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Bid Better Play Better: How to Think at the Bridge Table

by Dorothy Hayden Truscott Devyn Press, Inc. (March 28, 2006)

Revised and updated. Winning advice on bidding and play for the intermediate, based on five card major openings.

Fading Hearts on the River: A Life in High-Stakes Poker

by Brooks Haxton Counterpoint (April 21, 2014)

Centered around multi-million dollar stakes and a series of nationally televised poker tournaments, Fading Hearts on the River offers a story of odds—the odds of a newborn surviving severe jaundice, the odds...

Win at Poker

by Jeff Rubens Dover Publications (April 06, 2012)

Lucid coverage of poker fundamentals, subtleties: draw, stud, variants; card-counting; betting strategy; more. Includes quizzes, sample hands; appendix on poker laws; more.

The Slang of Poker

by Tom Dalzell & Peter Donahue Dover Publications (November 10, 2013)

This entertaining gift book provides a compendium of traditional poker slang as well as the new vocabulary of online poker and jargon from high-stakes tournaments. The game's impact on American history and language...

Bridge for Bright Beginners

by Terence Reese Dover Publications (May 20, 2013)

Common terms, fundamentals of offensive and defensive bidding and play made clear. 130 bidding hands, 18 sample games. Summary of bidding.

Board and Table Games from Many Civilizations

by R. C. Bell Dover Publications (April 02, 2012)

This encyclopedic volume provides the rules and methods of play for more than 180 different games: Ma-jong, Hazard, Wei-ch'i (Go), Backgammon, Pachisi, and many others. Over 300 photographs and line drawings....

Win at Checkers

by Millard Hopper Dover Publications (April 02, 2012)

Former Unrestricted World Checker Champion introduces you to the game and lets you in on championship secrets. Shots and traps, opening "blitzkrieg" moves, end game, more.

Bridge Basics

by Ron Klinger Skyhorse (August 01, 2011)

Bridge is hip for everyone nowadays! Played in more than 100 countries, Bridge has an enthusiastic following of more than 60 million people. Although many believe that bridge is simply an old person?s game,?...

How to Remember Every Card in the Deck

by Bob Hampton Baron Barclay (September 01, 2013)

This book teaches card players to remember every card in the deck and in what order they were played. The author is a successful memory teacher who applied his memory techniques to his own card play with amazing...

The Backwash Squeeze and Other Improbable Feats

by Edward McPherson HarperCollins e-books (October 13, 2009)

There is one card game that towers above all others as the most intelligent, intricate, and psychologically absorbing ever to be invented. It has a rich history. It's played and loved by some of the world's...


by Chris Moneymaker HarperCollins e-books (October 13, 2009)

In 2004 the number of entrants -- and the winning pool -- at the World Series of Poker tripled, thanks in large part to Chris Moneymaker, an amateur player who came out of nowhere to win the 2003 Series, and...

Poker Nation

by Andy Bellin HarperCollins (October 13, 2009)

Poker Nation is a travelogue to the quirky world of competitive poker, an exploration of poker obsession and addiction (not necessarily the same thing) and a primer on mathematics, poker lingo and technique....

The Complete Book on Balancing in Contract Bridge

by Mike Lawrence Baron Barclay Bridge Supply (October 01, 2012)

This revised and expanded edition examines bridge auctions where the opponents bid something and you have the opportunity to either let them have it or to balance. The cost of not balancing can be huge, but...

Amarillo Slim's Play Poker to Win

by Amarillo Slim Preston It Books (February 05, 2013)

In this new and completely revised edition, the first reigning World Series of Poker Champion gets down and dirty about how to win big. It's not just about cards. It's about the people who hold them, so you'll...

Ship It Holla Ballas!

by Jonathan Grotenstein & Storms Reback St. Martin's Press (January 14, 2013)

Who were the Ship It Holla Ballas?

Arguably the most successful poker crew of all time, they took advantage of the online poker boom to win tens of millions of dollars before most of them were old enough to...

Positively Fifth Street

by James McManus Macmillan Audio (March 31, 2003)

Rough sex, black magic, and the science--and eros--of gambling.

Meet in the ultimate book about Las Vegas.

James McManus was sent to Las Vegas by Harper's to cover the World Series of Poker in 2000, especially...

Cowboys Full

by James McManus & Oliver Wyman Macmillan Audio (November 09, 2009)

From James McManus, author of the bestselling Positively Fifth Street, comes the definitive story of the game that, more than any other, reflects who we are and how we operate.

Cowboys Full is the story of poker,...

