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Battle Cries in the Wilderness: The Struggle for North America in the Seven Years' War

by Bernd Horn Dundurn (July 13, 2011)

The savage struggle to take control of the North American wilderness during the epic Seven Years' War between France and England is a gripping tale. As the two European powers battled each other for global supremacy,...

Into the Mist: The Story of the Empress of Ireland

by Anne Renaud Dundurn (October 29, 2010)

From 1906 to 1914, the Empress of Ireland, one of the fastest and most elegant liners of the era, graced the waters of the Atlantic Ocean only to sink in 14 minutes in the St. Lawrence River. Its true legacy,...

Day of the Flying Fox: The True Story of World War II Pilot Charley Fox

by Steve Pitt Dundurn (June 09, 2008)

Author Steve Pitt examines the life of Canadian World War II pilot Charley Fox, who attacked famed German General Erwin Rommels car and wounded him.

To Stand and Fight Together: Richard Pierpoint and the Coloured Corps of Upper Canada

by Steve Pitt Dundurn (February 08, 2008)

In 1812, Richard Pierpoint helped raise a Corps of Coloured Men that would serve during the War of 1812 and help to quash the Rebellion of 1837.

Hold the Oxo!: A Teenage Soldier Writes Home

by Marion Fargey Brooker Dundurn (August 03, 2011)

Canada was young. Twenty thousand underage soldiers left their homes to serve in the Great War. Jim, at seventeen, was one of them. His letters home gloss over the horrors of war, focusing on issues of the home...

Champlain: Peacemaker and Explorer

by Mary Beacock Fryer Dundurn (July 13, 2011)

Samuel de Champlain has long been known as the founder of Quebec and as a tireless explorer. His efforts to establish a colony encountered setbacks in France, and since he was not of the nobility, he was therefore...

Up at the Lake

by Robert Amos Crow Cottage Publishing (August 22, 2017)

Canadian artist Robert Amos opens his scrapbook of watercolor paintings, sketches and old family photographs to give us a poetic and personal account of early childhood memories at a Muskoka Lakes cottage.

Northern Kids

by Linda Goyette Brindle & Glass (February 01, 2011)

Children and teenagers experience Canada’s North in a way that adults do not. They have shaped its history, and yet how often are they asked to tell its story? Northern Kids is a collection of tales about...

Great Lakes & Rugged Ground

by Sarah N. N. Harvey & Kasia Charko Orca Book Publishers (October 01, 2010)

Combining evocative haiku, informative text and luminous illustrations, Great Lakes and Rugged Ground is a celebration, for our youngest readers, of more than four hundred years of Ontario's history. Each detail-rich...

The West is Calling

by Sarah N. Harvey & Dianna Bonder Orca Book Publishers (October 01, 2008)

Combining evocative haiku, informative text and luminous illustrations, The West Is Calling is a celebration, for our youngest readers, of one hundred and fifty years of British Columbia's history. Each detail-rich...

Up at the Lake

by Robert Amos Crow Cottage Publishing (August 21, 2017)

Canadian artist Robert Amos opens his scrapbook of watercolor paintings, sketches and old family photographs to give us a poetic and personal account of early childhood memories at a Muskoka Lakes cottage.


by Linda Goyette Brindle & Glass (January 31, 2011)

An original look at a city's development through the eyes and words of real children who have lived there.

Kidmonton: True Stories of River City Kids is a lively illustrated book for young readers that relates...

Oak Island Family: The Restall Hunt for Buried Treasure

by Lee Lamb Dundurn (May 21, 2012)

Treasure hunters have come to Oak Island seeking its cache, but have always left empty-handed. The Restall family lived and worked on the island, driven by their quest for riches and fame, encouraged by small...

Failed Hope: The Story of the Lost Peace

by John Wilson Dundurn (October 27, 2012)

Failed Hope is a compelling guide for young readers. Beginning with the Treaty of Versailles, the book follows a turbulent era, ending with the outbreak of the Second World War. It links with Desperate Glory...

On Remembrance Day

by Eleanor Creasey Dundurn (August 19, 2014)

Most Canadian families have lost loved ones in war, and Canada has developed unique ways of demonstrating respect and honouring its war dead and veterans. This engaging and easy to read reference book provides...

