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The Diamond Lens

by Fitz James O'Brien Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

How I longed to discover the secret of some perfect lens, whose magnifying power should be limited only by the resolvability of the object, and which at the same time should be free from spherical and chromatic...

Animal Ghosts

by Elliott O'Donnell Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Some years ago the neighbourhood of Orskaia, in East Russia, was roused by an affair of a very remarkable nature. The body of a handsome young peasant woman, called Marthe Popenkoff, was found in a lonely part...

Rebel Raider

by Henry Beam Piper Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

In the gripping Civil War story "Rebel Raider," H. Beam Piper takes a break from the science fiction that was his typical stock-in-trade and beams readers back into the midst of the conflict that ripped the...


by Plato Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The Theaetetus is one of the middle to later dialogues of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. Plato was Socrates' student and Aristotle's teacher. As in most of Plato's dialogues, the main character is Socrates....

The Assignation

by Edgar Allan Poe Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

ILL-FATED and mysterious man!—bewildered in the brilliancy of thine own imagination, and fallen in the flames of thine own youth! Again in fancy I behold thee! Once more thy form hath risen before me!—not—oh...


by Edgar Allan Poe Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

"Berenice" is a short horror story by Edgar Allan Poe, first published in the Southern Literary Messenger in 1835. The story follows a man named Egaeus who is preparing to marry his cousin Berenice.

The Gold-Bug

by Edgar Allan Poe Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Set on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, the plot follows William Legrand, who was recently bitten by a gold-colored bug. His servant Jupiter fears Legrand is going insane and goes to Legrand's friend, an unnamed...

The Imp of the Perverse

by Edgar Allan Poe Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

"The Imp of the Perverse" is a short story by 19th-century American author and critic Edgar Allan Poe. Beginning as an essay, it discusses the narrator's self-destructive impulses, embodied as the symbolic metaphor...


by Edgar Allan Poe Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The story follows an unnamed narrator and his wife Ligeia, a beautiful and intelligent raven-haired woman. She falls ill. After her death, the narrator marries the Lady Rowena. Rowena becomes ill and she dies...

The Mystery of Marie Rogêt

by Edgar Allan Poe Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Poe's detective character C. Auguste Dupin and his assistant, the unnamed narrator, undertake the unsolved murder of Marie Rogêt in Paris. The body of Rogêt, a perfume shop employee, is found in the Seine,...


by Edgar Allan Poe Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)


Ye who read are still among the living; but I who write shall have long since gone my way into the region of shadows. For indeed strange things shall happen, and secret things be known, and many centuries...

A Tale of the Ragged Mountains

by Edgar Allan Poe Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Set in late November 1827, the tale is begun by an unidentified narrator whose story is the loose outer frame for the central tale of Augustus Bedloe, a wealthy young invalid whom the narrator has known "casually"...

Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque

by Edgar Allan Poe Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque is a collection of previously-published short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, first published in 1840.

William Wilson

by Edgar Allan Poe Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The story follows a man of "a noble descent" who calls himself William Wilson because, although denouncing his profligate past, he does not accept full blame for his actions, saying that "man was never thus...

The Shot

by Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The Shot details events at a military outpost in a Russian province, and then several years later, on a country estate. Pushkin discusses themes of honor, revenge and death, and places them within the broader...

The Third Book

by François Rabelais Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Rabelais then returned to the story of Pantagruel himself in the last three books. In The Third Book of Pantagruel (in French, Le tiers-livre de Pantagruel; the original title is Le tiers livre des faicts et...

The Great White Queen

by William Le Queux Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

A classic example of early "lost race" science-fiction.

The Seven Secrets

by William Le Queux Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

A mystery set in fin de siècle London. An elderly man is murdered and suspicion falls on his young widow. But then things get very complicated and lies and clues abound…

Love of Life & Other Stories

by Jack London Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

A collection of eight short stories from American author, journalist, and social activist Jack London. Written during his 'Klondike' period, the title story 'Love of Life' follows the trek of a prospector across...

Moon-Face & Other Stories

by Jack London Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The title story is a short story by Jack London, on the subject of extreme antipathy. The unnamed protagonist of the story has an irrational hatred of John Claverhouse, the moon-face man. He hates really everything...

The Road

by Jack London Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The Road is an autobiographical memoir by Jack London, first published in 1907. It is London's account of his experiences as a hobo in the 1890s, during the worst economic depression the United States had experienced...

A Son of the Sun

by Jack London Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

A Son of the Sun is a 1912 novel by Jack London. It is set in the South Pacific at the beginning of the 20th century and consists of eight separate stories. David Grief is a forty-year-old English adventurer...

The Kalevala

by Elias Lönnrot Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The national folk epic of Finland is here presented in an English translation that is both scholarly and eminently readable. The lyrical passages and poetic images, the wry humor, the tall-tale extravagance,...

The Einstein Theory of Relativity

by Hendrik Antoon Lorentz Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Whether it is true or not that not more than twelve persons in all the world are able to understand Einstein's Theory, it is nevertheless a fact that there is a constant demand for information about this much-debated...

The Novel of the Black Seal

by Arthur Machen Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

'The Novel of the Black Seal' is a short story of a professor who discovers markings on some Welsh limestone that correspond to characters found in ancient Babylon.

The Terror

by Arthur Machen Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

"Explosion at Munition Works in the Northern District: Many Fatalities." The working man told me about it, and added some dreadful details. Corpses so terribly maimed that coffins had been kept covered; faces...

The White People

by Arthur Machen Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

A discussion between two men on the nature of evil leads one of them to reveal a mysterious Green Book he possesses. It is a young girl's diary, in which she describes in ingenuous, evocative prose her strange...

