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Orthodox Christianity in Imperial Russia: A Source Book on Lived Religion

by Heather Coleman Indiana University Press (September 03, 2014)

From sermons and clerical reports to personal stories of faith, this book of translated primary documents reveals the lived experience of Orthodox Christianity in 19th- and early 20th-century Russia. These documents...

Tank Driver: With the 11th Armored from the Battle of the Bulge to VE Day

by J. Ted Hartman Indiana University Press (June 04, 2003)

Tank Driver is the story of a young man's combat initiation in World War II. Based on letters home, the sparse narrative has the immediacy of on-the-spot reporting. Ted Hartman was a teenager when he was sent...

Framing the Global: Entry Points for Research

by Hilary E. Kahn & Saskia Sassen Indiana University Press (May 22, 2014)

Framing the Global explores new and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of global issues. Essays are framed around the entry points or key concepts that have emerged in each contributor's engagement with...

Mourning Headband for Hue: An Account of the Battle for Hue, Vietnam 1968

by Nha Ca & Olga Dror Indiana University Press (September 04, 2014)

Vietnam, January, 1968. As the citizens of Hue are preparing to celebrate Tet, the start of the Lunar New Year, Nha Ca arrives in the city to attend her father's funeral. Without warning, war erupts all around...

Dear Mendl, Dear Reyzl: Yiddish Letter Manuals from Russia and America

by Alice Nakhimovsky & Roberta Newman Indiana University Press (April 15, 2014)

At the turn of the 20th century, Jewish families scattered by migration could stay in touch only through letters. Jews in the Russian Empire and America wrote business letters, romantic letters, and emotionally...

Sound, Speech, Music in Soviet and Post-Soviet Cinema

by Lilya Kaganovsky & Masha Salazkina Indiana University Press (March 07, 2014)

This innovative volume challenges the ways we look at both cinema and cultural history by shifting the focus from the centrality of the visual and the literary toward the recognition of acoustic culture as formative...

Medieval Instrumental Dances

by Timothy J. McGee Indiana University Press (February 10, 2014)

In Europe the tradition of secular dance has continued unbroken until the present. In the late Middle Ages it was an important and frequent event-for the nobility a gracious way to entertain guests, for the...

Battle of Dogger Bank: The First Dreadnought Engagement, January 1915

by Tobias R. Philbin Indiana University Press (March 10, 2014)

On January 24, 1915, a German naval force commanded by Admiral Franz von Hipper conducted a raid on British fishing fleets in the area of the Dogger Banks. The force was engaged by a British force, which had...

Singing Jeremiah: Music and Meaning in Holy Week

by Robert L. Kendrick Indiana University Press (May 05, 2014)

A defining moment in Catholic life in early modern Europe, Holy Week brought together the faithful to commemorate the passion, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this study of ritual and music,...

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933-1945: Ghettos in German-Occupied Eastern Europe

by Christopher R. Browning, Martin Dean & Geoffrey P. Megargee Indiana University Press (May 04, 2012)

This volume offers a comprehensive account of how the Nazis conducted the Holocaust throughout the scattered towns and villages of Poland and the Soviet Union. It covers more than 1,150 sites, including both...

Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka: The Operation Reinhard Death Camps

by Yitzhak Arad Indiana University Press (April 22, 1987)

"... Mr. Arad reports as a controlled and effective witness for the prosecution.... Mr. Arad's book, with its abundance of horrifying detail, reminds us of how far we have to go."-New York Times Book Review


"We Only Come Here to Struggle": Stories from Berida's Life

by Berida Ndambuki & Claire Cone Robertson Indiana University Press (March 22, 2000)

Here is the life history of Berida Ndambuki, a Kenyan woman trader born in 1936, who speaks movingly of her experiences under the turbulences of late British colonialism and independence. A poverty survivor,...

