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Paddling Pennsylvania: A Guide to 50 of the State's Greatest Paddling Adventures

by Bob Frye Falcon Guides (April 01, 2011)

Pennsylvania is a paddler’s heaven and one of America’s most blessed states when it comes to total miles of rivers and streams. Add in its many lakes, and there is quite simply all kinds and manner of waters...

Paddling Tennessee: A Guide to 38 of the State's Greatest Paddling Adventures

by Johnny Molloy Falcon Guides (April 12, 2011)

Tennessee truly has something for every paddler, whether float trips down dark water trails of swamp rivers or kayaking excursions along whitewater streams. Paddling Tennessee describes the best and most accessible...

Paddling America

by Susan Elliott & Adam Elliott Falcon Guides (October 01, 2018)

The nation’s rivers connect mountains to sea, communities to natural places, and people to wildlife. America’s Wild & Scenic River system recognizes these values. Paddling America provides descriptions for...

The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking

by Derek C. Hutchinson & Wayne Horodowich Falcon Guides (June 01, 2018)

The most comprehensive guide for sea kayakers of all levels

First published in 1976, The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking is a comprehensive guide for the beginner and an invaluable reference book for the experienced...

The Ultimate Guide to Whitewater Rafting and River Camping

by Molly Absolon Falcon Guides (June 01, 2018)

The Ultimate Guide to Whitewater Rafting and River Camping introduces new rafters to the skills, equipment, and knowledge required to mount a multiday whitewater rafting trip. Rafting equipment, skills, and...

Paddling Southern Florida

by Nigel Foster Falcon Guides (October 01, 2016)

Southern Florida is a paddler's paradise, from sandy keys, to mazes of mangroves, and sparkling aquamarine water in between. This guide includes more than 50 trips that are a perfect introduction to exploring...

On Polar Tides

by Nigel Foster Falcon Guides (September 23, 2016)

In 1981, Nigel Foster flew to Canada’s Baffin Island to begin a solo kayak trip south toward northern Labrador. After crossing the 40-mile wide Hudson Strait in howling winds and fighting a 10 knot tide race,...

Paddling Pacific Northwest Whitewater

by Nick Hinds Falcon Guides (June 30, 2016)

Paddling Pacific Northwest Whitewater is the definitive guide to the best rivers and creeks for kayaking and rafting in Washington and Oregon—home to some of the most fun (and challenging) whitewater in the...

Best Outdoor Adventures Near Portland, Oregon

by Adam Sawyer Falcon Guides (August 15, 2016)

Who says you have to travel far from home to go on a great hike, paddle, or bike ride? Best Outdoor Adventures Near Portland, Oregon details nearly forty of the best hikes, paddles, bike routes, and adventures...

Paddling Maryland and Washington, D.C.

by Jeff Lowman Falcon Guides (September 01, 2015)

The rivers of Maryland and Washington, D.C. hold a wealth of splendor from Annapolis to Worcester County. Paddling Maryland and Washington, D.C. features fifty river trips for avid paddlers, floaters, and anglers...

Basic Illustrated Sea Kayaking

by Roger Schumann Falcon Guides (April 15, 2016)

This exciting and demanding sport is much different than its flat-water sibling, with different equipment and techniques, all of which are covered in Basic Illustrated Sea Kayaking. Full-color images cover the...

Paddling Montana

by Kit Fischer Falcon Guides (June 01, 2015)

Montana’s rivers hold a wealth of riches, and Paddling Montana, fully updated and revised, features over thirty river trips for avid paddlers, floaters, and anglers. History buffs can follow the routes of...

Paddling Wisconsin

by Kevin Revolinski Falcon Guides (March 01, 2015)

Paddling Wisconsin pulls together 40 excellent paddling adventures, offering destinations evenly spread throughout the state. The focus is on recreational paddling and so all trips avoid complicated put-ins,...

Paddling Georgia

by Johnny Molloy Falcon Guides (April 14, 2009)

A guide to the best paddling routes in Georgia.

Paddling Alaska

by Dan Maclean Falcon Guides (May 19, 2009)

In Paddling Alaska, you can drive to all the lakes and rivers described in this guide. This fact might sound unremarkable, but Alaska is mostly wilderness, with few highways. This is the first guidebook to organize...

Basic Illustrated Canoe Paddling

by Harry Roberts, Lon Levin & Steve Salins Falcon Guides (March 04, 2008)


Harry Roberts and Steve Salins guide canoeists in everything they need to know, such as choosing the right paddle, safe launches, basic forward, turning and correction strokes,...

