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by Matt Braun & Alex Boyles Blackstone Publishing (August 25, 2020)

He's a sporting man--with a scheme as big and bold as Texas.

Dan Stuart plans to stage the prizefight of the century and reap a million-dollar gate. But soon he finds the path to riches strewn with obstacles....

Forgotten Season

by Donald L. Robertson & Alex Boyles Blackstone Publishing (July 14, 2020)

A Civil War soldier survives his battlefield wounds ... but a final head shot erases his memory and leaves him comatose. After surviving the bloodiest war in US history, will it be peacetime that finally kills...

Black Gold

by Matt Braun & Alex Boyles Blackstone Publishing (June 30, 2020)

The Osage Indians struck it rich on oil. Then the killing began.

The Osage Indians lost their ancestral freedom on a windswept reservation in Oklahoma. Now, in the Roaring Twenties, the land is spewing black...

Callum's Mission

by Donald L. Robertson & Alex Boyles Blackstone Publishing (June 09, 2020)

"You keep turning that shotgun toward me, Pickering, and your boys'll be hauling your fat carcass to the cemetery."

Callum Logan faces a challenge along a trail he has traveled before. But this time, he is accompanied...

All Things Left Wild

by James Wade & Bradford Hastings Blackstone Publishing (June 16, 2020)

After an attempted horse theft goes tragically wrong, sixteen-year-old Caleb Bentley is on the run with his mean-spirited older brother across the American Southwest at the turn of the twentieth century. Caleb's...

Logan's Word

by Donald L. Robertson & Alex Boyles Blackstone Publishing (April 28, 2020)

As Lieutenant Rory Nance lay dying after the battle of Cedar Creek in the Shenandoah Valley, Captain Josh Logan gave his word to his best friend.

Now, two years later, deep in the Comancheria, Josh Logan rides...

The Range Detectives

by William W. Johnstone, John McLain & J. A. Johnstone Blackstone Publishing (February 26, 2020)

Johnstone Country: The good die young. The bad die younger.

From the bestselling masters of western fiction come two tough frontier detectives who solve the bloodiest crimes with bravado, brains, and bullets...

Long Road to Cheyenne

by Charles G. West & John Pruden Blackstone Publishing (July 02, 2013)

Lured by the promise of the gold rush, CamSutton leaves his cow-herding job for the deposit-rich gulches of the Black Hills. But his carefree journey is interrupted whenhe rescues Mary Bishop and her daughters...

Silver City Massacre

by Charles G. West & Jim Meskimen Blackstone Publishing (January 07, 2014)

A treacherous journey ...

Joel McAllister is a lieutenant in the Confederate Army--orat least he was, until Lee surrendered. Now he's determined to get as far awayfrom war as possible, somewhere beyond North...

Black Horse Creek

by Charles G. West & John McLain Blackstone Publishing (November 15, 2013)

Set in the American West, a hell-bent boy and his father come upagainst a former marshal who isn't above breaking the law.

There's no taming Billy Blanchard. He's cut from the samerough cloth as his father, Jacob,...

Way of the Gun

by Charles G. West & John Pruden Blackstone Publishing (December 15, 2013)

Even at seventeen years old, Carson Ryan knows enough aboutcow herding to realize the crew he's with is about the worst ever. They'retaking the long way around to the Montana prairies, and they're seriouslyundermanned....

American Meteor

by Norman Lock & Mark Bramhall Blackstone Publishing (June 09, 2015)

In this panoramic tale of manifest destiny, Stephen Moran comes of age with the young country that he crosses on the Union Pacific, just as the railroad unites the continent. Propelled westward from his Brooklyn...

Stringer and the Hell-Bound Herd

Stringer and the Hangman’s Rodeo

Stringer and the Border War

The Rustlers of Pecos County

by Zane Grey & Jim Gough Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

Texas. They took the most contrary bunch of frontiersmen, ranchers, farmers, cowpokes, shiftless no-accounts, shootists, rascals, and politicians, jumbled them together, and somehow formed a state. They called...