Fanfares and Finesse: A Performer's Guide to Trumpet History and Literature

by Elisa Koehler Indiana University Press (February 27, 2014)

Unlike the violin, which has flourished largely unchanged for close to four centuries, the trumpet has endured numerous changes in design and social status from the battlefield to the bandstand and ultimately...

Misremembering Dr. King: Revisiting the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

by Jennifer J. Yanco Indiana University Press (February 27, 2014)

We all know the name. Martin Luther King Jr., the great American civil rights leader. But most people today know relatively little about King, the campaigner against militarism, materialism, and racism-what...

Teaching, Learning, and the Holocaust: An Integrative Approach

by Howard Tinberg & Ronald Weisberger Indiana University Press (January 01, 2014)

Classroom study of the Holocaust evokes strong emotions in teachers and students. Teaching, Learning, and the Holocaust assesses challenges and approaches to teaching about the Holocaust through history and...

Economic and Political Reform in Africa: Anthropological Perspectives

by Peter D. Little Indiana University Press (November 20, 2013)

What are the local effects of major economic and political reforms in Africa? How have globalized pro-market and pro-democracy reforms impacted local economics and communities? Examining case studies from The...

Judaism, Liberalism, and Political Theology

by Randi Rashkover & Martin Kavka Indiana University Press (December 05, 2013)

Judaism, Liberalism, and Political Theology provides the first broad encounter between modern Jewish thought and recent developments in political theology. In opposition to impetuous associations of Judaism...

Palestinian Music and Song: Expression and Resistance since 1900

by Moslih Kanaaneh, Stig-Magnus Thorsén, Heather Bursheh & David A. McDonald Indiana University Press (November 07, 2013)

Drawing from a long history of indigenous traditions and incorporating diverse influences of surrounding cultures, music in Palestine and among the millions of Palestinians in diaspora offers a unique window...

Salvation and Suicide: An Interpretation of Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple, and Jonestown

by David Chidester Indiana University Press (August 22, 1991)

Praise for the first edition:

"[This] ambitious and courageous book [is a] benchmark of theology by which questions about the meaningful history of the Peoples Temple may be measured." -Journal of the American...

Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire, Fourth Edition

by Maurice Hinson & Wesley Roberts Indiana University Press (December 03, 2013)

Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire continues to be the go-to source for piano performers, teachers, and students. Newly updated and expanded with more than 250 new composers, this incomparable resource expertly...

Law and the Public Sphere in Africa: La Palabre and Other Writings

by Jean Godefroy Bidima & Laura Hengehold Indiana University Press (December 11, 2013)

Jean Godefroy Bidima's La Palabre examines the traditional African institution of palaver as a way to create dialogue and open exchange in an effort to resolve conflict and promote democracy. In the wake of...

Materializing the Nation: Commodities, Consumption, and Media in Papua New Guinea

by Robert J. Foster Indiana University Press (October 03, 2002)

"Foster shows us how seemingly banal activities like making a phone call, chewing betel nut, watching a Coke commercial may give important insights into the ways in which the nation is constructed, materialized...

The Weakness of God: A Theology of the Event

by John D. Caputo Indiana University Press (April 05, 2006)

Applying an ever more radical hermeneutics (including Husserlian and Heideggerian phenomenology, Derridian deconstruction, and feminism), John D. Caputo breaks down the name of God in this irrepressible book....

Red Star: The First Bolshevik Utopia

by Alexander Bogdanov, Charles Rougle, Loren R. Graham & Richard Stites Indiana University Press (June 01, 1984)

"[A] surprisingly moving story." -The New Yorker

"Bogdanov's novels reveal a great deal about their fascinating author, about his time and, ironically, ours, and about the genre of utopia as well as his contribution...

Troubled Geographies: A Spatial History of Religion and Society in Ireland

by Ian N. Gregory, Niall A. Cunningham, Paul S. Ell & Christopher D. Lloyd et al. Indiana University Press (December 27, 2013)

Ireland's landscape is marked by fault lines of religious, ethnic, and political identity that have shaped its troubled history. Troubled Geographies maps this history by detailing the patterns of change in...

