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Created Equal

by Michael Nava & Robert Dawidoff St. Martin's Press (December 16, 2014)

Why should Americans who are not gay care about gay rights? In Created Equal, Michael Nava and Robert Dawidoff argue that the movement for gay equality is central to the continuing defense of individual liberty...

The Future of Iraq

by Liam Anderson & Gareth Stansfield St. Martin's Press (December 09, 2014)

Reordering Iraq is the lynchpin of America's successful involvement in the Middle East. The challenge may be impossible. The Future of Iraq provides a primer on the history and political dynamics of this pivotal...

Cheating Our Kids

by Joe Williams St. Martin's Press (December 09, 2014)

Journalist Joe Williams shows how parents can use consumer power to put children first, shining light on the special interests controlling our schools, where politics and pork infuse everything and our children's...

Meltdown in Tibet

by Michael Buckley St. Martin's Press (November 11, 2014)

Tibetans have experienced waves of genocide since the 1950s. Now they are facing ecocide. The Himalayan snowcaps are in meltdown mode, due to climate change—accelerated by a rain of black soot from massive...

Who We Be

by Jeff Chang St. Martin's Press (October 21, 2014)

Race. A four-letter word. The greatest social divide in American life, a half-century ago and today.

During that time, the U.S. has seen the most dramatic demographic and cultural shifts in its history, what...

Political Mercenaries

by Lindsay Mark Lewis & Jim Arkedis St. Martin's Press (October 21, 2014)

When Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush in 1992, their campaigns spent a total of $192 million—combined! In 2012, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney spent over $7 billion, including outside funding from superPACs—nearly...

The End of Greatness

by Aaron David Miller St. Martin's Press (October 07, 2014)

The Presidency has always been an implausible—some might even say an impossible—job. Part of the problem is that the challenges of the presidency and the expectations Americans have for their presidents...

While America Sleeps

by Donald Kagan & Frederick W. Kagan St. Martin's Press (September 30, 2014)

In While England Slept Winston Churchill revealed in 1938 how the inadequacy of Britain's military forces to cope with worldwide responsibilities in a peaceful but tense era crippled its ability to deter or...

Striking Gridiron

by Greg Nichols St. Martin's Press (September 16, 2014)

In the summer of 1959, most of the town of Braddock, Pennsylvania---along with half a million steel workers around the country---went on strike in the longest labor stoppage in American history. With no paychecks...

The Future, Declassified

by Mathew Burrows St. Martin's Press (September 09, 2014)

Twenty-five years ago when Mathew Burrows went to work for the CIA as an intelligence analyst, the world seemed frozen. Then came the fall of the Berlin Wall and the implosion of the Soviet Union; suddenly,...

Glass Houses

by Stanley G. Hilton & Anne-Renee Testa St. Martin's Press (August 19, 2014)

The infamous Starr Report, which made Bill Clinton's private life very public, had one specific aim: to send the 42nd U.S. President packing. But many of those who will sit in judgment of Clinton have plenty...

The New Cold War

by Edward Lucas St. Martin's Press (July 29, 2014)

The first edition of The New Cold War was published to great critical acclaim. Edward Lucas has established himself as a top expert in the field, appearing on numerous programs, including Lou Dobbs, MSNBC, NBC...

The Inevitable City

by Betsy Seifter, Scott Cowen & Walter Isaacson St. Martin's Press (June 10, 2014)

After seven years of service as the president of Tulane University, Scott Cowen watched the devastation of his beloved New Orleans at the hands of Hurricane Katrina. When federal, state, and city officials couldn't...

Love and Death in Kathmandu

by Amy Willesee & Mark Whittaker St. Martin's Press (May 27, 2014)

On June 1, 2001, the heir to the Nepalese throne, Crown Prince Dipendra, donned military fatigues, armed himself with automatic weapons, walked in on a quiet family gathering, and, without a word, mowed his...

The Life of the Automobile

by Steven Parissien St. Martin's Press (May 13, 2014)

The Life of the Automobile is the first comprehensive world history of the car.

The automobile has arguably shaped the modern era more profoundly than any other human invention, and author Steven Parissien examines...

Citizen Hollywood

by Timothy Stanley St. Martin's Press (May 13, 2014)

To most Americans, Hollywood activism consists of self-obsessed movie stars promoting their pet causes, whether defending marijuana legalization or Second Amendment rights. There's some truth in that stereotype,...

