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The Hobbit and History: Companion to The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

by Nancy R. Reagin & Janice Liedl Wiley (November 04, 2014)

What do Gandalf and Merlin have in common, besides robes and magical staffs? Where do hobbits get their recipes, riddles, and love of rambling? What other Rings of Power were circulating in medieval Europe?...

Life by the Numbers

by Keith Devlin Wiley (March 17, 1999)

Why do leopards grow spots when tigers grow stripes? Is the universe round, square, or some other shape? How do the dimples in a golf ball give it greater lift? Is there such a thing as a public mood? If so,...

Bob Dylan: The Biography

by Dennis Mcdougal Wiley (May 06, 2014)

Bob Dylan is a music hero to generations. He’s also an international bestselling artist, a Pulitzer Prize–winning author, and an Oscar winner for “Things Have Changed.” His career is stronger and...

Modern Bride Guide to Etiquette: Answers to the Questions Today's Couples Really Ask

by Cele Goldsmith Lalli Wiley (April 01, 1993)

Cele Lalli, Editor-in-Chief of America's #1 bridal magazine, answers all of your wedding etiquette questions. Getting ready for your wedding is tremendously exciting, and you're going to have so many questions!...

The Complete Law School Companion: How to Excel at America's Most Demanding Post-Graduate Curriculum

by Jeff Deaver Wiley (April 01, 1992)

Offers complete, accessible information on every topic of concern to law students ranging from the LSAT, the Bar Exam, Law Review, computerized research and videotape study aids to obtaining that important clerkship...

Sports Injury Handbook: Professional Advice for Amateur Athletes

by Allan M. Levy Wiley (June 01, 1993)

Do you know...

• Which exercises cause unnecessary wear and tear on your body?

• What to do during the first critical few seconds following a sports injury?

• When an off-the-rack arch support can be as effective...

Car Care Q&A: The Auto Owner's Complete Problem-Solver

by Mort Schultz Wiley (April 01, 1992)

Features hundreds of questions and answers about every aspect of car maintenance and repair. Coverage includes step-by-step repair procedures for the range of conditions afflicting cars; consumer information...

Finding, Framing, and Hanging Jefferson: A Lost Letter, a Remarkable Discovery, and Freedom of Speech in an Age of Terrorism

by Alan Dershowitz Wiley (November 01, 2007)

The #1 New York Times bestselling author, Harvard Law School professor, and tireless defender of civil liberties unearths a little-known letter by his hero, Thomas Jefferson, and shares its secrets. The letter...

Blood of the Caesars: How the Murder of Germanicus Led to the Fall of Rome

by Stephen Dando-Collins Wiley (February 01, 2008)

Could the killing of Germanicus Julius Caesar-the grandson of Mark Antony, adopted son of the emperor Tiberius, father of Caligula, and grandfather of Nero-while the Roman Empire was still in its infancy have...

In Peace and War: A History of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point

by Jeffrey L. Cruikshank Wiley (September 01, 2007)

Founded in 1937, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York, has trained more than 20,000 professional mariners-and, in the process, has weathered many turbulent times.

In Peace and War draws on...

The Way of the Ship: America's Maritime History Reenvisoned, 1600-2000

by Alex Roland Wiley (November 01, 2007)

The history of shipping in America, as traditionally recounted, is based primarily on the fortunes of the American merchant marine. This book offers a global perspective and considers oceanic shipping and domestic...

Ozone Crisis: The 15-Year Evolution of a Sudden Global Emergency

by Sharon Roan Wiley (August 01, 1990)

The real story behind the Ozone Crisis

Straight from today's headlines, award-winning science writer Sharon Roan offers an incisive look at one of the planet's most pressing ecological concerns. Ozone Crisis...

Touring the Universe Through Binoculars: A Complete Astronomer's Guidebook

by Phillip S. Harrington Wiley (October 01, 1990)

This comprehensive work takes you on a personal tour of the universe using nothing more than a pair of binoculars. More comprehensive than any book currently available, it starts with Earth's nearest neighbor,...

