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The Dreamhunter Duet #1

by Elizabeth Knox Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (December 08, 2014)

Laura comes from a world similar to our own except for one difference: it is next to the Place, an unfathomable land that fosters dreams of every kind and is inaccessible to all but a select few, the Dreamhunters....

Snake Bite

Young Sherlock Holmes #5

by Andrew Lane Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (October 20, 2014)

Kidnapped and taken to China, teenage Sherlock finds himself plunged into the heart of a deadly mystery. How can three men be bitten by the same poisonous snake in different parts of Shanghai? Who wants them...


Crewel World #3

by Gennifer Albin Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (October 06, 2014)

Autonomous. Independent. Dangerous.

They tried to control her. Now she'll destroy them. Things have changed behind the walls of the Coventry, and new threats lurk in its twisted corridors. When Adelice returns...

Adrenaline Crush

by Laurie Boyle Crompton Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 22, 2014)

Seventeen-year-old Dyna comes from a long line of risk-takers and is an avid thrill-seeker in her own right, until she takes a terrible fall and shatters her leg. Her life used to be about bike racing and rock...

Evidence of Things Not Seen

by Lindsey Lane Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 15, 2014)

When high school junior Tommy Smythe goes missing, everyone has a theory about what happened to him. He was an odd kid, often deeply involved in particle physics, so maybe he just got distracted and wandered...

Starry Night

by Isabel Gillies Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 01, 2014)

Sometimes one night can change everything. On this particular night, Wren and her three best friends are attending a black-tie party at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to celebrate the opening of a major exhibit...

The Key That Swallowed Joey Pigza

by Jack Gantos Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 01, 2014)

The fifth and final book in the groundbreaking Joey Pigza series brings the beloved chronicle of this wired, wacky, and wonderful boy to a crescendo of chaos and craziness, as everything goes topsy-turvy for...

The Race to Save the Lord God Bird

by Phillip Hoose Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (August 25, 2014)

The tragedy of extinction is explained through the dramatic story of a legendary bird, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, and of those who tried to possess it, paint it, shoot it, sell it, and, in a last-ditch effort,...

What Erika Wants

by Bruce Clements Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (June 23, 2014)

Drawing the line between what we want and what other people want for us

A woman with a forehead full of acne scars and a New York edge to her voice crosses the courthouse floor with her hand out. "Erika? I'm...

On the Road to Find Out

by Rachel Toor Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (June 09, 2014)

On New Year's Day, Alice Davis goes for a run. Her first ever. It's painful and embarrassing, but so was getting denied by the only college she cares about. Alice knows she has to stop sitting around and complaining...

My Last Kiss

by Bethany Neal Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (June 09, 2014)

What if your last kiss was with the wrong boy?In Bethany Neal's My Last Kiss, Cassidy Haines remembers her first kiss vividly. It was on the old covered bridge the summer before her freshman year with her boyfriend...

One Man Guy

by Michael Barakiva Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (May 26, 2014)

Alek Khederian should have guessed something was wrong when his parents took him to a restaurant. Everyone knows that Armenians never eat out. Why bother, when their home cooking is far superior to anything...

The Beginner's Guide to Living

by Lia Hills Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (May 19, 2014)

Seven days after his mother dies in a sudden, senseless accident, seventeen-year-old Will embarks on a search for meaning that leads him to the great philosophers--Plato, Seneca, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche--and...

Sky Sailors

by David L. Bristow Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (May 12, 2014)

For more than a century before airplanes, people explored the sky in balloons. From 1783 to the early 1900s, aeronauts flew into storms, crossed large bodies of water, sailed over enemy armies, and soared to...

Second Star

by Alyssa B. Sheinmel Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (May 12, 2014)

A radical reinvention of J. M. Barrie's classic tale, Alyssa B. Sheinmel's Second Star is an irresistible summer romance about two young men who have yet to grow up--and the troubled beauty trapped between...

Annika Riz, Math Whiz

by Claudia Mills & Rob Shepperson Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (May 12, 2014)

Annika Riz loves math more than anything, so when she hears about a sudoku contest at the local public library, she is determined to win it--maybe then her friends Kelsey Green and Izzy Barr will see that math...

In Defiance of Hitler

by Carla Killough McClafferty Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (April 21, 2014)

On August 4, 1940, an unassuming American journalist named Varian Fry made his way to Marseilles, France, carrying in his pockets the names of approximately two hundred artists and intellectuals - all enemies...