Hair Story

by Ayana Byrd & Lori Tharps St. Martin's Press (April 15, 2014)

Two world wars, the Civil Rights movement, and a Jheri curl later, Blacks in America continue to have a complex and convoluted relationship with their hair. From the antebellum practice of shaving the head in...

Border Insecurity

by Sylvia Longmire St. Martin's Press (April 22, 2014)

When confronted with the challenges of border security and illegal immigration, government officials are fond of saying that our borders have never been as safe and secure as they are now. But ranchers in the...

The Real Crash

by Peter D. Schiff St. Martin's Press (April 08, 2014)

You might be thinking everything's okay: the stock market is on the rise, jobs are growing, the worst of it is over.

You'd be wrong.

In The Real Crash, New York Times bestselling author Peter D. Schiff argues...

Walking Prey

by Holly Austin Smith St. Martin's Press (March 18, 2014)

Today, two cultural forces are converging to make America's youth easy targets for sex traffickers. Younger and younger girls are engaging in adult sexual attitudes and practices, and the pressure to conform...

Defending Israel

by Martin Van Creveld St. Martin's Press (March 11, 2014)

Israel is a tiny country. From tip to toe, it stretches 260 miles long but is only 60 miles at its widest point. Since the days of the British mandate, the question of "defensible borders" for the Jewish state...

Weapons of Mass Distraction

by Matthew Fraser St. Martin's Press (March 04, 2014)

In its march to becoming the world's first hyper-power, the United States has been as dependent on its soft power - the allure of American lifestyles and culture - as it has been on the hard power of military...


by Sally Armstrong St. Martin's Press (March 04, 2014)

From Africa to Asia to the Americas, women are the key to progress on ending poverty, violence, and conflict. Award-winning humanitarian and journalist Sally Armstrong shows us why empowering women and girls...

In Bed with Wall Street

by Larry Doyle St. Martin's Press (January 07, 2014)

The Wall Street meltdown in 2008 brought the country to its knees, and spawned nationwide protests against the lack of regulation and oversight facing Wall Street. But the average American still fails to fully...

With God on Our Side

by Davin Seay, Michael L. Weinstein & Joseph C. Wilson St. Martin's Press (December 10, 2013)

One of the most elite educational institutions in the world, the Air Force Academy has, from its inception, attracted the best and the brightest, producing leaders not only in the military but throughout American...

The New Democrats and the Return to Power

by Al From, Alice McKeon & Bill Clinton St. Martin's Press (December 03, 2013)

After Barack Obama's solid win in the 2012 election, it's easy to forget that there was a time, not long ago, when the Democrats were shut out of power for over a decade. But Al From remembers. In 1984, he led...

The Lost Fleet

by Marc Songini St. Martin's Press (November 26, 2013)

Arctic disasters, rogue whales, ambush by Confederate ships--the true saga of one captain's struggle to survive the demise of the Yankee whaling fleet

It's the mid-ninteenth century and the American whaling fleet...

The Death of Punishment

by Robert Blecker St. Martin's Press (November 19, 2013)

For twelve years Robert Blecker, a criminal law professor, wandered freely inside Lorton Central Prison, armed only with cigarettes and a tape recorder. The Death of Punishment tests legal philosophy against...

American Statecraft

by J. Robert Moskin St. Martin's Press (November 19, 2013)

This magisterial work on American diplomacy by a veteran journalist and historian is the first complete history of the U.S. Foreign Service

American Statecraft is a fascinating and comprehensive look at the unsung...


by Griffith Edwards St. Martin's Press (September 10, 2013)

Alcohol can be an item of diet, a medicine, sometimes an element in religious ritual. It is a valued object for the connoisseur, a traded commodity and a symbol of national pride (wine for instance in France,...


by Martin Booth St. Martin's Press (September 24, 2013)

Known to mankind since prehistoric times, opium is arguably the oldest and most widely used narcotic. Opium: A History traces the drug's astounding impact on world culture--from its religious use by prehistoric...

I Believe in ZERO

by Caryl M. Stern St. Martin's Press (October 01, 2013)

First-hand, human stories of hope, resilience, determination, and family: a call to see the world's children as our own, by the President and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF

In I Believe in ZERO, President and...

An American Bride in Kabul

by Phyllis Chesler St. Martin's Press (October 01, 2013)

Few westerners will ever be able to understand Muslim or Afghan society unless they are part of a Muslim family. Twenty years old and in love, Phyllis Chesler, a Jewish-American girl from Brooklyn, embarked...

