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The Pagan Book of the Dead

by Claude Lecouteux Inner Traditions (September 01, 2020)

An extensive look at the cartography and folklore of the afterlife worlds as seen by our ancestors

• Examines how ancient European cultures viewed the beyond, including the Blessed Isles of early Greek and...

Primal Wisdom of the Ancients

by Laird Scranton Inner Traditions (July 07, 2020)

Examines how the similarities of symbols and wisdom across many cultures point to an ancient civilizing plan and system of ancient instruction

• Reveals the shared cosmological knowledge of Dogon and Maori...

Julius Evola

by Gianfranco de Turris Inner Traditions (July 07, 2020)

An intimate portrait of Evola and his wartime activities that rebuts many of the Fascist pseudo-myths about him

• Traces the Baron’s activities in Italy, Germany, and Austria during World War II

• Clarifies...

Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance

by Jason Gregory Inner Traditions (June 16, 2020)

Reveals a structured mind-body system for cultivating effortless action and intelligent spontaneity for peak performance

• Details 4 fundamental habits and routines that are essential for developing peak performance...

Witchcraft Medicine

by Claudia Müller-Ebeling, Christian Rätsch & Wolf-Dieter Storl Inner Traditions (October 01, 2003)

An in-depth investigation of traditional European folk medicine and the healing arts of witches

• Explores the outlawed “alternative” medicine of witches suppressed by the state and the Church and how these...


by Alain Daniélou Inner Traditions (August 01, 1991)

Based on original Sanskrit sources, this book gives an authentic account of the methods of yoga in its different forms, including the challenging "left-hand" paths, as well as practices best suited to Western...

The Seven Dawns of the Aumakua

by Moke Kupihea Inner Traditions (March 03, 2004)

An extensive examination of Hawaiian spiritual tradition and its emphasis on ancestral spirits by a descendant of an ancient lineage of Hawaiian priests

• Describes the time-honored intergenerational bond between...

Kabbalistic Tarot

by Dovid Krafchow Inner Traditions (July 11, 2005)

An introduction to the ancient kabbalistic origins and meanings of the tarot

• Reveals the intimate relationship of the tarot to the esoteric teachings of the Torah and the Kabbalah

• Provides kabbalistic...

Deconstructing Gurdjieff

by Tobias Churton Inner Traditions (May 25, 2017)

Beyond Meetings with Remarkable Men into the truth behind the self-crafted mythology of Gurdjieff’s life

• Reveals evidence that Gurdjieff was a secret Freemason, relying on hypnotism, psychic research and...

The Brother of Jesus and the Lost Teachings of Christianity

by Jeffrey J. Bütz Inner Traditions (January 25, 2005)

Reveals the true role of James, the brother of Jesus, in early Christianity

• Uses evidence from the canonical Gospels, apocryphal texts, and the writings of the Church Fathers to reveal the teachings of Jesus...

Passion for Creation

by Matthew Fox Inner Traditions (January 01, 2000)

• Matthew Fox's comprehensive translation of Meister Eckhart's sermons is a meeting of true prophets across hundreds of years that results in a spirituality for the new millennium.

• A brilliant interpretation...

The Cosmic Hologram

by Jude Currivan & Ervin Laszlo Inner Traditions (February 16, 2017)

How holographic patterns of information underlie our physical reality

• 2017 Nautilus Silver Award

• Includes myriad evidence from a wide range of cutting-edge scientific discoveries showing our Universe is...

The Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol

by Laird Scranton Inner Traditions (September 24, 2010)

Reconstructs a theoretic parent cosmology that underlies ancient religion

• Shows how this parent cosmology provided the conceptual origins of written language

• Uses techniques of comparative cosmology...

The Sacred Center

by John Michell Inner Traditions (March 02, 2009)

The symbolism and power behind sacred locations in ancient and modern times

• Explains the need and role for ritual centers in modern society

• Examines ancient territorial centers in ancient Egypt, Greece,...

The Sacred Network

by Chris H. Hardy Inner Traditions (February 23, 2011)

How sacred sites amplify the energies of consciousness, the earth, and the universe

• Examines the web of geometrical patterns linking sacred sites worldwide, with special focus on the sacred network of ley...

The Sacred Rite of Magical Love

by Maria de Naglowska & Donald Traxler Inner Traditions (February 01, 2012)

The first English translation of Maria de Naglowska’s sexually magical novella, Le rite sacré de l’amour magique

• Contains autobiographical material from Maria de Naglowska’s life

• Continues, in...

Quantum Shift in the Global Brain

by Ervin Laszlo Inner Traditions (February 27, 2008)

The shift from scientific materialism to a multidimensional worldview in harmony with the world’s great spiritual traditions

• Articulates humanity’s critical choice--to be the last decade of an outgoing,...

