther King in his "I have a dream" speech. A counter revolution...

The Russsian Factor: From Cold War to Global Terrorism

by Simona Psy.D. Pipko (February 21, 2013)

"We are at war, in WWIII for many decades now. We have been systematically targeted on different fronts and locations. Alas, my beloved America has not recognized it yet... "

This nonfiction work chronicles the...


by Le Duc de Branden Books (February 21, 2013)

These maxims, of the French Duc, remain one of the best books of its kind, and have been translated into many languages, and frequently into English.

The present edition by John Heard, noted translator of Ronsard,...

U.S. Army Guide to Military Mountaineering

by Department of the Army Skyhorse (June 10, 2014)

Mountains exist in almost every country in the world and almost every war has included some type of mountain operations. This pattern will not change, and soldiers will continue to fight in mountainous terrain...

How to Become a Navy SEAL

by Don Mann Skyhorse (August 05, 2014)

Do you want to be a member of one of the world’s most elite special operations forces? Not everyone has what it takes to become a Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, and Land). The training required—and the job itself—is...

Mayday! Mayday!

by Lowell Psy.D. Green Spruce Ridge Publishing Inc (February 21, 2013)

Lowell Green presents a powerful, persuasive, well-documented and incredibly well researched argument for a substantial reduction in Canada's yearly intake of immigrants and refugees, and an immediate halt to...

Pinkcy: Dancing Up an Empire

by Nicholas Bartock (April 18, 2013)

With our dance club bucking the trend, success is our friend. But the high street is not reflecting our success and we swoop in to take advantage of the failing high street. With plans for a Male Grooming Spa...

Pinkcy: Dance It Up

by Nicholas Bartock (April 16, 2013)

Pinkcy: Dance it up! (Book 3) With business expanding we over reached and a flooding on a job turns out not to be covered by our insurance and we were facing a lawsuit that would turn our world upside down....

Pinkcy: The Good Just Got Better

by Nicholas Bartock (April 06, 2013)

With a new beginning for the men new opportunities open up. While work flourishes and opens up new contacts a foster opportunity ends up with offering a bit more than expected. With a teen from a dark past and...

Burnin' for You

by Jamie Lynn Miller (April 02, 2014)

Lucas Taylor is a New York City fireman at Station 127, dedicated to his job, even though it has brought him heartrending tragedy - the loss of his lover, Ryan, in an explosion. Evan Singer is the new guy in...

Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

by Federal Aviation Administration Skyhorse (May 06, 2014)

Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, created by the Federal Aviation Administration, is the official reference manual for pilots at all levels. An indispensable and invaluable encyclopedia, it deals with...