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Sextant Conference, November-December 1943 : papers and minutes of meetings, Sextant and Eureka Conferences

by Cairo Conference (1943 : Cairo, Egypt) U.S. Secretary's Office, Office of the combined Ch (August 01, 2019)

This publication contains the conference proceedings of the Sextant, Eureka (Tehran), and Second Cairo Conferences held November – December, 1943. At Sextant, American President Franklin Roosevelt and British...

Casablanca Conference, January 1943 : papers and minutes of meetings

by Casablanca Conference (1943 : Casablanca, Morocco) Office, U. S. Secretary, Office of the Combined Ch (August 01, 2019)

A collection of minutes and documents from the Casablanca conference in January 1943 during which Allied leaders formulated strategy.

Evaluation of the 2015 DoD cyber strategy : mild progress in a complex and dynamic military domain

by Caton, Jeffrey L. Strategic Studies Institute and U.S. Army War Coll (August 01, 2019)

An analysis of the 2015 DoD Cyber Strategy focusing on historical context, previous DoD action, and the "whole-of-government" approach. Author Jeffery Caton also posits potential cyber-defense strategies.

Minutes of meetings of the Combined Chiefs of Staff, Post-Arcadia

by Combined Chiefs of Staff (U.S. and Great Britain). Meetings (1942 : Washington, D.C.) Office, U. S. Secretary, Office of the Combined Ch (August 01, 2019)

Meeting minutes of the Combined Chiefs of Staff following the completion of the Arcadia Conference covering January and February 1942.

Crisis and response : an FDIC history 2008-2013

by Corporation, Deposit Insurance Federal [Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation] (August 01, 2019)

A two part study on the global financial crisis beginning in 2008. The first part of the study outlines the origins of the crisis and the FDIC's response and use of emergency powers. The second part looks more...

Deep operations.

by Department of the Army, United States Headquarters, Department of the Army (August 01, 2019)

A publication of the U.S. Army, this work models operational frameworks for military commanders regarding presentation of material to subordinate commanders and working within relevant legal structures.

Indian and Chinese engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean : a comparative assessment

by Ellis, Robert Evan Strategic Studies Institute and U.S. Army War Coll (August 01, 2019)

"This monograph comparatively examines the content and country focus of high-level diplomacy for each of the two actors, as well as the volume and patterns of trade, the activities of Indian and Chinese companies...

Family options study : 3-year impacts of housing and services interventions for homeless families

by Gubits, Daniel U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, (August 01, 2019)

"The Family Options Study: Three-year Impacts of Housing and Services Interventions for Homeless Families documents the outcomes of the 2,282 formerly homeless study families approximately 37 months after having...

Terrorist sanctuary in the Sahara : a case study

by Guido, Joseph Strategic Studies Institute and U.S. Army War Coll (August 01, 2019)

Using the al-Qaeda group as its case study, this work describes how the US Army’s previous policy of denying sanctuary in conflict areas has failed in certain areas.

The al-Qaeda organization and the Islamic State organization : history, doctrine, modus operandi, and U.S. policy to degrade and defeat terrorism conducted in the name of Sunni Islam

by Kamolnick, Paul Strategic Studies Institute and U.S. Army War Coll (August 01, 2019)

A foundational briefing book for the military personnel and policy makers about the al-Qaeda and Islamic State Organizations, their histories, beliefs and organizational structures, and their missions.

The power for flight : NASA's contributions to aircraft propulsion

by Kinney, Jeremy R. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (August 01, 2019)

A look at the many ways NASA’s research and practical innovations influenced commercial aviation in from 1958 forward.

The clash of the trinities : a new theoretical analysis of the general nature of war

by Maurer, Daniel, Major Strategic Studies Institute and U.S. Army War Coll (August 01, 2019)

An examination of war that first looks at its portrayals in numerous fields as a way of contextualizing conflict at all levels and then defines an “ecology of war” that examines conflict as a facet of entropy...

Balancing on the pivot : how China's rise and offshore balancing affect Japan's and India's roles as balancers in the twenty-first century

by McClam, Reginald J. Air University Press, Air Force Research Institute (August 01, 2019)

This work confronts the waning position of the United States in Asia and discusses alternative strategies, especially regarding the US position in relation to China’s increasing power in the area.