Plus One

by Elizabeth Fama Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (April 07, 2014)

Divided by day and night and on the run from authorities, star-crossed young lovers unearth a sinister conspiracy in this compelling romantic thriller.

Seventeen-year-old Soleil Le Coeur is a Smudge--a night...

Love Letters to the Dead

by Ava Dellaira Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (March 31, 2014)

It begins as an assignment for English class: Write a letter to a dead person. Laurel chooses Kurt Cobain because her sister, May, loved him. And he died young, just like May did. Soon, Laurel has a notebook...


by Phillip Hoose Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (March 24, 2014)

B95 can feel it: a stirring in his bones and feathers. It's time. Today is the day he will once again cast himself into the air, spiral upward into the clouds, and bank into the wind.

He wears a black band on...

The Riverman

by Aaron Starmer Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (March 17, 2014)

Alistair Cleary is the kid who everyone trusts. Fiona Loomis is not the typical girl next door. Alistair hasn't really thought of her since they were little kids until she shows up at his doorstep with a proposition:...

The Winner's Curse

The Winner's Trilogy #1

by Marie Rutkoski Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (March 03, 2014)


Winning what you want may cost you everything you love

They were never meant to be together. As a general's daughter, seventeen-year-old Kestrel enjoys an extravagant and privileged...


Unremembered #2

by Jessica Brody Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (February 24, 2014)

Some memories are better left forgotten

After a daring escape from the Diotech scientists who created her, Seraphina and Zen believe they are finally safe from the horrors of her past. But new threats await...


by David Klass Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (February 24, 2014)

Freshman Daniel Pratzer gets a chance to prove himself when the chess team invites him and his father to a weekend-long parent-child tournament. Daniel, thinking that his father is a novice, can't understand...


by Jessica Brody Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (February 13, 2014)

Before the crash of Freedom Airlines flight 121 . . .

There was a top-secret research compound hidden deep in the desert.

There was a girl held prisoner in a restricted sector.

And there was a boy who found her....

The Vacation

by Polly Horvath Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (January 20, 2014)

From the author of the Newbery Honor Book Everything on a Waffle

When his mother decides on a whim to be a missionary in Africa and drags his unwilling father with her, Henry is left in the care of his Aunts...

The Rule of Three

The Rule of Three #1

by Eric Walters Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (January 20, 2014)

One shocking afternoon, computers around the globe shut down in a viral catastrophe. At sixteen-year-old Adam Daley's high school, the problem first seems to be a typical electrical outage, until students discover...

The Corps of the Bare-Boned Plane

by Polly Horvath Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (January 20, 2014)

When an accident leaves teenage cousins Meline and Jocelyn parentless, they come to live with their unknown and eccentric Uncle Marten on his private island. They soon discover that the island has a history...

The Real Thief

by William Steig Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (July 29, 2013)

Gawain is a loyal and true goose serving as chief guard of the royal treasury. He'd been happy enough with his life at home tending his garden and making sketches of architectural masterpieces. Now he's being...

In the Age of Love and Chocolate

Birthright #3

by Gabrielle Zevin Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (October 28, 2013)

All These Things I've Done, the first novel in the Birthright series, introduced us to timeless heroine Anya Balanchine, a plucky sixteen year old with the heart of a girl and the responsibilities of a grown...


Crewel World #2

by Gennifer Albin Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (October 28, 2013)

Deadly Secrets

Tangled Lies

Woven truths

Life. Possibility. Choice. All taken from Adelice by the Guild--until she took them back.

But amid the splendid ruins of Earth, Adelice discovers how dangerous freedom can...


by Kristin Elizabeth Clark Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (October 21, 2013)

From the outside, Brendan Chase seems to have it pretty easy. He's a star wrestler, a video game aficionado, and a loving boyfriend to his seemingly perfect match, Vanessa. But on the inside, Brendan struggles...


by Valerie Hobbs Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (October 14, 2013)

Jack has finally found a home and a purpose on a farm, where he keeps a flock of sheep safe from coyotes and helps train young pups to do the same. But when two sheep disappear in broad daylight, Jack doesn't...

This Song Will Save Your Life

by Leila Sales Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 16, 2013)

Making friends has never been Elise Dembowski's strong suit. All throughout her life, she's been the butt of every joke and the outsider in every conversation. When a final attempt at popularity fails, Elise...