Big Juice

by John Long & Sam George Falcon Guides (November 08, 2011)

The best and newest big-wave surfing stories from the sport’s insiders

More than a decade ago, John Long published his now classic The Big Drop, an unprecedented look at the larger-than-life frontier of big...

Art of Surfing

by Raul Guisado Falcon Guides (November 08, 2011)

Surfing has evolved from a relatively obscure pastime to one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Today, there are millions of surfers across the globe. The Art of Surfing was the first book of its kind...

Paddling Everglades National Park

by Loretta Lynn Leda Falcon Guides (November 10, 2009)

Nothing compares to paddling Florida's Everglades. Covering more than 14,000 square miles—from the headwaters of the Everglades in Orlando and Big Cypress State Park in the southwest, to Biscayne National...

Paddling Connecticut and Rhode Island

by Jim Cole Falcon Guides (May 05, 2009)

Paddling Connecticut and Rhode Island gives a good variety of paddles from those slow lazy trips to more challenging outings. It includes several coastal and open water expeditions as well a wilderness type...

Encounters from a Kayak

by Nigel Foster Falcon Guides (November 20, 2012)

What makes travel special? Perhaps the chill realization that a polar bear's eyes are fixed on you. Maybe it is the chance meeting with a man who buries sharks in a beach, only to dig them up months later, not...


by Joe Glickman Falcon Guides (January 24, 2012)

Like the instant classic The Last American Man, Fearless is the story of a remarkable individual who accepts no personal limits—including fear. Freya Hoffmeister, a forty-six-year-old former sky diver, gymnast,...

Paddling Idaho

by Greg Stahl Falcon Guides (June 15, 2016)

Idaho’s rivers hold a wealth of riches for avid paddlers, floaters, and anglers. Paddling Idaho features the best river trips for the perfect paddle, whether it is a half-day or a full-day trip. History buffs...

Exploring Everglades National Park and the Surrounding Area

by Roger L. Hammer Falcon Guides (October 15, 2015)

This is the ultimate guide to discovering the vast "River of Grass" ecoregion of the southern Florida mainland. Packed with photographs, maps, and informative text, this guide will help outdoor enthusiasts appreciate...

Paddling South Carolina

by Johnny Molloy Falcon Guides (July 01, 2015)

Paddling South Carolina features 40 paddling adventures, offering destinations across the state. With a focus on recreational paddling, all trips avoid complicated put-ins, portages, and dangerous expert sections...

Boundary Waters Canoe Camping

by Cliff Jacobson Falcon Guides (February 07, 2012)

A heart-warming, thoroughly modern, marvelously illustrated guide, Boundary Waters Canoe Camping is aimed at paddlers in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota and covers places to go, planning a canoe...

The Art of Stand Up Paddling

by Ben Marcus Falcon Guides (November 15, 2015)

Stand up paddling (SUP) is experiencing fast growth in the United States and around the world. It can be enjoyed on inland lakes and rivers, as well as on the ocean and in the surf—but most important, it’s...

Paddling the Ozarks

by Mike Bezemek Falcon Guides (May 15, 2017)

With gushing springs, clear-water streams, lush hardwood forests, and limestone bluffs rising hundreds of feet, the Ozarks offer enough paddling to fill a lifetime, including seven streams in the National Wild...

Women Who Surf

by Ben Marcus & Lucia Griggi Falcon Guides (May 15, 2017)

Mavericks and more, a celebration of feminine beauty, athleticism, wisdom, and skill when the surf is bombing—Women Who Surf profiles some of the world’s most inspiring female surfers ranging from Bethany...


by Molly Absolon Falcon Guides (May 15, 2017)

Don’t Be Left Up a River… Without a PackraftPackrafts are lightweight, inflatable boats that can be carried in a backpack, on a bicycle or in a duffel bag. These compact, tough personal watercrafts are used...

Florida Keys Paddling Atlas

by Bill Burnham & Mary Burnham Falcon Guides (May 01, 2017)

The Florida Keys Paddling Atlas, a first of its kind detailed color atlas of the Florida Keys, from Key Largo to Key West, is specifically designed for paddlers, fly fishers, snorkelers, and other small craft...

The Art of Kayaking

by Nigel Foster Falcon Guides (April 01, 2017)

The Art of Kayaking is the distilled essence of a lifetime of kayak instruction at all skill levels around the world, with the added insights gained from years of designing kayaks, paddles, and kayaking equipment....

Yoga for Paddling

by Anna Levesque Falcon Guides (April 15, 2017)

Yoga for Paddling is a visual, instructional guide designed to walk readers through 30 -35 yoga poses that are effective in stretching the muscles that paddlers use most, and strengthening the muscles that they...