Write Great Ads: A Step-By-Step Approach

by Erica Levy Klein Wiley (February 01, 1990)

You don't have to be especially "creative." And you can forget about writer's block. Because now, even if you've never written advertising before, there's a simple proven way to Write Great Ads!

Great copywriters...

Lincoln's Other White House: The Untold Story of the Man and His Presidency

by Elizabeth Smith Brownstein Wiley (August 01, 2005)

The Lincolns spent the summer of 1862 north of the White House at the Soldiers' Home. The lush, cool hill overlooking the squalid capital promised the Lincolns an escape from the "city of stink." Despite fears...

Karzai: The Failing American Intervention and the Struggle for Afghanistan

by Nick B. Mills Wiley (August 01, 2007)

The untold story of Hamid Karzai's dramatic rise to the presidency of Afghanistan and the problems he and his country face

In 2004, Hamid Karzai was elected president in Afghanistan's first-ever democratic election....

Founding Fathers: The Essential Guide to the Men Who Made America

by The Encyclopaedia Britannica & Joseph J. Ellis Wiley (August 01, 2007)

An authoritative, accessible guide to the figures who shaped a nation

How did upstart colonists solidify the ideas celebrated in the Declaration of Independence and defeat the powerful British army? How did thinkers...

Sovereigns of the Sea: The Quest to Build the Perfect Renaissance Battleship

by Angus Konstam Wiley (August 01, 2008)

Savor the story of the ultimate warship in Sovereigns of the Sea: The Quest to Build the Perfect Renaissance Battleship, which chronicles the history of Sovereign of the Seas, an immensely powerful floating...

America's Second Revolution: How George Washington Defeated Patrick Henry and Saved the Nation

by Harlow Giles Unger Wiley (September 01, 2007)

The Declaration of Independence liberated one continent from domination by another, but the Constitution revolutionized the world--by entrusting citizens with rights never before in history granted to ordinary...

Understanding Pregnancy and Childbirth

by Sheldon H. Cherry Wiley (April 01, 2004)

The classic bestselling guide to pregnancy and childbirth, thoroughly revised and updated

Highly regarded and relied upon for more than twenty years, this authoritative guide is the ultimate resource if you are...

First Fathers: The Men Who Inspired Our Presidents

by Harold I. Gullan Wiley (April 01, 2004)

A compelling introduction to the fathers of America's presidents

After so much literature about first ladies and first families, here finally is a fascinating book focused on the fathers of our presidents. This...

The 13th Element: The Sordid Tale of Murder, Fire, and Phosphorus

by John Emsley Wiley (January 01, 2002)

The incredible "glowing" history of the "Devil's element "phosphorus

Discovered by alchemists, prescribed by apothecaries, exploited by ninth-century industrialists, and abused by twentieth-century combatants,...

The Evolution of Wired Life: From the Alphabet to the Soul-Catcher Chip -- How Information Technologies Change Our World

by Charles Jonscher Wiley (August 01, 2000)

"Thoughtful and erudite... Intelligent and readable...Will appeal to people who enjoyed Longitude by Dava Sobel or Fermat's Enigma by Simon Singh." -The San Diego Union Tribune

"Most engaging."-The Boston Globe...

The Prosperity Agenda: What the World Wants from America--And What We Need in Return

by Nancy Soderberg Wiley (July 01, 2008)

Following the devastating 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, the Bush administration pledged more than $500 million for earthquake relief and sent American helicopters and soldiers to help. Immediately afterward,...

Lincoln Center: A Promise Realized, 1979 - 2006

by Stephen Stamas Wiley (November 01, 2006)

This book chronicles the major milestones in the artistic, physical, and administrative history of Lincoln Center's last two-and-a-half decades. Filled with over sixty beautiful black-and-white photographs that...