The Invisible History of the Rosicrucians

by Tobias Churton Inner Traditions (September 09, 2009)

The first complete historical and philosophical investigation into the “invisible fraternity” of the Rosicrucians

• Contains the latest research on the origins of the Rosicrucian movement

• Presents...

The Jade Emperor's Mind Seal Classic

by Stuart Alve Olson Inner Traditions (November 17, 2003)

The first English translation with commentary of three classic Taoist texts on immortality

• Translates The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic, The Immortals, and The Three Treasures of Immortality

• Defines...

Awakening Higher Consciousness

by Lloyd M. Dickie & Paul R. Boudreau Inner Traditions (April 23, 2015)

Explains the relevance of ancient myths to the awakening to higher states of consciousness and enlivened experience of the world

• Shows how higher consciousness can arise within each of us by following the...

The Crazy Wisdom of Ganesh Baba

by Eve Baumohl Neuhaus Inner Traditions (April 26, 2010)

The core teachings and riotous life of the psychedelic yogi Ganesh Baba

• Presents the teachings of Ganesh Baba’s “Crea” Yoga, which he derived from the tantric practices of traditional Kriya Yoga


Gnostic Mysteries of Sex

by Tobias Churton Inner Traditions (August 17, 2015)

An exploration of the sexual practices and doctrinal secrets of Gnosticism

• Reconstructs the lost world of Gnostic spiritual-erotic experience through examination of every surviving text written by heresiologists...

Phantom Armies of the Night

by Claude Lecouteux Inner Traditions (August 16, 2011)

An exploration of the many forms of the ancient myth of the Wild Hunt and its influence in pagan and early Christian Europe

• Recounts the myriad variations of this legend, from the Cursed Huntsman and King...

Twelve-Tribe Nations

by John Michell & Christine Rhone Inner Traditions (October 24, 2008)

The symbolism and use of the number twelve in organizing ancient societies

• Connects the zodiac, the twelve months of the year, and the political divisions of ancient nations

• Explores the sacred geography...

The Kabbalah of the Soul

by Leonora Leet Inner Traditions (March 25, 2003)

Reveals the transformative spiritual work by which the soul can reach ever higher dimensions of consciousness.

• Relates the soul levels of the Zohar to the various paths the soul may travel toward ultimate...

The Katas

by Kenji Tokitsu Inner Traditions (September 03, 2010)

The embodiment of the ancient knowledge that underlies the dedication-to-perfection philosophy of Japan

• How mastering these specific movement sequences known as katas provides a way to deepen one’s martial...

The Kingdom of Agarttha

by Marquis Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre & Joscelyn Godwin Inner Traditions (August 14, 2008)

First English translation of the book that introduced the realm of Hollow Earth

• Explores the underground world of Agarttha, sometimes known as Shambhala, a realm that is spiritually and technologically advanced...

Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts

by Jeremy Naydler Inner Traditions (December 09, 2004)

A radical reinterpretation of the Pyramid Texts as shamanic mystical wisdom rather than funerary rituals

• Reveals the mystical nature of Egyptian civilization denied by orthodox Egyptologists

• Examines the...

The Path of Modern Yoga

by Elliott Goldberg Inner Traditions (July 18, 2016)

A history of yoga’s transformation from sacred discipline to exercise program to embodied spiritual practice

• Identifies the origin of exercise yoga as India’s response to the mania for exercise sweeping...

The Path to the Guru

by Scott Teitsworth Inner Traditions (June 09, 2014)

A verse-by-verse examination of the guide to self-transformation presented in the Bhagavad Gita

• Reveals the scientific approach to personal development and spiritual enlightenment laid out in Krishna’s...

The Phallus

by Alain Daniélou Inner Traditions (November 01, 1995)

Beginning with an overview of the symbolism of creative forces in general, The Phallus first examines the representation of male fertility in such forms as the menhirs or standing stones of prehistoric Europe;...

The Path of the Priestess

by Sharron Rose Inner Traditions (January 08, 2003)

A guide for personal exploration of the path to the divine feminine and the spiritual power of women.

• Reveals the essential role of women in creating and maintaining the psychic/energetic/emotional landscape...

The Science of the Dogon

by Laird Scranton & John Anthony West Inner Traditions (September 22, 2006)

A look at the close resemblance between the creation and structure of matter in both Dogon mythology and modern science

• Reveals striking similarities between Dogon symbols and those used in both the Egyptian...