The Master-Knot of Human Fate

by Ellis Meredith Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

A most remarkable and interesting book; it is striking and has a singular purity of style. The circumstances surrounding the man and woman who live its chapters are far removed from the commonplace, in fact...

Her Turn

by David Herbert Lawrence Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

"She was his second wife, and so there was between them that truce which is never held between a man and his first woman. He was one for the women, and as such, an exception among the colliers. In spite of their...

The Wintry Peacock

by David Herbert Lawrence Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

An early selection of stories from one of Britain’s best-loved writers, The Wintry Peacock is a powerful portrayal of the devastating effects of the First World War.Disillusioned in his role as a husband and...

You Touched Me

by David Herbert Lawrence Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Two spinster sisters, quietly nursing their dying father in their family home, find their lives disrupted by the reappearance of a former charity boy, now a young soldier, whom their father had raised as a son....

Arsène Lupin

by Maurice Leblanc Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The suave adventures of a gentleman rogue—a French Thomas Crown Created by Maurice LeBlanc during the early twentieth century, Arsene Lupin is a witty confidence man and burglar, the Sherlock Holmes of crime....

The Blonde Lady

by Maurice Leblanc Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The Blonde Lady was released in the UK under the title Arsene Lupin vs. Herlock Sholmes; both are the same story. LeBlanc's creation, gentleman thief Arsene Lupin, is everything you would expect from a French...

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow

by Jerome Klapka Jerome Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, published in 1886, is a collection of humorous essays by Jerome K. Jerome.

The Defense

by Apuleius, c. 123/125-c. 180 Open BookShelf (October 15, 2018)

Apuleius was a Latin-language prose writer. He was a Numidian Berber and lived under the Roman Empire. The most famous incident in his life was when he was accused of using magic to gain the attentions (and...

Le Grand Meaulnes

by Alain-Fournier, 1886-1914 Open BookShelf (October 15, 2018)

In a small village in the Sologne, Fifteen-year-old François Seurel narrates the story of his relationship with seventeen-year-old Augustin Meaulnes. Impulsive, reckless and heroic, Meaulnes embodies the romantic...

Women Novelists of Queen Victoria’s Reign

by multiple, Louisa Parr, Mrs. Macquoid & Eliza Lynn Linton et al. Open BookShelf (October 15, 2018)

Women Novelists of Queen Victoria’s Reign: a book of appreciations - multiple authors Women Novelists of Queen Victorias Reign A Book of Appreciations Mrs. Oliphant, Mrs. Lynn in ton Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Macquoid,...

Treatise on Conic Sections

by Apollonius of Perga, 262 BC-ca. 190 BC Open BookShelf (October 15, 2018)

Treatise on Conic Sections / Apollonius of Perga; edited in modern notation with introductions, including an essay on the earlier history of the subject by T. L. Heath

The Blind Man

by David Herbert Lawrence Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

'The Blind Man' is a delicate study of a loving relationship blighted by the man's blindness and disfigurement in the first world war. The arrival of an old friend of the woman brings into the open feelings...

The Captain's Doll

by David Herbert Lawrence Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Down the road strayed the tourists like pilgrims, and at the closed end of the valley they could be seen, quite tiny, climbing the cut- out road that went up like a stairway. Just by their movements you perceived...

The Christening

by David Herbert Lawrence Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

‘The Christening’ was written by D H Lawrence in 1911. It was the ninth of his sixty-seven short stories, all of which will be published individually in ebook format by the Blackthorn Press. Lawrence is...

Daughters of the Vicar

by David Herbert Lawrence Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

A bleak, unrelenting tale of poverty and loss, Lawrence’s expertly crafted novella chillingly examines man’s increasing inability to love and be loved. Looking for acceptance from his new congregation, the...

England, My England

by David Herbert Lawrence Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Includes Blind Man; England, My England; Fanny and Annie; Horse Dealer's Daughter; Monkey Nuts; Primrose Path; Samson and Delilah; Tickets, Please; Wintry Peacock; You Touched Me England, My England is a collection...

Fanny And Annie

by David Herbert Lawrence Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

A woman of 30, Fanny, has lived away from her first love for 12 years. In the meantime, she has learned manners, better speech, and become a little spohisticated. He, Harry, has stayed working in a furnace....

Fantasia of the Unconscious

by David Herbert Lawrence Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

I am not a proper archaeologist nor an anthropologist nor an ethnologist. I am no "scholar" of any sort. But I am very grateful to scholars for their sound work. I have found hints, suggestions for what I say...

Urbain Grandier

by Alexandre Dumas Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

On June 2, 1630, Father Urbain Grandier, the parish priest of St.-Pierre-du-March? of Loudun, France, was accused of witchcraft by a group of Ursuline nuns. Grandier, a politically-influential priest with a...

Tartarin of Tarascon

by Alphonse Daudet Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The burlesque adventures of Tartarin, a local hero of Tarascon, a small town in southern France, whose invented adventures and reputation as a swashbuckler finally force him to travel to a very prosaic Algiers...

The Fox

by David Herbert Lawrence Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Set in Berkshire, England, during World War I, The Fox, like many of D. H. Lawrence’s other major works, deals with the psychological relationships of three protagonists in a triangle of love and hatred. Without...

Keep Out

by Frederic Brown Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

With no more room left on Earth, and with Mars hanging up there empty of life, somebody hit on the plan of starting a colony on the Red Planet. It meant changing the habits and physical structure of the immigrants,...

Goose Fair

by David Herbert Lawrence Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Through the gloom of evening, and the flare of torches of the night before the fair, through the still fogs of the succeeding dawn came paddling the weary geese, lifting their poor feet that had been dipped...