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Mah Jongg: The Art of the Game: A Collector's Guide to Mah Jongg Tiles and Sets

by Ann Israel, Gregg Swain & Michel Arnaud Tuttle Publishing (November 18, 2014)

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Whether used as a reference or a beautiful keepsake, it's a very worth addition to the world of Mah Jongg." —Ruth Unger, President, National Mah Jongg League

This is the first...

Play American Mah Jongg!: Everything you Need to Play American Mah Jongg

by Elaine Sandberg Tuttle Publishing (November 11, 2014)

Learn and play the fascinating game of Mahjong with this comprehensive ebook.

Mahjong or "Mah Jongg" is not called "The Game of a Thousand Intellingences" for nothing. It's relaxing, social, and allows people...

Magic Tricks & Illusions

by Will Goldston Tuttle Publishing (December 18, 2012)

This classic magic tricks book has long been out-of-print, but is now again available to magic enthusiasts and collectors.

Of enormous importance to the field of amateur magic, Magic: Tricks & Illusions feature...

A Mah Jong Handbook: How to Play, Score, and Win

by Eleanor Noss Whitney Tuttle Publishing (November 13, 2012)

Master the game of Mahjong with this must-have game strategy guide for Mahjong beginners and enthusiasts.

A Mah Jong Handbook is the all-comprehensive Mahjong guide, offering a clear and concise introduction...

Beginning Go

by Peter Shotwell & Susan Long Tuttle Publishing (September 04, 2012)

The must-have resource guidebook for those looking to learn the ancient Asian game of Go

Beginning Go is a clear, concise and thorough introduction to the intricacies of Go that is perfect for first time players....

Winning American Mah Jongg Strategies: A Guide for the Novice Player

by Elaine Sandberg Tuttle Publishing (August 07, 2012)

Master the fascinating and rewarding game of American Mah Jongg with this guide for beginners.

"Strategies, strategies, strategies! If I only knew more strategies I could win more games!" is the frequent lament...

Mah Jong Anyone?

by Kitty Strauser, Lucille Evans & Tom Sloper Tuttle Publishing (June 15, 2006)

Mah Jong, Anyone? unlocks the mysteries of Mah Jong for Westerners.

Mah Jong, the ancient game of China, is enjoying another burst of popularity in America, as well as in Asia. Often seen as a mystery to Westerners,...

Japanese Chess: The Game of Shogi

by Trevor Leggett & Alan Baker Tuttle Publishing (December 20, 2011)

Learn and master the fascinating game Japanese Chess or "Shogi" with this expert guide and Chess set.

Japanese Chess: The Game of Shogi is the ultimate strategy guidebook for players of any skill level to improve...

Chinese Chess: An Introduction to China's Ancient Game of Strategy

by H.T. Lau Tuttle Publishing (August 15, 2003)

Learn the ancient and fascinating game of Chinese Chess with this expert guide.

Chinese chess, or "elephant chess," has intrigued the powerful and the quizzical for centuries. Although its rules are similar to...

Origami Animal Sculpture

by John Szinger & Bob Plotkin Tuttle Publishing (February 03, 2016)

Fold and display papercraft works of art with this intermediate to advanced origami book.

Adirondack animals, cephalopods and arctic marine mammals are just a few of the realistic and elegant origami models...

Origami Spectacular! Ebook

by Michael G. Lafosse & Richard L. Alexander Tuttle Publishing (August 15, 1992)

The biggest origami kit on the market—make simple and easy origami with this paper crafts kit!

The Origamido Studio and world renowned origami artists Michael G. LaFosse and Richard H. Alexander, introduce one...

Origami Magic Ebook

by Steve Biddle & Megumi Biddle Tuttle Publishing (March 21, 2017)

Make fun and simple paper craft projects and them use them to perform magic tricks with this easy origami ebook.

Presto!—Before your eyes you have the Origami Magic Ebook! But don't wait too long, it may just...

Lost Tarot of Nostradamus Ebook

by John Matthews & Wil Kinghan Tuttle Publishing (March 21, 2017)

In 1994 a researcher working in the Italian National Library in Rome discovered a manuscript containing 80 mysterious paintings, believed to have been devised by the mysterious prophet Michael de Nostredame,...

Go! More Than a Game

by Peter Shotwell Tuttle Publishing (April 11, 2011)

Master the fascinating game of Go with this expert guidebook.

Go has enthralled hundreds of millions of people in Asia, where it is an integral part of the culture. In the West, many have learned of its pleasures,...