How to Make a Kickass Card Game!

by Tangela L. Hamilton Tangela L. Hamilton/Lrt Publishing (November 15, 2020)

A step-by-step guide to easily create your own card game. It comes complete with step explanations as well as web links to the same vendors used to create the Etsy bestselling card game "Bitch You Lyin'!"

No-Limit Texas Hold'em

by Angel Largay, Amanda Storm & Eva Everything Ecw Press (August 31, 2006)

?Thousands have paid big bucks to learn winning poker strategies from Angel Largay - one of the world's most consistent winners in maximum buy-in no-limit games. Now, Largay offers a wider audience his poker...

Earn $30,000 Per Month Playing Online Poker

by Ryan Wiseman, Les Vandor & Laura Moisin Ecw Press (October 30, 2007)

Much like a pilot need not know the pure physics behind his flight, a skilled poker player need not know the pure mathematics behind winning poker play. Too often have poker books taken a purely theoretical...

Magic: The Gathering: Legends

by Wizards of the Coast & Jay Annelli Abrams ComicArts (October 27, 2020)

An official guide to the most iconic legends and legendary creatures from the world of Magic: The Gathering


The world of Magic: The Gathering is home to many fantastical characters and creatures, but perhaps...

Right Through The Pack

by Robert Darvas & Norman De V Hart Devyn Press (September 01, 2012)

This brilliant fantasy features each card in the deck telling its own fascinating story.

One of a Kind

by Nolan Dalla, Joe Barrett, Peter Alson & Mike Sexton Blackstone Publishing (July 30, 2009)

He was a legend before he was of legal age. Stuey Ungar dropped out of high school to become an underground card-table sensation, eventually taking out every top gin-rummy player on the east coast. Bankrolled...

Magic: The Gathering: Rise of the Gatewatch

by Wizards of the Coast & Jenna Helland Abrams ComicArts (July 22, 2019)

A visual history of Magic: The Gathering's Gatewatch Mythology

Over the course of its 25-year history, Magic: The Gathering—the world’s first and most popular trading card game—has redefined the fantasy...

Lit Chat

by Book Riot Abrams Noterie (October 02, 2017)

Each of the 50 cards in this conversation deck is printed with two reading-themed questions (100 questions total). Some invoke books that are tied to memories (name your favorite childhood picture book); others...


by Eric Hutchinson Abrams Noterie (September 04, 2017)

Each of the 50 record-shaped cards in this conversation deck is printed with a music-themed question on each side (100 questions total). The questions range in format: some invoke songs that are tied to memories...

The Times Beginner’s Guide to Bridge: All you need to play the game

by Andrew Robson & The Times Mind Games Times Books (October 03, 2019)

A one-stop practical guide on how to play and master the fascinating and rewarding game of bridge with expert advice throughout from Andrew Robson, the Times bridge correspondent, the world’s most famous and...

Pot-limit Omaha Poker:

by Jeff Hwang Lyle Stuart (January 01, 2008)

Are You Ready For The Next Wave Of Poker?

If you've never tried Pot-Limit Omaha, you're missing out on the most exciting, most lucrative cash game around. Omaha has long been the most popular form of poker in...

Easy Casino Gambling

by Gayle Mitchell Skyhorse (May 17, 2007)

Everyone who has ever gambled knows how even small bets can make the heart race. Gayle Mitchell understands because that?s how she felt when she first walked into a Las Vegas casino nearly twenty years ago....

Card Games Properly Explained

by Arnold Marks Skyhorse (November 02, 2010)

Do you turn down invites to poker games because you don’t know the rules? Then Card Games Properly Explained is the book for you. Arnold Marks’s handbook will teach you not only what you need to know to...

Blackjack Secrets

by Jay Moore Skyhorse (July 27, 2011)

The result of thirty years experience playing and winning, Jay Moore?s new book Blackjack Secrets offers rules that are of deciding importance in everyday play. Even if you don?t know anything else about blackjack,...

Wild Cards

by Philip Reed Skyhorse (November 17, 2015)

Philip Reed is coasting toward retirement, looking for one last adventure, when he meets Bill Palis, a professional blackjack player and former member of the legendary MIT team that took the casinos for millions....

The Everything Tabletop Games Book

by Bebo Everything (July 16, 2019)

Tabletop and board games aren’t just for rainy days or awkward family events anymore. As the game industry grows, people of all ages are jumping to play “the original social network.”

In our ever-increasing...

The Times Improve Your Bridge Game

by Andrew Robson & The Times Mind Games Collins (September 06, 2018)

Based on The Times Bridge column, an extensive bridge guide aimed at the less experienced or social player who longs to improve their game, with instructive deals and tips, as well as a helpful Index.