Tumble & Fall

by Alexandra Coutts Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 16, 2013)

A novel about the end of days full of surprising beginnings

The world is living in the shadow of oncoming disaster. An asteroid is set to strike the earth in just one week's time; catastrophe is unavoidable....

You're a Brave Man, Julius Zimmerman

by Claudia Mills Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 16, 2013)

The sequel to Losers, Inc.

Twelve-year-old Julius Zimmerman is the former vice president of the defunct organization Losers, Inc. Ethan Winfield, the former president, no longer feels like a loser. But Julius...

Standing Up to Mr. O.

by Claudia Mills Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 16, 2013)

Maggie McIntosh is crazy about her biology teacher and loves to impress him with her academic excellence. But when the dreaded day of the first class dissection arrives, Maggie has to disappoint Mr. O. There's...

Perfectly Chelsea

by Claudia Mills & Jacqueline Rogers Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 16, 2013)

Chelsea learns she is perfectly human

If Chelsea Garing likes anything better than school, it's church, especially when she gets the chance to shine. Unfortunately, Chelsea can't perform perfectly every time....

Losers, Inc.

by Claudia Mills Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 23, 2013)

Ethan Winfield has never been an academic or athletic star like his older brother, Peter. But does that make him a failure? Of course not. Still, Ethan and his best friend, Julius Zimmerman, decide that they...

Lizzie At Last

by Claudia Mills Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 23, 2013)

The sequel to Losers, Inc. and You're a Brave Man, Julius Zimmerman

As seventh grade begins, Lizzie Archer knows she can't endure another year of being derided as the class nerd. Maybe she can't stop being smart...

From Norvelt to Nowhere

by Jack Gantos Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 23, 2013)

This rocket-paced follow-up to the Newbery Medal-winning novel Dead End in Norvelt opens deep in the shadow of the Cuban missile crisis. But instead of Russian warheads, other kinds of trouble are raining down...

Fire Storm

Young Sherlock Holmes #4

by Andrew Lane Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 30, 2013)

In Fire Storm by Andrew Lane, young Sherlock's friend and her father have vanished. Their house looks as if nobody has ever lived in it; the neighbors claim never to have heard of them. Sherlock begins to doubt...

Dinah Forever

by Claudia Mills Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (September 23, 2013)

Dinah Seabrooke is in seventh grade and distraught at learning that the sun will vaporize the earth in about 5 billion years. Nothing matters anymore-not class elections, the school play, even her relationship...

Randolph Caldecott: The Man Who Could Not Stop Drawing

by Leonard S. Marcus & Randolph Caldecott Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (August 26, 2013)

Randolph Caldecott is best known as the namesake of the award that honors picture book illustrations, and in this inventive biography, leading children's literature scholar Leonard Marcus examines the man behind...

Second Impact

by David Klass & Perri Klass Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (August 05, 2013)

Kendall is football town, and Jerry Downing is the high school's star quarterback, working to redeem himself after he nearly killed a girl in a drunk driving accident last year. Carla Jenson, lead reporter for...

Everything Beautiful in the World

by Lisa Levchuk Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (August 12, 2013)

Lately I feel like an astronaut out on a space walk - constantly praying the tube attaching me to the ship doesn't snap and send me flying into outer darkness.

The only good thing about having a mother with...

The Fury

The Fury #1

by Alexander Gordon Smith Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (July 22, 2013)

From the creator of the Escape from Furnace series, a ferocious epic of supernatural terror, perfect for Stephen King fans

Imagine if one day, without warning, the entire human race turns against you, if every...

Zero Tolerance

by Claudia Mills Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (June 17, 2013)

Seventh-grader Sierra Shepard has always been the perfect student, so when she sees that she accidentally brought her mother's lunch bag to school, including a paring knife, she immediately turns in the knife...

Mortal Fire

by Elizabeth Knox Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (June 10, 2013)

Sixteen-year-old Canny Mochrie's parents go away on a vacation, so they send her off on a trip of her own with her step-brother Sholto and his opinionated girlfriend Susan, who are interviewing the survivors...

Kelsey Green, Reading Queen

by Claudia Mills & Rob Shepperson Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (June 03, 2013)

Kelsey Green is the best reader in the third grade--well, maybe tied for best with know-it-all Simon Ellis. When the principal Mr. Boone announces a school-wide reading contest, complete with a pizza party for...