The Radical American Judaism of Mordecai M. Kaplan

by Mel Scult Indiana University Press (November 29, 2013)

Mordecai M. Kaplan, founder of the Jewish Reconstructionist movement, is the only rabbi to have been excommunicated by the Orthodox rabbinical establishment in America. Kaplan was indeed a radical, rejecting...

Abraham Joshua Heschel: The Call of Transcendence

by Shai Held Indiana University Press (November 04, 2013)

Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972) was a prolific scholar, impassioned theologian, and prominent activist who participated in the black civil rights movement and the campaign against the Vietnam War. He has...

Plato's Cratylus: The Comedy of Language

by Shane Ewegen Indiana University Press (November 14, 2013)

Plato's dialogue Cratylus focuses on being and human dependence on words, or the essential truths about the human condition. Arguing that comedy is an essential part of Plato's concept of language, S. Montgomery...

Colonial Culture in France since the Revolution

by Alexis Pernsteiner, Nicolas Bancel, Sandrine Lemaire & Dominic Thomas et al. Indiana University Press (December 02, 2013)

This landmark collection by an international group of scholars and public intellectuals represents a major reassessment of French colonial culture and how it continues to inform thinking about history, memory,...

Blood Libel in Late Imperial Russia: The Ritual Murder Trial of Mendel Beilis

by Robert Weinberg Indiana University Press (November 20, 2013)

On Sunday, March 20, 1911, children playing in a cave near Kiev made a gruesome discovery: the blood-soaked body of a partially clad boy. After right-wing groups asserted that the killing was a ritual murder,...

Richard E. Norman and Race Filmmaking

by Barbara Tepa Lupack & Michael T. Martin Indiana University Press (November 08, 2013)

In the early 1900s, so-called race filmmakers set out to produce black-oriented pictures to counteract the racist caricatures that had dominated cinema from its inception. Richard E. Norman, a southern-born...

Language after Heidegger

by Krzysztof Ziarek Indiana University Press (October 28, 2013)

Working from newly available texts in Heidegger's Complete Works, Krzysztof Ziarek presents Heidegger at his most radical and demonstrates how the thinker's daring use of language is an integral part of his...

Locating the Moving Image: New Approaches to Film and Place

by Julia Hallam & Les Roberts Indiana University Press (November 07, 2013)

Leading scholars in the interdisciplinary field of geo-spatial visual studies examine the social experience of cinema and the different ways in which film production developed as a commercial enterprise, as...

Remembering, Second Edition: A Phenomenological Study

by Edward S. Casey Indiana University Press (September 15, 2009)


A Phenomenological Study

Second Edition

Edward S. Casey

A pioneering investigation of the multiple ways of remembering and the difference that memory makes in our daily lives.

A Choice Outstanding Academic...

Iowa's Railroads: An Album

by Don Hofsommer & H. Roger Grant Indiana University Press (June 01, 2009)

At one point in time, no place in Iowa was more than a few miles from an active line of rail track. In this splendid companion volume to Steel Trails of Hawkeyeland (IUP, 2005), H. Roger Grant and Don L. Hofsommer...

The Poetics of Biblical Narrative: Ideological Literature and the Drama of Reading

by Meir Sternberg Indiana University Press (August 22, 1987)

"This... is a brilliant work." -Choice

"[Sternberg] has written a very important book, both for his comprehensiveness and for the clearly-avowed faith stance from which he understands and interprets the strategies...

The Community of Those Who Have Nothing in Common

by Alphonso Lingis Indiana University Press (April 22, 1994)

"... thought-provoking and meditative, Lingis's work is above all touching, and offers a refreshingly idiosyncratic antidote to the idle talk that so often passes for philosophical writing." -Radical Philosophy...

