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Passing to América

by Thomas A. Abercrombie Penn State University Press (November 22, 2018)

In 1803 in the colonial South American city of La Plata, Doña Martina Vilvado y Balverde presented herself to church and crown officials to denounce her husband of more than four years, Don Antonio Yta, as...

The Book of Peace

by Christine de Pizan Penn State University Press (January 30, 2018)

Christine de Pizan, one of the earliest known women authors, wrote the Livre de paix (Book of Peace) between 1412 and 1414, a period of severe corruption and civil unrest in her native France. The book offered...


by Kristen Tobey Penn State University Press (July 28, 2016)

In September 1980, eight Catholic activists made their way into a Pennsylvania General Electric plant housing parts for nuclear missiles. Evading security guards, these activists pounded on missile nose cones...

The Continuity of the Conquest

by Wendy Marie Hoofnagle Penn State University Press (August 29, 2016)

The Norman conquerors of Anglo-Saxon England have traditionally been seen both as rapacious colonizers and as the harbingers of a more civilized culture, replacing a tribal Germanic society and its customs with...

Texts in Transit in the Medieval Mediterranean

by Y. Tzvi Langermann & Robert G. Morrison Penn State University Press (July 28, 2016)

This collection of essays studies the movement of texts in the Mediterranean basin in the medieval period from historical and philological perspectives. Rejecting the presumption that texts simply travel without...

The Noisy Renaissance

by Niall Atkinson Penn State University Press (August 09, 2016)

From the strictly regimented church bells to the freewheeling chatter of civic life, Renaissance Florence was a city built not just of stone but of sound as well. An evocative alternative to the dominant visual...

Why Budgets Matter

by Dennis S. Ippolito Penn State University Press (October 22, 2015)

When the first edition of Why Budgets Matter was published in 2003, the federal budget had fallen back into deficit. At the time, fairly modest changes in taxes and spending would have ensured that deficits...

Hope in Hard Times

by Timothy Kelly, Margaret Power & Michael Cary Penn State University Press (June 01, 2016)

Of the many recipients of federal support during the Great Depression, the citizens of Norvelt, Pennsylvania, stand out as model reminders of the vital importance of New Deal programs. Hoping to transform their...

Alchemical Belief

by Bruce Janacek Penn State University Press (October 04, 2011)

What did it mean to believe in alchemy in early modern England? In this book, Bruce Janacek considers alchemical beliefs in the context of the writings of Thomas Tymme, Robert Fludd, Francis Bacon, Sir Kenelm...

The Chankas and the Priest

by Sabine Hyland Penn State University Press (April 25, 2016)

How does society deal with a serial killer in its midst? What if the murderer is a Catholic priest living among native villagers in colonial Peru? In The Chankas and the Priest, Sabine Hyland chronicles the...

The Arras Witch Treatises

by Andrew Colin Gow, Robert B. Desjardins & François V. Pageau Penn State University Press (April 25, 2016)

This is the first complete and accessible English translation of two major source texts—Tinctor’s Invectives and the anonymous Recollectio—that arose from the notorious Arras witch hunts and trials in...

Raphael’s Ostrich

by Una Roman D’Elia Penn State University Press (January 12, 2016)

Raphael’s Ostrich begins with a little-studied aspect of Raphael’s painting—the ostrich, which appears as an attribute of Justice, painted in the Sala di Costantino in the Vatican. Una Roman D’Elia traces...

Supernatural Entertainments

by Simone Natale Penn State University Press (February 03, 2016)

In Supernatural Entertainments, Simone Natale vividly depicts spiritualism’s rise as a religious and cultural phenomenon and explores its strong connection to the growth of the media entertainment industry...

The Nature and Pace of Change in American Indian Cultures

by R. Michael Stewart, Kurt W. Carr & Paul A. Raber Penn State University Press (January 21, 2016)

Three thousand to four thousand years ago, the Native Americans of the mid-Atlantic region experienced a groundswell of cultural innovation. This remarkable era, known as the Transitional period, saw the advent...

Measuring Shadows

by Raz Chen-Morris Penn State University Press (January 29, 2016)

In Measuring Shadows, Raz Chen-Morris demonstrates that a close study of Kepler’s Optics is essential to understanding his astronomical work and his scientific epistemology. He explores Kepler’s radical...

Serious Nonsense

by William W. Donner Penn State University Press (March 05, 2016)

Versammlinge—community events filled with songs, performances, speeches, and skits that celebrate Pennsylvania German heritage and culture—are held entirely in the Pennsylvania German Deitsch language. Some,...