The COIN conundrum : the future of counterinsurgency and U.S. land power

by Mockaitis, Thomas R. Strategic Studies Institute and U.S. Army War Coll (August 01, 2019)

This work examines the arguments both for and against Counterinsurgency (COIN) methods and strategies in contemporary military conflicts.

End of the saga : the maritime evacuation of South Vietnam and Cambodia

by Muir, Malcolm Department of the Navy, Naval History & Heritage C (August 01, 2019)

This work recounts the planning and execution of withdrawal movements of US military personnel from Vietnam in 1975.

Austin's urban forest, 2014

by Nowak, David J. (David John) United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Se (August 01, 2019)

A breakdown of the financial and environmental benefits of the urban forest in Austin, TX.

Picatinny : the first century

by Owens, Patrick J. Picatinny Arsenal Public Affairs Office : (August 01, 2019)

This work recounts the varied history of the U.S. Army's Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey from its beginnings as a powder depot during the Spanish-American War through both World Wars, the development of the...

Terminal Conference, July 1945 : papers and minutes of meetings, Terminal Conference

by Potsdam Conference (1945 : Potsdam, Germany) The Joint Staff (August 01, 2019)

Containing the proceedings of the last conference of the Second World War, the Terminal Conference focused on the future of Europe following the end hostilities with German and strategy to conclude the War in...

Quadrant Conference, August 1943 : papers and minutes of meetings

by Quebec Conference (1st : 1943 : Québec, Québec) The Joint Staff (August 01, 2019)

This publication contains the papers and minutes of meetings of the Quadrant Conference (or Quebec Conference) held in Quebec City, in August of 1943. This conference between American President Franklin D. Roosevelt,...

Making the invisible visible : a history of the Spitzer Infrared Telescope Facility (1971-2003)

by Rottner, Renee M. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Off (August 01, 2019)

A history of the thirty-year journey by NASA to create an launch an infrared space telescope and overcome obstacles such as changing technology, and wavering political and public support.

The Armed Forces officer

by Swain, Richard M. (Richard Moody) National Defense University Press (August 01, 2019)

This work serves as a moral, ethical, and civil framework for commissioned officers in all branches of the United States Armed Forces to address the challenges inherent in an era of complex national security....

Closer than you think : the implications of the third offset strategy for the U.S. Army

by White, Samuel R., Jr., project director Strategic Studies Institute and U.S. Army War Coll (August 01, 2019)

A review of the 2014 Defense Innovation Initiative’s Third Offset Strategy which examines how to counter declining US Military superiority in the 21st century.

The Mystery of Orcival

by Emile Gaboriau Standard Ebooks (August 17, 2019)

The second mystery in the Monsieur Lecoq Series.

Les Misérables

by Victor Hugo Standard Ebooks (August 16, 2019)

Les Misérables (1862) is a novel by French author Victor Hugo, and among the best-known novels of the 19th century. It follows the lives and interactions of several French characters over a twenty year period...

The Merry Wives of Windsor

by William Shakespeare Standard Ebooks (August 14, 2019)

First published in 1602 by William Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor features the popular figure Sir John Falstaff, who first appeared in Henry IV, Part 1 and Part 2. Some speculate that Merry Wives was...

The Verdict

by Olivia Isaac-Henry One More Chapter (August 12, 2019)

A cheating wife. An estranged mother. But is she guilty of murder?

Please raise your right hand.

An affair at work has cost Julia Winter her job and her marriage. There’s no denying she has let her family down....

Autonomous warplanes : NASA rovers lead the way

by Schroer, Michael R. Air University Press, Air Force Research Institute (August 01, 2019)

An examination how NASA’s innovations in rover autonomy could be translated into a military setting.

Promoting U.S.-Indian defense cooperation : opportunities and obstacles

by Weitz, Richard Strategic Studies Institute and U.S. Army War Coll (August 01, 2019)

A review of the developing positive relationship between the U.S. and India since the Cold War and suggested areas of future collaboration.