The Science of the Rishis

by Vanamali & Bhoomananda Tirtha Maharaj Inner Traditions (January 30, 2015)

A complete introduction to Sanatana Dharma, the spiritual science of the Hindu sages

• Examines how many core concepts of Hinduism, including Brahman, Atman, bhakti, karma, and reincarnation, relate to modern...

Walkers Between the Worlds

by Caitlin Matthews & John Matthews Inner Traditions (January 14, 2004)

A comprehensive overview of the Western perennial tradition--the hermetic tradition and the ancient earth wisdom of shamanic indigenous peoples

• Provides practical exercises to reawaken mystical awareness...

Iamblichus' Life of Pythagoras

by Thomas Taylor Inner Traditions (December 01, 1986)

Authentic memoirs of the life of Pythagoras--the father of philosophy and the inventor of geometry--hold the great interest for every lover of wisdom. Iamblichus' biography is universally acknowledged as deriving...

Icelandic Magic

by Stephen E. Flowers Inner Traditions (January 22, 2016)

A practical guide to the magical systems of pre-Christian Iceland

• Reveals spells and workings drawn directly from surviving magical books from the 16th to 20th century preserved at the National Library in...

The Origins of Psychic Phenomena

by Stan Gooch Inner Traditions (February 07, 2007)

Examines unexplained phenomena in psychiatric and psychological terms rather than occult terms

• Explores how the unconscious mind manifests paranormal phenomena

• Shows how the cerebellum--the seat of the...

Yoga for the Three Stages of Life

by Srivatsa Ramaswami Inner Traditions (January 01, 2001)

Essential reading for those looking to customize their practice to life's changing needs.

• Includes sections on vedic chanting, throat breathing, and exercises for women.

• Presents a unique portrait of...

Yoga Spandakarika

by Daniel Odier Inner Traditions (March 23, 2005)

Translation and commentary of one of the most important texts of the Kashmirian Shivaism tradition of Tantra

• Author was a student of the late Kalu Rinpoche

• Explores the transmission of Mahamudra, the Great...

The Pagan Mysteries of Halloween

by Jean Markale Inner Traditions (August 01, 2001)

A comprehensive examination of the rituals and philosophies of the Celtic holiday of Samhain, the inspiration for Halloween.

• Presents the true meaning of this ancient holiday and shows how contemporary observances...

The Spiritual Gift of Madness

by Seth Farber & Kate Millett Inner Traditions (April 17, 2012)

A bold call for the “insane” to reclaim their rightful role as prophets of spiritual and cultural transformation

• Explains how many of those diagnosed as schizophrenic, bipolar, and other forms of “madness”...

Yoga of the Mahamudra

by Will Johnson Inner Traditions (June 23, 2005)

Presents three simple yogic principles from Tilopa's Song of Mahamudra

• Explains how balance is the key to achieving higher consciousness

• Includes somatic koans

Mahamudra, literally "the great gesture,"...

The Mysteries of John the Baptist

by Tobias Churton Inner Traditions (October 24, 2012)

The search for the real historical person known as John the Baptist and the traditions that began with him

• Explores why John the Baptist is so crucially important to the Freemasons, who were originally known...

The Mysteries of Mithras

by Payam Nabarz & Caitlin Matthews Inner Traditions (June 09, 2005)

An overview of Mithraism, the ancient Roman mystery religion popular in the Roman Legions

• Provides a comprehensive history of Mithraism, including its influence on Christianity and Islam

• Includes rituals,...

Eyes Wide Open

by Will Johnson Inner Traditions (April 11, 2016)

Meditation practices to awaken the body and create a mind like a mirror, to literally see things as they are

• Draws on the story of the monk Shenxiu to create a meditation practice for profound relaxation,...

Kabbalistic Teachings of the Female Prophets

by J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus Inner Traditions (July 21, 2008)

The spiritual teachings of Israel’s biblical prophetesses from a kabbalistic perspective

• Explores the lives and symbolic significance of seven female prophets: Sarah, Miriam, Devorah, Chanah, Avigail,...


by Daniel Odier Inner Traditions (April 01, 2001)

• Explains how the primal energy generated by physical desire can be used to achieve enlightenment

• Reveals the techniques used by Tantric adepts to attain mastery over breath, thought, and all physical...

The Sphinx Mystery

by Robert Temple & Olivia Temple Inner Traditions (January 20, 2009)

A book that verifies the existence of secret underground chambers beneath the Sphinx and demonstrates its origins as the Egyptian god of the dead, Anubis

• Includes an anthology of eyewitness accounts from...


by Shyam Sundar Goswami Inner Traditions (May 01, 1999)

The most comprehensive guide to chakra meditation and the ancient spiritual science of layayoga ever created.

• One of the great works on yoga, available for the first time in the United States.

• Full-color...