The Wanton Jesuit and the Wayward Saint

by Mita Choudhury Penn State University Press (December 09, 2015)

This microhistory investigates the famous and scandalous 1731 trial in which Catherine Cadière, a young woman in the south of France, accused her Jesuit confessor, Jean-Baptiste Girard, of seduction, heresy,...

American Trajectories

by Warner Berthoff Penn State University Press (February 18, 1994)

In American Trajectories Warner Berthoff argues that even in the broadest cultural and historical perspective, imaginative literature (like all the arts) is a matter of individual signatures and differences....

Framing Majismo

by Tara Zanardi Penn State University Press (March 08, 2016)

Majismo, a cultural phenomenon that embodied the popular aesthetic in Spain from the second half of the eighteenth century, served as a vehicle to “regain” Spanish heritage. As expressed in visual representations...

Democracy Within Reason

by Miguel Angel Centeno Penn State University Press (January 13, 1997)

During the 1980s the Mexican regime faced a series of economic, social, and political disasters that led many to question its survival. Yet by 1992 the economy was again growing, with inflation under control...

Democracy at the Point of Bayonets

by Mark Peceny Penn State University Press (September 22, 1999)

No country has worked harder to coerce others to adopt liberal institutions than the United States. This book examines the promotion of democracy during U.S. military interventions in the twentieth century,...

Toledo Cathedral

by Tom Nickson Penn State University Press (November 18, 2015)

Medieval Toledo is famous as a center of Arabic learning and as a home to sizable Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities. Yet its cathedral—one of the largest, richest, and best preserved in all of Europe—is...

The Prose Literature of the Gaelic Revival, 1881–1921

by Philip O'Leary Penn State University Press (April 27, 1994)

The Gaelic Revival has long fascinated scholars of political history, nationalism, literature, and theater history, yet studies of the period have neglected a significant dimension of Ireland's evolution into...

The Rise and Fall of Democracy in Early America, 1630–1789

by Joshua Miller Penn State University Press (April 08, 1991)

The Rise and Fall of Democracy in Early America describes and explores the emergence of a directly democratic political culture in America, the Federalists' theoretical campaign against that culture, and the...

The Crossroads of American History and Literature

by Philip F. Gura Penn State University Press (April 26, 1996)

The Crossroads of American History and Literature collects two decades' worth of the best-known essays of Philip F. Gura. Beginning with a definitive overview of studies of colonial literature, Gura ranges through...

The Profane, the Civil, and the Godly

by Richard P. Gildrie Penn State University Press (November 24, 1993)

In this prize-winning study of the sacred and profane in Puritan New England, Richard P. Gildrie seeks to understand not only the fears, aspirations, and moral theories of Puritan reformers but also the customs...

Pietas from Vergil to Dryden

by James Garrison Penn State University Press (March 02, 1992)

For centuries the most revered poem in the Western literary canon, Vergil's Aeneid celebrates the Roman virtue of pietas. In the preface to his English translation of the poem, John Dryden attempts to explain...

Antebellum American Culture

by David Brion Davis Penn State University Press (December 01, 1996)

First published in 1979, this volume offers students and teachers a unique view of American history prior to the Civil War. Distinguished historian David Brion Davis has chosen a diverse array of primary sources...

Democratic Philosophy and the Politics of Knowledge

by Richard T. Peterson Penn State University Press (August 06, 1996)

Debates over postmodernism, analyses of knowledge and power, and the recurring issue of Heidegger's Nazism have all deepened questions about the relation between philosophy and the social roles of intellectuals....

Terms of Response

by Robert Montgomery Penn State University Press (October 15, 1991)

This book takes a new look at the place occupied by medieval Spanish epic within European folk and literary tradition. Thomas Montgomery traces the origins of key parts of most known medieval Spanish epics to...

Rhetorical Style and Bourgeois Virtue

by Mark Garrett Longaker Penn State University Press (September 04, 2015)

During the British Enlightenment, the correlation between effective communication and moral excellence was undisputed—so much so that rhetoric was taught as a means of instilling desirable values in students....

Missing Socrates

by Jay Farness Penn State University Press (July 11, 1991)

Plato's conversations of Socrates are among the most accessible philosophical texts most of us have ever read, yet the more one pursues the art or intelligibility of this writing, the more mysterious and paradoxical...

Masquerade and Gender

by Catherine A. Craft-Fairchild Penn State University Press (September 29, 1993)

Terry Castle's recent study of masquerade follows Bakhtin's analysis of the carnivalesque to conclude that, for women, masquerade offered exciting possibilities for social and sexual freedom. Castle's interpretation...

