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Eleanor of Aquitaine

by Desmond Seward Pegasus Books (October 15, 2014)

“A monstrous injurer of heaven and earth,” as Shakespeare referred to this powerful medieval matriarch, Eleanor of Aquitaine’s reign as England’s stormiest and most ambitious queen has never been matched.As...

Jane and Dorothy

by Marian Veevers Pegasus Books (April 03, 2018)

Jane Austen and Dorothy Wordsworth were born just four years apart, in a world torn between heady revolutionary ideas and fierce conservatism, but their lives have never been examined together before. They both...

The King's War

by Peter Conradi Pegasus Books (September 03, 2019)

The broadcast that George VI made to the British nation on the outbreak of war in September 1939?which formed the climax of the multi-Oscar-winning film The King's Speech?was the product of years of hard work...

In Search of Mary Shelley

by Fiona Sampson Pegasus Books (June 05, 2018)

We know the facts of Mary Shelley’s life in some detail?the death of her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, within days of her birth; the upbringing in the house of her father, William Godwin, in a house full of...

Stalin's Scribe

by Brian Boeck Pegasus Books (February 05, 2019)

A masterful and definitive biography of one of the most misunderstood and controversial writers in Russian literature.

Mikhail Sholokhov is arguably one of the most contentious recipients of the Nobel Prize in...

The Golden Lad

by Eric Burns Pegasus Books (February 15, 2016)

More than a century has passed since Theodore Roosevelt was in the White House, but he still continues to fascinate. He became a war hero, reformed the NYPD, busted the largest railroad and oil trusts, passed...


by Emma Southon Pegasus Books (August 06, 2019)

In her own time, she was recognized as a woman of unparalleled power. Beautiful and intelligent, she was portrayed as alternately a ruthless murderer and helpless victim, the most loving mother and the most...


by Michael Broers Pegasus Books (October 15, 2015)

All previous lives of Napoleon have relied more on the memoirs of others than on his own uncensored words. This is the first life of Napoleon, in any language, that makes full use of his newly released personal...

The Hidden Lives of Tudor Women

by Elizabeth Norton Pegasus Books (July 04, 2017)

The turbulent Tudor Age never fails to capture the imagination. But what was it truly like to be a woman during this era?

The Tudor period conjures up images of queens and noblewomen in elaborate court dress;...

The Tragedy of Benedict Arnold

by Joyce Lee Malcolm Pegasus Books (May 01, 2018)

History remembers this proud, talented, and conflicted man solely through the lens of his last desperate act of treason. Yet the fall of Benedict Arnold remains one of the Revolutionary period’s great puzzles....

Louis XIV

by Josephine Wilkinson Pegasus Books (March 05, 2019)

This stylish and incisive narrative presents readers with a fresh perspective on one of the most fascinating kings in European history. Louis XIV’s story has all the ingredients of a Dumas classic: legendary...

The Disappearance of Émile Zola

by Michael Rosen Pegasus Books (September 15, 2017)

The incredible story of Émile Zola's escape to London in the aftermath of the scandalous Dreyfus Affair.

It is the evening of July 18, 1898 and the world-renowned novelist Émile Zola is on the run. His crime?...


by Michael Broers Pegasus Books (April 03, 2018)

Like volume one of Michael Broers’s magnificent biography, The Spirit of the Age is based on the new version of Napoleon’s correspondence, made available by the Fondation Napoléon in Paris. It is the story...

American to the Backbone

by Christopher L Webber Pegasus Books (July 15, 2011)

The incredible story of a forgotten hero of nineteenth century New York City—a former slave, Yale scholar, minister, and international leader of the Antebellum abolitionist movement.

At the age of 19, scared...

Our Man Down in Havana

by Christopher Hull Pegasus Books (March 05, 2019)

When U.S. immigration authorities deported Graham Greene from Puerto Rico in 1954, the British author made an unplanned visit to Havana and the former MI6 officer had stumbled upon the ideal setting for a comic...

The Shadow King

by Lauren Johnson Pegasus Books (May 07, 2019)

A thrilling new account of the tragic story and troubled times of Henry VI, who inherited the crowns of both England and France and lost both.

Firstborn son of a warrior father who defeated the French at Agincourt,...