Let Freedom Ring

by Kitty Kelley St. Martin's Press (August 13, 2013)

A bestselling author and legendary photographer present an illuminating look at a pivotal moment in our nation's history: The March on Washington

Despite the heat and humidity, people came in droves from across...

The Feline Mystique

by Clea Simon St. Martin's Press (August 06, 2013)

What is it with women and cats? The Feline Mystique is the first serious examination of the intense relationship between woman and their cats and of the repercussions that bond can have on others. Richly researched...

Battle for Ground Zero

by Elizabeth Greenspan St. Martin's Press (August 20, 2013)

In the aftermath of 9/11, Americans came together in a way not seen for a generation, pledging unity to rebuild after the horrific loss of the Twin Towers. People were signing up to go to war; rescue workers...

The Pirate Wars

by Peter Earle St. Martin's Press (July 02, 2013)

Investigating the fascination pirates hold over the popular imagination, Peter Earle takes the fable of ocean-going Robin Hoods sailing under the "banner of King Death" and contrasts it with the murderous reality...

Viral Hate

by Abraham H. Foxman & Christopher Wolf St. Martin's Press (June 04, 2013)

Emboldened by anonymity, individuals and organizations from both left and right are freely spewing hateful vitriol on the Internet without worrying about repercussions.Lies, bullying, conspiracy theories, bigoted...

The Death of the Grown-Up

by Diana West St. Martin's Press (September 16, 2008)

Diana West sees a US filled with middle-age guys playing air guitar and thinks "No wonder we can't stop Islamic terrorism." She sees Moms Who Mosh and wonders "Is there a single adult left anywhere?" But, the...

The Myth of Martyrdom

by Adam Lankford St. Martin's Press (January 22, 2013)

A startling look at the deepest, darkest secrets that terrorists pray you'll never know

For decades, experts from the most powerful governments and prestigious universities around the world have told us that...

The Slaves' Gamble

by Gene Allen Smith St. Martin's Press (January 22, 2013)

Images of American slavery conjure up cotton plantations and African American slaves locked in bondage until the Civil War. Yet early on in the nineteenth century the state of slavery was very different, and...

The U.S. Senate

by Tom Daschle & Charles Robbins St. Martin's Press (January 22, 2013)

The second entry in the civics series clearly and concisely explains how the United States Senate works.

The U.S. Senate is the second book in the Fundamentals of American Government civics series, exploring...

The Big Truck That Went By

by Jonathan M. Katz St. Martin's Press (January 08, 2013)

On January 12, 2010, the deadliest earthquake in the history of the Western Hemisphere struck the nation least prepared to handle it. Jonathan M. Katz, the only full-time American news correspondent in Haiti,...

The Sex Life of Food

by Bunny Crumpacker St. Martin's Press (April 01, 2007)

"The sex life of food" doesn't mean that the strawberries have fallen in love with the oatmeal. It's a look at food—and sex—and how they go together in our daily lives much more often than we realize. There...


by Michael G. Santos St. Martin's Press (April 01, 2007)

American jails and prisons confine nearly 13.5 million people each year, and it is estimated that 6 to 7 percent of the U.S. population will be confined in their lifetimes. Despite these disturbing numbers,...

Israel: The Will to Prevail

by Danny Danon St. Martin's Press (September 04, 2012)

Danny Danon has been a vocal opponent of disengaging in the Gaza Strip and West bank, and transforming the stalemate "two state/one state" dialogue to include regional partners, at times standing in direct opposition...


by Eric Deggans St. Martin's Press (October 30, 2012)

Gone is the era of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite, when news programs fought to gain the trust and respect of a wide spectrum of American viewers. Today, the fastest-growing news programs and media platforms...

Killing the American Dream

by Pilar Marrero St. Martin's Press (October 02, 2012)

As the US deports record numbers of illegal immigrants and local and state governments scramble to pass laws resembling dystopian police states where anyone can be questioned and neighbors are encouraged to...


by Ron Christie St. Martin's Press (September 04, 2012)

The iconoclastic Black Republican strategist calls out leaders who fan the flames of racial rhetoric and sabotage a post-racial America

The euphoria surrounding Barack Obama's historic election had commentators...

Free Market Revolution

by Yaron Brook & Don Watkins St. Martin's Press (September 18, 2012)


A look at how our current crises are caused by too much government, and how Ayn Rand's bold defense of free markets can help us change course.

The rise of the Tea Party and the 2010 election...