Can Egypt lead the Arab world again? : assessing opportunities and challenges for U.S. policy

by Aftandilian, Gregory L. Strategic Studies Institute and U.S. Army War Coll (August 01, 2019)

This work discusses the current state of the Egypt following the Arab spring and the implementation of a new economic reform package. It is argued that Egypt has previously faced such circumstances and recovered...

Science advice to NASA : conflict, consensus, partnership, leadership

by Alexander, Joseph K. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Off (August 01, 2019)

A comprehensive overview of the relationship between NASA and the larger scientific community. This work also provides insights on lessons learned.

Proceedings of the American-British Joint Chiefs of Staff Conferences held in Washington, D.C. on twelve occasions between December 24, 1941 and January 14, 1942.

by American-British Joint Chiefs of Staff Conferences (1941-1942 : Washington, D.C.) The Joint Staff (August 01, 2019)

A collection of the minutes and documents of the Arcadia Conference (or the Washington Conference) of 1941-1942. This conference established the Combined Chiefs of Staff which would oversee the Allied forces...

American armies and battlefields in Europe

by American Battle Monuments Commission Center of Military History, United States Army (August 01, 2019)

A reissue of the Original 1938 commemorating the actions of the American Expeditionary Forces during World War One. The guide serves both as a narrative of the progress of the conflict and the movements of armies,...

Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in Congress, 1900-2017

by Office of the Historian and Office of the Clerk United States House of Representatives U.S. Government Publishing Office (August 01, 2019)

This work recounts the work of Asian-Pacific American Members of Congress while considering the changing positions of delegates and Resident Commissioners to Congresspersons and Senators.

Argonaut Conference, January-February 1945 : papers and minutes of meetings, Argonaut Conference

by Yalta Conference (1945 : I︠A︡lta, Ukraine) : IŁAlta, Ukraine) OFFICE, U. S. SECRETARY OF THE COMBINED CHIEFS OF (August 01, 2019)

This publication contains the conference proceedings of the two parts of the Argonaut Conference: the conference at Malta and the conference at Yalta in 1945.

Harry E. Schwarz and the development of water resources and environmental planning :

by Harry E. Schwartz IWR Press (August 01, 2019)

This volume is organized chronologically, to show the interplay between the historical evolution of water management ideas and Schwarz’s personal response and transformation at the leading edge of profound...

History of Public School Education in Arizona

by Stephen Beauregard Weeks Lm Publishers (August 11, 2019)

The territory of the present State of Arizona is embraced within 31° 20? and 37° north latitude and between 109° 02? and 114° 45? west longitude. It covers an area of 113,956 square miles, of which 146...

Greek Mavericks: His Christmas Conquest: At the Greek Tycoon's Pleasure (Greek Tycoons) / The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress / Never Gamble with a Caffarelli (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Cathy Williams, Lucy Monroe & Melanie Milburne Mills & Boon (August 08, 2019)

His Festive Seduction

After the death of her father, Sophie Scott is forced to pay his bills by renting out her family home. Her tenant is rude, arrogant – and sexy! But unbeknownst to Sophie he is also...

Tempted By The Rock Star: In the Heat of the Spotlight (The Bryants: Powerful & Proud) / Little Secret, Red Hot Scandal (Las Vegas Nights) / The Downfall of a Good Girl (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Kate Hewitt, Cat Schield & Kimberly Lang Mills & Boon (August 08, 2019)

Music to her ears

CEO Luke Bryant needs a big star to launch his luxury department stores – everything hangs on its success. What he doesn’t need is pop princess Aurelie Schmid’s comeback gig or their...

Rumours: The Billion-Dollar Brides: The Desert King's Blackmailed Bride (Brides for the Taking) / The Italian's One-Night Baby (Brides for the Taking) / Sold for the Greek's Heir (Brides for the Taking) (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Lynne Graham Mills & Boon (August 08, 2019)

With this ring, he will claim what’s his!

Arriving in the kingdom of Dharia clutching an ornate ring – the only link to her hidden past – Polly Dixon never expected to be arrested and deposited at the...