George Dawson: The Little Giant

by Joyce Barkhouse Natural Heritage (June 30, 1989)

George Mercer Dawson (18491901) defied health circumstances to become one of Canadas most exceptional geologists and explorers, particularly in the Yukon.

The Beginner's Guide to Canadian Honours

by Christopher McCreery Dundurn (July 28, 2008)

This short, richly illustrated book provides an easy-to-understand overview of the Canadian orders, decorations, and medals used to recognize exemplary citizens.

Captain Fitz: FitzGibbon, Green Tiger of the War of 1812

by Enid Mallory Natural Heritage (December 24, 2011)

The name James FitzGibbon struck terror in the hearts of U.S. soldiers crossing the border to attack Canada during the War of 1812. This is the dramatic story of his life and that of the daring exploits of his...

Mapping the Wilderness: The Story of David Thompson

by Tom Shardlow Napoleon and Co (October 01, 1996)

David Thompsons story is one of the great tales of North American adventure. His life was a mixture of truth and legend, but he was without a doubt one of the greatest surveyors and mapmakers of the North American...

Making it Home: The Story of Catharine Parr Traill

by Lynn Westerhout Napoleon and Co (December 01, 2004)

As a pioneer in Canada in the early 1800s, Parr Traill was one of the first writers to record the Ontario wilderness in detail, and her stories for young people became part of a new focus on young people. This...

Discovering the Arctic: The Story of John Rae

by John Wilson Napoleon and Co (November 01, 2003)

Discovering the Arctic is an exciting recounting of the life of a nineteenth-century doctor and explorer who worked for the Hudson's Bay Company and opened up vast tracts of land in the Canadian Arctic and may...

Righting Wrongs: The Story of Norman Bethune

by John Wilson Napoleon and Co (November 01, 2001)

Norman Bethune was a doctor who devoted his life to helping others and whose story is a remarkable one, cut short by his early death in China in 1938. His story inspires us to believe that we can change the...

Bitter Ashes: The Story of WW II

by John Wilson Napoleon and Co (January 01, 2010)

The Second World War is retold and explained from a Canadian perspective. With historical photographs and maps.

Desperate Glory: The Story of WWI

by John Wilson Napoleon and Co (October 01, 2008)

This book presents the story and issues of the First World War in a clear, concise and objective manner, accompanied on every page by photographs, original sketches, or maps.

Changing the Pattern: The Story of Emily Stowe

by Sydell Waxman Napoleon and Co (February 01, 1998)

When Emily Stowe was born in 1831, every girl's life followed a set pattern. Her future was limited to housework and childcare. With the help of original sketches and archival material, Changing the Pattern...

Believing in Books: The Story of Lillian Smith

by Sydell Waxman Napoleon and Co (December 01, 2002)

This biography is the story of a child who took her love of childrens' books and found a way to share it with the world as she grew up. Her voice would be the first to carry the message of childrens' right to...

Working for Freedom: The Story of Josiah Henson

by Rona Arato Napoleon and Co (January 01, 2009)

By the time he was six, Josiah Henson had been sold three times. At nine, he was beaten by his family's owner for trying to learn to read. After his escape, Josiah became an advocate for those still in bondage....

Sailing for Glory: The Story of Captain Angus Walters and the Bluenose

by Teri-Lynn Janveau & Allister Thompson Napoleon and Co (October 01, 2006)

This book tells the story of the unique bond between Captain Walters and his schooner the Bluenose and also brings to life the danger and adventure of the life of a North Atlantic fisherman in the days of sail....

Caring for a Colony: The Story of Jeanne Mance

by Joanna Emery Napoleon and Co (November 01, 2005)

This is a story of pioneering courage and compassion in the New World. Jeanne dreamed of devoting her life to caring for others. In 1641, she courageously gave up her comfortable middle-class life in France...

Struggling for Perfection: The Story of Glenn Gould

by Vladimir Konieczny Napoleon and Co (November 01, 2009)

Struggling for Perfection is the story of the famous pianist, an enigmatic figure who made some of the most acclaimed classical recordings of the last century. The book is illustrated with sketches and archival...

Photographing Greatness: The Story of Karsh

by lian goodall Napoleon and Co (November 01, 2007)

This is the first children's biography of the famous Canadian photographer who immortalized the makers of history. With sketches and archival photographs.