Weight Watchers She Loses, He Loses: The Truth about Men, Women, and Weight Loss

by Karen Miller-Kovach Wiley (March 01, 2007)

She loses, he loses . . . and everybody wins!

There's no doubt about it-when couples embark on a weight-loss program together, they improve their chance of success. Now Weight Watchers, the world's leader in...

6 Weeks to a Hollywood Body: Look Fit and Feel Fabulous with the Secrets of the Stars

by Steve Zim Wiley (January 01, 2007)

As featured in SELF and on Weekend Today

"Steve Zim's plan helped me drop my body fat more quickly than with any other program I've ever tried. I couldn't be more pleased."--Jessica Biel, star of The Illusionist...

Candy at Last

by Candy Spelling Wiley (April 08, 2014)

The followup to the New York Times bestseller Stories from Candyland has even better stories to tell—about Candy Spelling’s notorious rift and reconciliation with her daughter, Tori, her misadventures in...

Caregiving: The Spiritual Journey of Love, Loss, and Renewal

by Beth Witrogen McLeod Wiley (August 04, 2000)

Helping your family and loved ones when they need you most

"Caregiving has a big heart-on a much-needed topic. A rare book of spiritual and practical wisdom."

-Sue Bender, author of Plain and Simple and Everyday...

Essential Spirituality: The 7 Central Practices to Awaken Heart and Mind

by Roger Walsh Wiley (September 01, 2000)

"Essential Spirituality beautifully articulates the benefits of spiritual living in the material world."-Dan Millman, author, Everyday Enlightenment and The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

"Deceptively simple. Its...

Street Italian 1: The Best of Italian Slang

by David Burke Wiley (August 01, 2000)

Francesca ha una cotta per Giovanni! (trans.): Francesca has a crush on Giovanni! (lit.): Francesca has a baking for Giovanni! Ho mangeato in un ristorante caro, dove mi hanno spennato! (trans.): I ate at an...

Scientific American The Amateur Biologist

by Shawn Carlson Wiley (January 01, 2002)

Are you a passionate amateur naturalist?

Would you like to record videos of the microscopic world?

Detect an insect's heartbeat? Separate molecules with electricity?

Extract and purify DNA . . . in your kitchen?...

Manual of Pediatric Nutrition

by Twin Cities District Dietetic Association Wiley (October 01, 1997)

This revised 3rd edition of the Twin Cities District Dietetic Association (TCDDA) Manual of Pediatric Nutrition is the result of a cooperative effort on the part of the pediatric dietitians from the major children's...

Winning the Peace: The Marshall Plan and America's Coming of Age as a Superpower

by Nicolaus Mills Wiley (January 01, 2008)

Politicians of every stripe frequently invoke the Marshall Plan in support of programs aimed at using American wealth to extend the nation's power and influence, solve intractable third-world economic problems,...

Heads in the Sand: How the Republicans Screw Up Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy Screws Up the Democrats

by Matthew Yglesias Wiley (April 01, 2008)

"A very serious, thoughtful argument that has never been made in such detail or with such care."

-Ezra Klein, staff writer at The American Prospect

"Matt Yglesias is one of the smartest voices in the blogosphere....

Let's Face It: 90 Years of Living, Loving, and Learning

by Kirk Douglas Wiley (March 01, 2007)

He has been one of the brightest stars in Hollywood, a hard-charging actor whose intensity on the screen has been mirrored in his personal life. As Kirk Douglas has grown older -- he turned ninety in December...

Blasphemy: How the Religious Right Is Hijacking the Declaration of Independence

by Alan Dershowitz Wiley (June 01, 2007)

In Blasphemy: How the Religious Right is Hijacking the Declaration of Independence, author Alan Dershowitz proves that no relation exists between the Declaration of Independence's "Creator" and "Nature's God,"...

The Nursing Home Decision: Easing the Transition for Everyone

by Lawrence M. Martin Wiley (August 01, 1999)

Easing the Way to a New Stage in Life.