Seduced By The Single Dad: The Good Girl's Second Chance / Wanting What She Can't Have / Daycare Mom to Wife (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Christine Rimmer, Yvonne Lindsay & Jennie Adams Mills & Boon (August 08, 2019)

A sizzling-hot temptation…

Quinn Bravo is a committed single dad – emphasis on single. The millionaire bachelor is focused on his four-year-old daughter. So while he's intrigued by Chloe Winchester,...

Seduced At Sea: His Last Chance at Redemption (Dark, Demanding and Delicious) / Holiday with the Millionaire / More Than He Expected (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Michelle Conder, Scarlet Wilson & Andrea Laurence Mills & Boon (August 08, 2019)

Passion on the Waves

When ruthless Leo Aleksandrov employs Lexi Somers as a stand-in nanny for a son he doesn’t know, he doesn’t expect her warm innocence could turn into a blazing passion…

Lara Callaway...

Power Play (Mills & Boon Desire) (The Serenghetti Brothers, Book 3)

by Anna DePalo Mills & Boon Desire (August 08, 2019)

When the goal is seduction,

Not just any play will do….

Irresistible. That’s sports tycoon Jordan Serenghetti in a nutshell. But Jordan’s physical therapist, Sera Perini, must resist. She has good...

A Bet With Benefits (Mills & Boon Desire) (The Eden Empire, Book 3)

by Karen Booth Mills & Boon Desire (August 08, 2019)

Can she stay away from her irresistible ex?

Don’t bet on it!   

When Mindy Eden is bet she can’t attend a wedding as her ex’s plus one without falling for him again, Mindy stakes her future to prove...

California Secrets (Mills & Boon Desire) (Two Brothers, Book 2)

by Jules Bennett Mills & Boon Desire (August 08, 2019)

Will he still love her every touch…

when he finds out who she really is?

For years, Ethan Michaels has plotted to reclaim the resort his mother founded. His plan never included a lover, or a pregnancy....

Texas-Sized Scandal (Mills & Boon Desire) (Texas Cattleman’s Club: Houston, Book 7)

by Katherine Garbera Mills & Boon Desire (August 08, 2019)

Texas-Sized Scandal By Katherine Garbera “I have no self-control around you.” Now they're the talk of Texas…

Melinda Perry has always been the well-behaved twin—until Slade Bartelli. All Melinda knows...

Home To Blue Stallion Ranch (Mills & Boon True Love) (Men of the West, Book 42)

by Stella Bagwell Mills & Boon True Love (August 08, 2019)

She’s chasing a dream…

does it include this cowboy?

Rancher Holt Hollister has no interest in selling his horses to new neighbour, Isabelle Townsend.  The petite blonde looks like she stepped off a runway,...

The Maverick's Wedding Wager (Mills & Boon True Love) (Montana Mavericks: Six Brides for Six Brother, Book 3)

by Joanna Sims Mills & Boon True Love (August 08, 2019)

A fake marriage… Or a very real love?

To escape his father's matchmaking schemes, wealthy rancher Knox Crawford announces a whirlwind wedding to local Genevieve Lawrence. But his very real bride turns out...

Wearing The Greek Millionaire's Ring (Mills & Boon True Love) (Greek Island Brides, Book 3)

by Jennifer Faye Mills & Boon True Love (August 08, 2019)

A convenient engagement…

An inconvenient attraction!

Widow Stasia Marinakos is learning to enjoy life again aboard a Mediterranean cruise, especially her chemistry with gorgeous Greek tycoon, Roberto Carrass...

Wanted By The Marshal (Mills & Boon Heroes) (American Armor, Book 1)

by Ryshia Kennie Mills & Boon Heroes (August 08, 2019)

Can he keep the key witness from harm

…before it's too late?

After escaping a terrifying encounter with a serial killer, Kiera Connell lands in the protection of US Marshal Travis Johnson, in order to make...

Constant Risk (Mills & Boon Heroes) (The Risk Series: A Bree and Tanner Thriller, Book 3)

by Janie Crouch Mills & Boon Heroes (August 08, 2019)

The hunters become the hunted…

Deputy Tanner Dempsey and Bree Daniels are tasked with tracking a killer on the loose, and Bree’s computer genius is their only hope at solving the crime. Tanner is determined...