Women's Songs from West Africa

by Thomas A Hale & Aissata G Sidikou Indiana University Press (December 02, 2013)

Exploring the origins, organization, subject matter, and performance contexts of singers and singing, Women's Songs from West Africa expands our understanding of the world of women in West Africa and their complex...

The Italian Cantata in Vienna: Entertainment in the Age of Absolutism

by Lawrence Bennett Indiana University Press (October 18, 2013)

Lawrence Bennett provides a comprehensive study of the rich repertoire of accompanied vocal chamber music that entertained the imperial family in Vienna and their guests throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries....

Fossils of the Carpathian Region

by István Fzy, István Szente & Gareth Dyke Indiana University Press (December 18, 2013)

István Fozy and István Szente provide a comprehensive review of the fossil record of the Carpathian Basin. Fossils of the Carpathian Region describes and illustrates the region's fossils, recounts their history,...

Palestine and the Palestinians in the 21st Century

by Rochelle Davis & Mimi Kirk Indiana University Press (October 07, 2013)

Recent developments in Palestinian political, economic, and social life have resulted in greater insecurity and diminishing confidence in Israel's willingness to abide by political agreements or the Palestinian...

Moroccan Noir: Police, Crime, and Politics in Popular Culture

by Jonathan Smolin Indiana University Press (October 23, 2013)

Facing rising demands for human rights and the rule of law, the Moroccan state fostered new mass media and cultivated more positive images of the police, once the symbol of state repression, reinventing the...

Tomorrow's Air Force: Tracing the Past, Shaping the Future

by Jeffrey J. Smith Indiana University Press (November 01, 2013)

Looking ahead to future airpower requirements, this engaging and ground-breaking book on the history and future of American combat airpower argues that the USAF must adapt to the changes that confront it or...

In Amma's Healing Room: Gender and Vernacular Islam in South India

by Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger Indiana University Press (April 26, 2006)

"[I]t is extremely salubrious to see the ways Islam works in the lives of ordinary people who are not politicized in their religious lives.... No other book on South Asia has material like this." -Ann Grodzins...

Everyday Life in South Asia, Second Edition

by Diane P. Mines & Sarah E. Lamb Indiana University Press (May 19, 2010)

This anthology provides a lively and stimulating view of the lives of ordinary citizens in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. For the second edition of this popular textbook, readings have been...

Basic Concepts of Aristotelian Philosophy

by Martin Heidegger, Robert Metcalf & Mark Tanzer Indiana University Press (July 06, 2009)

Volume 18 of Martin Heidegger's collected works presents his important 1924 Marburg lectures which anticipate much of the revolutionary thinking that he subsequently articulated in Being and Time. Here are the...

Africa's Ogun, Second, Expanded Edition: Old World and New

by Sandra T Barnes Indiana University Press (June 22, 1997)

The second edition of this landmark work is enhanced by new chapters on Ogun worship in the New World. From reviews of the first edition:

"... an ethnographically rich contribution to the historical understanding...

Logic of Imagination: The Expanse of the Elemental

by John Sallis Indiana University Press (June 01, 2012)

The Shakespearean image of a tempest and its aftermath forms the beginning as well as a major guiding thread of Logic of Imagination. Moving beyond the horizons of his earlier work, Force of Imagination, John...

A Performer's Guide to Renaissance Music

by Jeffery Kite-Powell Indiana University Press (August 02, 2007)

Revised and expanded since it first appeared in 1991, the guide features two new chapters on ornamentation and rehearsal techniques, as well as updated reference materials, internet resources, and other new...

A Sea without Fish: Life in the Ordovician Sea of the Cincinnati Region

by Steven M Holland, Richard Arnold Davis & David L Meyer Indiana University Press (March 04, 2009)

The region around Cincinnati, Ohio, is known throughout the world for the abundant and beautiful fossils found in limestones and shales that were deposited as sediments on the sea floor during the Ordovician...