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Systems of Ethics and Value Theory

by D S. D Sahakian Philosophical Library (January 01, 1963)

In the extensive study, Systems of Ethics and Value Theory, author William S. Sahakian deconstructs these two complex philosophical systems for a scholarly audience. He covers topics from self-realizationism...

A Concise Dictionary of Correct English

by B. A. Phythian Philosophical Library (January 15, 1979)

Based on authoritative sources (Fowler, Gowers, Partridge and the Oxford dictionaries), this book is intended for those who would like to be guided round some of the more common pitfalls in the use of English....

Short Dictionary of Classical Word Origins

by Harry E. Wedeck Philosophical Library (January 01, 1957)

Whether one reads only newspapers or nothing more serious than a short story or a novel—whatever one reads one is constantly running up against an allusion to the Ancient Classics of Greece and Rome and, in...

Dictionary Of Latin Literature

by James H. Mantinband Philosophical Library (January 01, 1956)

James H. Mantinband's Dictionary of Latin Literature introduces readers to the essential works of the Latin masters. An excellent tool for students and curious readers alike, this dictionary provides guides...

Dictionary of Early English

by Joseph T. Shipley Philosophical Library (January 15, 1955)

An alphabetical discussion of words from early English authors, including the most interesting, informative—and revivable—English words that have lapsed from general use.


1) Words likely to be...

Classics in Political Science

by Joseph S. Roucek Philosophical Library (June 03, 1963)

This book, long in preparation, is a survey of both the great and the infamous political ideas of history as reflected in the writings of the world’s foremost political thinkers. The editor has presented selections,...

Treasury of Law

by Richard W. Nice Philosophical Library (January 01, 1964)

In this volume, the editor has assembled as many as possible of the meaningful and significant documents that contributed to man’s determination to govern his conduct in inter-personal and international affairs....

The New Dictionary of American History

by Michael Rheta Martin & Leonard Gelber Philosophical Library (January 01, 1965)

Satisfying a long-felt need, this ready reference volume will enable the teacher, scholar, student and layman to pinpoint quickly the object of search, whether it be a name, place, event, catch-phrase, or any...

Principles of Physical Geography

by Francis J. Monkhouse Philosophical Library (January 15, 1964)

This comprehensive study is concerned with the solid rocks, the seas and oceans, our enveloping atmosphere, the soil and the “green mantle” of natural vegetation—as they interrelate in man’s physical...

How to Improve Your Mind

by Baruch Spinoza & Dagobert D. Runes Philosophical Library (July 22, 2007)

Himself the victim of religious persecution and social discrimination, Baruch Spinoza stands today as a fearless pioneer in the unceasing battle for tolerance, freedom and democracy.

This challenging work is...

Dictionary of Spanish Literature

by Ph. D Newmark Philosophical Library (January 01, 1956)

The primary aim of the Dictionary of Spanish Literature is to serve as a convenient reference work for American students of Spanish and Spanish American literature. The treatment is concise, factual and objective,...

Dictionary of Sociology

by Henry Pratt Fairchild Philosophical Library (January 15, 1944)

Preface: Every science must have its special vocabulary or terminology. Sciences deal with ideas, thoughts, and concepts, and these must be expressed in words. Even the facts which are the groundwork of science...

Dictionary of Linguistics

by Mario Pei & Frank Gaynor Philosophical Library (January 01, 1954)

Mario Pei and Frank Gaynor bring together essential terms and concepts in this extensive Dictionary of Linguistics. With a carefully crafted headword list and plenty of cross-references and accessible explanations,...

Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases

by Ph. D Newmark Philosophical Library (January 15, 1950)

Compiled from English sources and containing foreign words, phrases, mottos, proverbs, place names, titles, allusions and abbreviations from the Latin, Greek, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Hebrew...

Dictionary of Civics and Government

by Marjorie Tallman Philosophical Library (January 01, 1953)

A collection of hundreds of words and expressions fully but simply defined, valuable for a clearer understanding of the operation of our national, state and local governments.

Dictionary of Astronomy and Astronautics

by Armand Spitz & Frank Gaynor Philosophical Library (January 15, 1959)

Concise definitions of over 2,200 terms and concepts related to astronomy and astronautics—a wide gamut of terms ranging from those as old as man to those as new as the Space Age on the threshold of which...

Contemporary Political Ideologies

by Joseph S. Roucek Philosophical Library (January 15, 1961)

Joseph S. Roucek brings together theories from the major political movements of the twentieth century and guides readers through the waves of political change with approaches to Marxism, Communism, Colonialism,...

Concise Survey of French Literature

by Germaine Mason Philosophical Library (January 01, 1959)

In this introductory survey, Professor Mason offers a bird's-eye view of French literature in six chapters, each dealing with approximately a century. She adopts the views which 'seem[ed] to have the assent...

Concise Dictionary of American Literature

by Robert Richards Philosophical Library (January 01, 1955)

This dictionary was designed, not simply for the scholar, but for the general reader who needs more enlightenment about a specific American author or movement than a mere catalogue of facts can give him. The...

Classics of Roman Literature

by Harry E. Wedeck Philosophical Library (January 01, 1963)

Sprung from a small pastoral colony on the banks of the Tiber, the Romans became the masters of the universe. They were a more earthy, indeed a more pragmatic and realistic people, than the Greeks. They absorbed...

Classics of Greek Literature

by Harry E. Wedeck Philosophical Library (January 15, 1963)

The ancient Greeks have exercised the greatest influence on Western culture, and we are indebted to them for their artistic, dramatic and philosophical achievements. The Greek ideal of perfection, both intellectual...

C.G. Jung and the Scientific Attitude

by Joseph S. Roucek Philosophical Library (May 20, 2007)

C.G. Jung and the Scientific Attitude is a survey and assessment of the contributions of the great Swiss psychiatrist. Since its viewpoint is that of an historian of psychology rather than that of a practitioner,...

A Garden of Prayer

by Jenna Bassin Philosophical Library (January 15, 1989)

An exquisitely illustrated collection of over one hundred beautiful prayers.