The Miners of Windber

by Mildred Beik Penn State University Press (August 30, 1996)

In 1897 the Berwind-White Coal Mining Company founded Windber as a company town for its miners in the bituminous coal country of Pennsylvania. The Miners of Windber chronicles the coming of unionization to Windber,...

Imagining the American Polity

by John G. Gunnell Penn State University Press (January 06, 2004)

Americans have long prided themselves on living in a country that serves as a beacon of democracy to the world, but from the time of the founding they have also engaged in debates over what the criteria for...

Blood and Debt

by Miguel Angel Centeno Penn State University Press (April 18, 2002)

What role does war play in political development? Our understanding of the rise of the nation-state is based heavily on the Western European experience of war. Challenging the dominance of this model, Blood...

Valley Forge

by Lorett Treese Penn State University Press (March 14, 1995)

More than four million people a year visit Valley Forge, one of America's most celebrated historic sites. Here, amid the rolling hills of southeastern Pennsylvania, visitors can pass through the house which...

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wall-paper" and the History of Its Publication and Reception

by Julie Bates Dock Penn State University Press (February 27, 1998)

Since its publication in 1892, Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wall-paper" has always been recognized as a powerful statement about the victimization of a woman whose neurasthenic condition is completely...

From Tenements to the Taylor Homes

by John F. Bauman, Roger Biles & Kristin M. Szylvian Penn State University Press (August 08, 2000)

Authored by prominent scholars, the twelve essays in this volume use the historical perspective to explore American urban housing policy as it unfolded from the late nineteenth through the twentieth centuries....

The Shame of Survival

by Ursula Mahlendorf Penn State University Press (February 19, 2009)

While we now have a great number of testimonials to the horrors of the Holocaust from survivors of that dark episode of twentieth-century history, rare are the accounts of what growing up in Nazi Germany was...

September Swoon

by William C. Kashatus Penn State University Press (February 02, 2004)

Everything seemed to be going the Phillies’ way. Up by 6 1/2 games with just 12 left to play in the 1964 season, they appeared to have clinched their first pennant in more than a decade. Outfielder Johnny...

The Duplicating Imagination

by Maria Marotti Penn State University Press (October 01, 1990)

Maria Marotti applies a unique mixture of strains of contemporary literary theory to the body of posthumously published works so far published in the Mark Twain Papers series, examining these late, frequently...

The Medievalism of Lawrence of Arabia

by Malcolm D. Allen Penn State University Press (June 25, 1991)

M. D. Allen's study deals with T. E. Lawrence's lifelong interest in the medieval world, especially medieval literature, and its considerable influence on his view of himself and of the Arabs with whom he fought...

Our Indigenous Ancestors

by Carolyne R. Larson Penn State University Press (July 31, 2015)

Our Indigenous Ancestors complicates the history of the erasure of native cultures and the perceived domination of white, European heritage in Argentina through a study of anthropology museums in the late nineteenth...

Warfare and the Miraculous in the Chronicles of the First Crusade

by Elizabeth Lapina Penn State University Press (July 31, 2015)

In Warfare and the Miraculous in the Chronicles of the First Crusade, Elizabeth Lapina examines a variety of these chronicles, written both by participants in the crusade and by those who stayed behind. Her...

Rage and Denials

by Branko Mitrovic Penn State University Press (August 21, 2015)

In Rage and Denials, philosopher and architectural historian Branko Mitrović examines in detail the historiography of art and architecture in the twentieth century, with a focus on the debate between the understanding...

The Origins of Federal Support for Higher Education

by Roger L. Williams Penn State University Press (July 15, 1991)

The Origins of Federal Support for Higher Education revises the traditional interpretation of the land-grant college movement, whose institutions were brought into being by the 1862 Morrill Act to provide for...

Vision, the Gaze, and the Function of the Senses in “Celestina”

by James F. Burke Penn State University Press (December 02, 2000)

The plot of the late-medieval Spanish work Celestina (1499) centers on the ill-fated love of Calisto and Melibea and the fascinating character of their intermediary, Celestina. In this ground-breaking rereading...

In a Rebellious Spirit

by John P. Reid Penn State University Press (January 01, 1979)

A fresh view of the legal arguments leading to the American Revolution, this book argues that rebellious acts called "lawless" mob action by British authorities were sanctioned by "whig law" in the eyes of the...

The Athenian Republic

by Raphael Sealey Penn State University Press (October 01, 1990)

This book traces continuity in the development of the Athenian constitution, whereas previous studies have usually looked for catastrophic changes. Sealey selects three features of Athenian law which are important...