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is a difficult thing to face. In addition to choosing a home, figuring out finances, and dealing with the actual moving, you may also...

Food Folklore: Tales and Truths about What We Eat

by The American Dietetic Association Wiley (January 01, 1999)

Separate food facts from fiction with this handy guide from America's nutrition experts. Do carbohydrates cause weight gain? Will taking zinc help you recover faster from a cold? Does extra protein make muscles...

The Supermarket Guide: Food Choices for You and Your Family

by The American Dietetic Association Wiley (March 01, 1997)

Shop smart with America's foremost nutrition experts. The American Dietetic Association takes you aisle-by-aisle through the supermarket, showing you how to make informed decisions about the food you buy for...

Snacking Habits for Healthy Living

by The American Dietetic Association Wiley (September 01, 1997)

Make snacking a part of a balanced diet with advice from America's nutrition experts

Snacking can be a habit that nourishes and sustains you or a source of excess calories and fat. Snacking Habits for Healthy...

The Noble Lie: When Scientists Give the Right Answers for the Wrong Reasons

by Gary Greenberg Wiley (September 01, 2008)

Is drug addiction really a disease? Is sexuality inborn and fixed or mutable? Science is where we often turn when we can't achieve moral clarity. In The Noble Lie, acclaimed and controversial science writer...

Along the Roaring River: My Wild Ride from Mao to the Met

by Hao Jiang Tian Wiley (April 01, 2008)

Since his 1991 debut at New York's Metropolitan Opera, Hao Jiang Tian has appeared on the world's greatest stages, more than 300 times at the Met alone. How he got there is a drama of bittersweet humor, mortal...

Israel at Sixty: An Oral History of a Nation Reborn

by Deborah Hart Strober Wiley (February 01, 2008)

Based on extensive interviews, Israel at Sixty presents a balanced, comprehensive account of this complex and amazing land. It re-creates historic events from the actions of Israel's founding visionaries through...

Bowls, Polls, and Tattered Souls: Tackling the Chaos and Controversy That Reign Over College Football

by Stewart Mandel Wiley (August 01, 2007)

SI.com "College Football Mailbag" author Stewart Mandel tackles the ten issues that confound college football fans--with a new chapter on the 2007 season.

"An intricate tour through the ills of the college football...

Safe Food for You and Your Family

by The American Dietetic Association Wiley (June 01, 1996)

The definitive pocket guide on food safety from the source America turns to for food and nutrition advice. Each year, about one in every 10 Americans develops a food-related illness. You can protect yourself...

Pregnancy Nutrition: Good Health for You and Your Baby

by The American Dietetic Association Wiley (July 01, 1998)

Quick Answers for a Healthy Start

A healthy pregnancy starts with a well-balanced diet, but there's much more to know. For example: True or False?

* You need to eat an extra 500 calories a day when pregnant.


The Orchestra Conductor's Secret to Health & Long Life: Conducting and Other Easy Things to Do to Feel Better, Keep Fit, Lose Weight, Increase Energy,

by Dale L. Anderson Wiley (January 20, 1997)

A simple fitness program that's music to your years . . .

A study conducted by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company shows that orchestra conductors live 38 percent longer than the general population. The reason...

The Food Allergy News Cookbook: A Collection of Recipes from Food Allergy News and Members of the Food Allergy Network

by Anne Munoz-Furlong Wiley (August 01, 1998)

If the only cure for food allergies is to avoid the food completely... What is left to eat? How do you feed a child when favorite foods are no longer safe? How can you be sure you are avoiding the food? How...

Twilight of Splendor: The Court of Queen Victoria During Her Diamond Jubilee Year

by Greg King Wiley (June 01, 2007)

Power, pageantry, and pride

Queen Victoria ruled the most powerful empire the world has ever seen, covering one fourth of the earth's land surface, reigning over subjects on every continent, and exercising undisputed...