Card Games: Games for all ages (Collins Little Books)

by Ian Brookes Collins (September 06, 2018)

40 popular card games, with clear instructions and guidance on how to master each one.

Easy to follow helpful advice on learning more than 40 of the most popular card games. This beautifully presented edition...

Practical Poker Math

by Pat Dittmar, Pat Dittmar (Pat Dittmar) & Harmon Leon Ecw Press (August 31, 2008)

What are the odds of winning at poker if you don't know the odds in poker? Practical Poker Math provides a complete and easy-to-understand explanation of the basic odds, probabilities and expectations in Hold'Em...

No-Limit Texas Hold'em

by Angel Largay, Amanda Storm & Eva Everything Ecw Press (August 31, 2006)

?Thousands have paid big bucks to learn winning poker strategies from Angel Largay - one of the world's most consistent winners in maximum buy-in no-limit games. Now, Largay offers a wider audience his poker...

Earn $30,000 Per Month Playing Online Poker

by Ryan Wiseman, Les Vandor & Laura Moisin Ecw Press (October 30, 2007)

Much like a pilot need not know the pure physics behind his flight, a skilled poker player need not know the pure mathematics behind winning poker play. Too often have poker books taken a purely theoretical...

Pick Up Your Poker Game

by Adam Slutsky Turner (August 01, 2011)

This humorous, laid-back guide to poker rules, strategies, techniques, and lingo will take your game to the next level.

Do you know what it takes to play the game? At the poker table, just like in the ocean,...

The Little Book of Bridge

by Brent Manley Adams Media (June 26, 2018)

A comprehensive guide to the classic card game of bridge, including an overview of the basics, tips and techniques how to play?and strategies to win; perfect for new bridge players and experienced pros alike....

Why You Lose at Bridge

by S. J. Simon Devyn Press (March 28, 2006)

Reprint of the classic. Win more consistently with the skill you already possess by following this simple advice. A wealth of common sense, philosophy, and how to attain the best result possible.

Bridge Secrets: Don’t miss a trick (Collins Little Books)

by Julian Pottage Collins (September 07, 2017)

When you open this little book, the state secrets of the game of bridge lie in your hands. They cover everything you need to know to go from being a bridge beginner to an international mastermind!

The book is...

Eric Rodwell's Bidding Topics

by Eric Rodwell Baron Barclay (July 01, 2017)

This books contains articles adapted into book form that have been designed for all levels of player: by starting with the basics on the topic and gradually filling in details up to expert level, I hope to frame...

The Everything Card Tricks Book

by Dennis Rourke Everything (September 01, 2005)

Master the exciting art of card magic with The Everything Card Tricks Book. Featuring intriguing party tricks guaranteed to awe and entertain, this easy-to-follow guide has all you need to impress even the toughest...

Knack Bridge for Everyone

by D. Crisfield, Eli Burakian & Stephen Gorman Globe Pequot Press (January 05, 2010)

Bridge is a famously challenging card game, one that's next to impossible to learn without a whole host of visual aids. But books on the subject all too often seem to ignore this. Enter Knack Bridge for Everyone...

Stacking the Deck

by Bryan Berg & Thomas O'Donnell Touchstone (December 15, 2009)

Written by the holder of several Guinness World Records for cardstacking, this is the first complete, fully illustrated guide to the art of building mind-boggling, multilevel structures with ordinary playing...

Gilbert's Table Magic

by Alfred C. Gilbert Dover Publications (October 26, 2016)

Make coins vanish and reappear, make handkerchiefs change color, and make friends, family, and other audiences gasp with delight at your dazzling sleight-of-hand tricks. You can learn the secrets behind dozens...

Bringing Down the House

by Ben Mezrich Atria Books (December 02, 2002)

The #1 national bestseller, now a major motion picture, 21?the amazing inside story about a gambling ring of M.I.T. students who beat the system in Vegas?and lived to tell how.

Robin Hood meets the Rat Pack when...

The Everything Blackjack Strategy Book

by Tom Hagen & Sonia Weiss Everything (March 01, 2005)

Expert player Tom Hagen and author Sonia Weiss guide you through the basic rules, and reveal the surprisingly easy tricks the casinos don't want you to know. Whether you're counting cards or doubling down, you'll...

Bigger Deal

by Anthony Holden Simon & Schuster (May 08, 2007)

In the years since Anthony Holden wrote his classic memoir Big Deal, the poker world has changed beyond recognition. When Holden played in the 1988 World Series of Poker there were 167 starters competing for...