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Playing the Marginality Game

by Anita Schroven Berghahn Books (March 01, 2019)

In Guinea, situated in the background of central government struggles, rural elites use identity politics, through history and contemporary political reforms to maintain their privileges and perpetuate a generation-old...

Rethinking and Unthinking Development

by Busani Mpofu & Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni Berghahn Books (March 01, 2019)

Development has remained elusive in Africa. Through theoretical contributions and case studies focusing on Southern Africa’s former white settler states, South Africa and Zimbabwe, this volume responds to...

Returning Life

by Knut Christian Myhre Berghahn Books (December 29, 2017)

A group of Chagga-speaking men descend the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro to butcher animals and pour milk, beer, and blood on the ground, requesting rain for their continued existence. Returning Life explores...

The Good Holiday

by João Afonso Baptista Berghahn Books (May 01, 2017)

Drawing on ethnographic research in the village of Canhane, which is host to the first community tourism project in Mozambique, The Good Holiday explores the confluence of two powerful industries: tourism and...

Differentiating Development: Beyond an Anthropology of Critique

by Soumhya Venkatesan & Thomas Yarrow Berghahn Books (April 01, 2012)

Over the last two decades, anthropological studies have highlighted the problems of 'development' as a discursive regime, arguing that such initiatives are paradoxically used to consolidate inequality and perpetuate...

Adventures in Aidland: The Anthropology of Professionals in International Development

by David Mosse Berghahn Books (April 01, 2011)

Anthropological interest in new subjects of research and contemporary knowledge practices has turned ethnographic attention to a wide ranging variety of professional fields. Among these the encounter with international...

Migration by Boat: Discourses of Trauma, Exclusion and Survival

by Lynda Mannik Berghahn Books (May 01, 2016)

At a time when thousands of refugees risk their lives undertaking perilous journeys by boat across the Mediterranean, this multidisciplinary volume could not be more pertinent. It offers various contemporary...

Who Knows Tomorrow?: Uncertainty in North-Eastern Sudan

by Sandra Calkins Berghahn Books (February 01, 2016)

Although uncertainty is intertwined with all human activity, plans, and aspirations, it is experienced differently: at times it is obsessed over and at times it is ignored. This ethnography shows how Rashaida...

Empire, Global Coloniality and African Subjectivity

by Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni Berghahn Books (June 01, 2013)

Global imperial designs, which have been in place since conquest by western powers, did not suddenly evaporate after decolonization. Global coloniality as a leitmotif of the empire became the order of the day,...

Fear in Bongoland: Burundi Refugees in Urban Tanzania

by Marc Sommers Berghahn Books (October 01, 2001)

Spurred by wars and a drive to urbanize, Africans are crossing borders and overwhelming cities in unprecedented numbers. At the center of this development are young refugee men who migrate to urban areas.


Resistance in an Amazonian Community: Huaorani Organizing against the Global Economy

by Lawrence Ziegler-Otero Berghahn Books (July 01, 2004)

Like many other indigenous groups, the Huaorani of eastern Ecuador are facing many challenges as they attempt to confront the globalization of capitalism in the 21st century. In 1991, they formed a political...

The Impact of Electricity: Development, Desires and Dilemmas

by Tanja Winther Berghahn Books (September 01, 2008)

How does everyday life change when electricity becomes available to a group of people for the first time? Why do some groups tend to embrace this icon of development while other groups actively fight against...