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Jésus' Secret

by Jean-Pierre Beunas Nectar (October 12, 2012)

Healing with Nothing Christic Healing Jesus' Secret, Christic Healing reveals the healing method taught and practiced by Jesus. This hidden and secret knowledge has never before been offered to the public. Jesus'...

Manufacturing Guilt (2nd edition)

by Barrie Anderson & Dawn Anderson Fernwood Publishing (January 11, 2021)

Manufacturing Guilt, 2nd edition, updates the cases presented in the first edition and includes two new chapters: one concerning the case of James Driskell and another regarding Dr. Charles Smith, whose role...


by Susan C. Boyd Fernwood Publishing (January 10, 2021)

Long-listed for the George Ryga Award.

Canada?s drug laws are constantly changing. But what does Canada?s history of drug prohibition say about its future?

Busted is an illustrated history of Canadian drug prohibition...

Criminalizing Women

by Gillian Balfour & Elizabeth Comack Fernwood Publishing (January 10, 2021)

Criminalizing women has become all too frequent in these neo-liberal times. Meanwhile, poverty, racism, and misogyny continue to frame criminalized women?s lives. Criminalizing Women introduces readers to the...

Coming Back to Jail

by Elizabeth Comack Fernwood Publishing (January 10, 2021)

Published some two decades ago, Elizabeth Comack?s Women in Trouble explored the connections between the women?s abuse histories and their law violations as well as their experience of imprisonment in an aged...

Being Heard

by Kelly Gorkoff & Jane Runner Fernwood Publishing (January 10, 2021)

Being Heard examines, from their own perspectives and experiences, the lives of young women sexually exploited through prostitution. Putting their voices in the centre of its analysis, the book tries to help...

When Justice Is a Game

by MaDonna Maidment Fernwood Publishing (January 10, 2021)

All too often the police do not get the right person. Wrongful convictions are framed as mistakes or failures of the justice system. However, many of the wrongfully convicted are from among the poor and visible...

An Ideal Prison?

by Kelly Hannah-Moffat & Margaret Shaw Fernwood Publishing (January 10, 2021)

Ten years after the publication of Creating Choices, a remarkable report on women’s imprisonment in Canada, this book sets out to reflect on attempts to reform prison. In a series of critical essays, the contributors...

STILL Blaming Children

by Bernard Schissel Fernwood Publishing (January 10, 2021)

The media-enhanced moral panic surrounding youth has continued unabated over the past two decades. Its form and substance varies, but the politics of blaming and exploiting children underlies it all. Despite...

Poverty, Regulation & Social Justice

by Diane Crocker & Val Marie Johnson Fernwood Publishing (January 10, 2021)

Emerging from a public colloquium on the criminalization of poverty, this volume critically interrogates how state and private practices have increasingly come to over-regulate people with severely limited economic...

Assessing Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government. 353 promises and a mandate for change

by François Pétry Presses de l'Université Laval (July 16, 2019)

During the 2015 election, the Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau promised to make real change in the lives of all Canadians. It is a good opportunity, on the eve of the next election, to provide a rigorous and...

Exploring leadership and ethical practice through...

by Smith & Goldblatt Presses De L'universitÉ Laval (May 19, 2017)

Exploring Leadership and Ethical Practice through Professional Inquiry is wonderfully constructed to prompt us to analyze the perplexing problems that inevitably occur when people work in the same institution,...

The Charlevoix Astrobleme

by Jean Des Gagniers Presses De L'universitÉ Laval (May 23, 2018)

I'm especially fond of Charlevoix?one of the favourite haunts of my youth. By walking through this region from one hilltop to the next I realized just how vast the St. Lawrence was. I would gaze at its salty...

ADHD as Told to Children

by Ariane Hébert & Jean Morin De Mortagne (December 11, 2019)

Leo is nine years old when he's diagnosed with ADHD. "I have WHAT?" he asks himself, somewhat confused. How to answer that question? There?s nothing better than an illustrated story to explain to children the...

Anxiety as Told to Children

by Ariane Hébert & Jean Morin De Mortagne (December 11, 2019)

An indispensable tool for parents, childcare professionals, and children! Beatrice is troubled to learn that her ailments have a cause: anxiety. With the help of a zootherapy psychologist and her four-legged...

Eternally unsatisfied

by Stef Bourgault Performance (March 02, 2016)

?Audacious and inspiring with its 8 success keys, this guide is for those who want to get to another level in life, starting today.? Hélène Douville, Success Facilitator, Groupe conseil DCA, author of ?Doublez...