To the Last Man

by Zane Grey & Jim Gough Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

To the Last Man is Zane Grey's archetypal tale of a bitter feud between two unforgiving factions: the ranchers led by Jean Isbel and, on the other side, Lee Jorth and his band of cattle rustlers. In the grip...


by Zane Grey & Robert Morris Blackstone Publishing (August 06, 2012)

Wildfire is a glorious beast, a fiery red stallion that is captured and broken by Lin Slone, a horse trainer. A legendary and miraculous horse, Wildfire is also a curse—a horse who could run like the wind...

The Last Trail

by Zane Grey & Robert Morris Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

After the American Revolution, Jonathan Zane became a celebrated scout on the frontier. His adventurous spirit and love of the wild led him to Fort Henry, scene of countless Indian attacks. Farmers had been...

The Return of Kid Cooper

by Brad Smith & Milton Bagby Blackstone Publishing (December 31, 2019)

In the style of Cormac McCarthy, a gritty tale of justice and revenge in the Wild West

The year is 1910.

Nate Cooper is an old-school cowboy. He sees the change brought by the turn of the century--horses giving...


by Elmore Leonard & Brian d’Arcy James Blackstone Publishing (January 17, 2012)

When Federal Marshall Raylan Givens squares off against a known offender, he’ll warn the man, “If I have to pull my gun I’ll shoot to kill.” Except this time he finds the offender naked in a bathtub,...

The Mysterious Rider

by Zane Grey & Pat Bottino Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

She was named Columbine, for she had been found as a child, lost in the woods, asleep among the columbine flowers. And now that she had turned nineteen and had finished school in Denver, she had returned to...

The Seventh Man

by Max Brand & Ian Esmo Blackstone Publishing (October 13, 2009)

His name is Dan Barry, and they call him "the Manslayer." His best friend is a savage wolf-dog no other man can touch. They say his gun is faster than summer lightning and has never missed its mark. They say...

The Last of the Plainsmen

by Zane Grey & Adams Morgan Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

“Hezd rope the devil and tie him down...if the lasso didn’t burn,” it was said of “Buffalo Jones,” one of the last of the famous plainsmen who trod the trails of the Old West. Killing was repulsive...

The Lone Star Ranger

by Zane Grey & Pat Bottino Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

After killing a man in self defense, Buck Duane becomes an outlaw, a companion of the gunfighters and rustlers who live along the Texas border.

In a camp on the Mexican side of the river, he finds a young girl...

Flint's Truth

by Richard S. Wheeler & John Lescault Blackstone Publishing (June 15, 2010)

Golden Spur Award–winning author Richard S. Wheeler continues his popular series featuring frontier journalist Sam Flint with Flint’s Truth, a tale of corruption and cover-up set against he vibrant backdrop...

Stringer in a Texas Shoot-Out

by Lou Cameron & Barry Press Blackstone Publishing (November 10, 2012)

When a legendary old gunslinger finally meets his Maker in some godforsaken West Texas town, Stringer heads to the scene for what he thinks is a routine story. But when he gets to Comanche Woe, it turns out...

Stringer and the Oil Well Indians

Stringer and the Hanging Judge

Mark of the Hunter

by Charles G. West & Lloyd James Blackstone Publishing (October 01, 2013)

Razed from childhood...

No child should have to witness what twelve-year-oldCord Malone saw the day his parents were murdered and his home burned to theground. Rescued from the blaze by his uncle Jesse, the terrible...

The Ploughmen

by Kim Zupan & Jim Meskimen Blackstone Publishing (September 30, 2014)

A young sheriff and a hardened killer form an uneasy andcomplicated bond in this mesmerizing first novel set on the plains of Montana.

Steeped in a lonesome Montana landscape as unyielding and rawas it is beautiful,...

Give-a-Damn Jones

by Bill Pronzini, Patrick Lawlor, Chris Abell & Eddie Lopez et al. Blackstone Publishing (May 08, 2018)

Not all the folks who roamed the Old West were cowhands, rustlers, or cardsharps. And they certainly weren't all heroes.

Give-a-Damn Jones, a free-spirited itinerant typographer, hates his nickname almost as...


by Lou Cameron & Peter Berkrot Blackstone Publishing (August 01, 2012)

For once they were sending Stringer on a nice easy assignment. All he had to do was scribble out a story about an outlaw gunned down fifty years before. As far as Stringer was concerned, it was an ideal excuse...