Go Basics: Concepts & Strategies for New Players (Downloadable Media Included)

by Peter Shotwell Tuttle Publishing (July 01, 2014)

Learn the fascinating game of Go with this expert guide.

Go is a two player board game that first originated in ancient China but is also very popular in Japan and Korea. There is significant strategy and philosophy...

Steppingstones to Go: A Game of Strategy

by Shigemi Kishikawa Tuttle Publishing (July 17, 2012)

Learn the Asian strategy game of Go with this user-friendly, expert guide.

Go was invented some four thousand years ago in China, and is the oldest game in the world, still enjoyed today. Played with black and...

Winning Pachinko: The Game of Japanese Pinball

by Eric Sedensky Tuttle Publishing (July 09, 2012)

Pachinko, a game played by over 30 million Japanese, is synonymous with glaring lights, mind-rattling noise and smoke-choked parlors. To the uninitiated, the game's phenomenal popularity is nothing less than...

Go Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know to Play and Win Asian's Most Popular Game of Martial Strategy

by Shigemi Kishikawa & John Fairbairn Tuttle Publishing (December 20, 2011)

Go Fundamentals is the easy-to-follow guidebook explaining the fundamental principles of the ancient Asian game of Go, the oldest game in the world.

Go is a game played by two contestants. The game is played...

Book of Mah Jong: An Illustrated Guide

by Amy Lo Tuttle Publishing (December 21, 2013)

Master the exhilarating game of Mahjong with this introductory guide.

Said to have originated in the court of the Emperor of Wu, for centuries Mahjong remained a diversion exclusively for the royal class of China....

Shogi Japan's Game of Strategy

by Trevor Leggett Tuttle Publishing (December 20, 2011)

Master the game of Japanese Chess—or shogi with this easy to follow shogi guide.

The game of shogi is a chess-like game of strategy long played in Japan. This book is the ultimate strategy guide on shogi for...

The Complete Book of Mah Jongg: An Illustrated Guide to the Asian, American and International Styles of Play

by Amy Lo Tuttle Publishing (January 26, 2016)

Master the exhilarating game of Mahjong with this introductory guide.

Originally played with cards, and then pieces carved from ivory or bamboo, the Chinese game of Mahjong or "Mah Jongg" is well over a thousand...

Chess Variations: Ancient, Regional, and Modern

by John Gollon Tuttle Publishing (June 01, 1974)

Learn the many varieties of chess the world over with this concise chess guide.

Chess Variations is a must for all chess enthusiasts and an outstanding book which promises many hours of pleasurable entertainment...

Mind-Blowing Modular Origami: The Art of Polyhedral Paper Folding

by Byriah Loper Tuttle Publishing (October 11, 2016)

Modular origami is the latest craze in paper folding!

These three-dimensional models are created from a number of small pieces of paper that are easily folded and then cleverly fit together to form a spectacular...

The Great Mah Jong Book: History, Lore, and Play

by Jelte Rep Tuttle Publishing (December 15, 2006)

Master the game of Mahjong while learning about its legends and history with this entertaining and useful guide.

An excellent way to learn Mahjong or "Mah Jongg"—The Great Mahjong Book is the perfect resource...

A Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg: How to Play the Game & Win

by Elaine Sandberg & Tom Sloper Tuttle Publishing (June 15, 2007)

Learn the fascinating game of American Mahjong with this expert guide.

This affordable best selling book is the only available game strategy guide that is specifically geared toward American Mahjong (Mah Jongg)...

The Theory and Practice of GO

by Oscar Korschelt, Samuel P. King & George G. Leckie Tuttle Publishing (July 15, 1990)

Of important historical notoriety, this Go guide is a must-have for enthusiasts of this ancient Asian strategy game

Oscar Korschelt's treatise on the game of Go was the first published at the end of the nineteenth...

Winning Go: Successful Moves from the Opening to the Endgame

by Richard Bozulich & Peter Shotwell Tuttle Publishing (June 28, 2011)

Master the game of Go with this expert guide.

Go is a two player board game that first originated in ancient China but is also very popular in Japan and Korea. There is significant strategy and philosophy involved...

Mah Jong for Beginners: Based on the Rules and Regulations of the Mah Jong Association of Japan

by Shozo Kanai & Margaret Farrell Tuttle Publishing (December 15, 1989)

Mah Jong for Beginners is one of the first books to explain the game to English language readers. It remains a classic, both for its authenticity and clarity, and as a wonderful introduction for anyone who wants...