Stringer on the Assassins’ Trail

Stringer and the Lost Tribe

Stringer and the Wild Bunch


by Bill Pronzini & Nick Sullivan Blackstone Publishing (March 01, 2006)

Shaken after a hair's-breadth escape from death, Nameless has made changes in his professional life, but he's not put himself out to pasture. Again he enters San Francisco's shadowy underworld, this time in...

The Camp Robber, and Other Stories

by Zane Grey & John Chancer Blackstone Publishing (October 15, 2019)

Here are four short stories from Zane Grey, the acclaimed author of Western adventures and frontier characters.

Living in the ruthless solitude of the desert, range, or mountains, the men in these four stories...

Crossing Purgatory

by Gary Schanbacher & William Dufris Blackstone Publishing (June 01, 2013)

In spring of 1858, Thompson Grey, a young farmer, travels to his father's estate seeking funds to expand his holdings. Far overstaying his visit, he returns home to find that his absence has contributed to a...

Stringer on Dead Man’s Range

by Lou Cameron & Peter Berkrot Blackstone Publishing (August 01, 2012)

Sheriff Commodore Perry Owens just lost his first election in seventeen years. Maybe folks in the Arizona Territory were ready for a change, and then again, maybe Stringer ought to go have a look-see. The trouble...

Butcher’s Crossing

by John Williams & Anthony Heald Blackstone Publishing (June 06, 2008)

In his National Book Award?winning novel Augustus, John Williams uncovered the secrets of ancient Rome. With Butcher's Crossing, his fiercely intelligent, beautifully written western, Williams dismantles the...

Journal of the Gun Years

by Richard Matheson & Stefan Rudnicki Blackstone Publishing (December 14, 2010)

From New York Times bestselling author Richard Matheson, best known for his horror and fantasy writing, comes a highly praised Western that shows the master's hand in this genre as well.

Back East, they told...

Mountain Man

by Robert E. Howard & John McLain Blackstone Publishing (June 29, 2013)

From pulp fiction writer Robert E. Howard, the first storyin his most commercially successful series

A comedic western, "Mountain Man" is about the tall talesand big adventures of Brekenridge Elkins, an exaggerated,...

The Spirit of the Border

by Zane Grey & Robert Morris Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

The American frontier in the 1700s produced some men of utter ruthlessness, and Jim Girty was one of the worst. Living among the Delaware Indians in the Ohio Valley, Girty and his brothers incited acts of savagery...

The Rainbow Trail

by Zane Grey & Ian Esmo Blackstone Publishing (August 06, 2012)

Three desperate people who had fled Mormon persecution were being held prisoner in a lost canyon. Among them was a beautiful lady named Fay Larkin, whom John Shefford was in love with.

The secret to the canyon...

The U.P. Trail

by Zane Grey & Robert Morris Blackstone Publishing (August 02, 2012)

In 1865, a party of engineers toils in the Wyoming hills on a survey as dangerous as it is difficult: preparing the way for the Union Pacific Railroad. Young surveyor Warren Neale’s hunger for adventure and...

The Call of the Canyon

by Zane Grey & Jim Gough Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

From the master of the western novel comes a tale full of romance and adventure. Carley Burch, a young orphaned woman, is living a life of leisure in her family's New York City home. When her fiancé, Glenn...

The Desert of Wheat

by Zane Grey & Jim Gough Blackstone Publishing (June 24, 2005)

The Desert of Wheat is a thrilling and romantic tale of sabotage in the wheat fields of the Pacific Northwest during World War I.

Young farmer Kurt Dorn is torn between going to France to fight the Germans or...

Hundred in the Hand

by Joseph M. Marshall & John Terry Blackstone Publishing (April 01, 2008)

Seeking to round out the compelling story of the American West, bestselling Lakota author Joseph M. Marshall III brings a new slant to the traditional Western: historical fiction written from the Native American...

Don, the Story of a Lion Dog

by Zane Grey & Russell Bentley Blackstone Publishing (October 29, 2019)

Based on some of Zane Grey's own real-life adventures exploring the rugged West with professional guides, including the Grand Canyon area, he here tells the story of hunters with their hounds that go to the...