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The Big Book of Canadian Trivia

by Mark Kearney & Randy Ray Dundurn (April 27, 2009)

Here in one big book is all the trivia and facts about Canada anyone needs to know. All regions are covered, as well as important Canadian figures such as John Molson, Elizabeth Arden, and Russ Jackson. This...

Now You Know Baseball

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (March 10, 2010)

Everyone will know the score with this grand slam of Q&A thats sure to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Doug Lennox hammers it out of the park by filling us in on whos won the most Cy Young Awards and the...

Now You Know Big Book of Sports

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (September 07, 2009)

Doug Lennox, the world champion of trivia, is back to score touchdowns, hit homers, and knock in holes-in-one every time with a colossal compendium of Q&A athletics that has all anyone could possibly want to...

Now You Know Hockey: The Book of Answers

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (September 29, 2008)

Doug Lennox, the head referee of Q&A, delivers the score on everything from All-Stars to Zambonis, the skinny on how the term hat trick originated, and the answer to just where hockey was invented. You'll also...

Mysteries and Secrets of the Masons: The Story Behind the Masonic Order

by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe Dundurn (May 13, 2006)

The Fanthorpes explore the history of the Masonic Order, its aims, its influences, and its role today.

The Write Track: How to Succeed as a Freelance Writer in Canada Second Edition, Revised and Expanded

by Betty Jane Wylie Dundurn (April 01, 2003)

A personal and practical look at Wylies freelance experience, recounting how she made it from uncertainty to confidence as a veteran writer.

The Ultimate Canadian Sports Trivia Book: Volume 1

by Edward Zawadzki Dundurn (September 01, 2001)

Edward Zawadzki, Canadas Ultimate Sports Trivia Guy, brings together this dynamic collection of facts and oddities from the world of sports.

I Know That Name!: The People Behind Canada's Best Known Brand Names from Elizabeth Arden to Walter Zeller

by Randy Ray & Mark Kearney Dundurn (September 01, 2002)

Full of fun facts, intriguing trivia, and engrossing explorations of more than 100 Canadians who beat the odds to become household names.

Now You Know Crime Scenes: The Little Book of Answers

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (September 30, 2007)

With the popularity of today's TV police dramas, we all think we're forensics experts. But what do we really know? Now You Know Crime Scenes, one of bestselling author Doug Lennox's Little Books of Answers,...

Canadian Literary Landmarks

by John Robert Colombo Dundurn (January 01, 1984)

Here is a list of three dozen of the top literary locales in Canada. The selection of sites is necessarily subjective, yet it attempts to represent geographical, historical, social, and cultural concerns as...

Pucks, Pablum and Pingos: More Fascinating Facts and Quirky Quizzes

by Mark Kearney & Randy Ray Dundurn (March 01, 2004)

A unique collection of trivia bites, quizzes, and graphics that delivers more of the fun, factual fare readers have come to expect from Canada's Trivia Guys.

The Royal Book of Lists: An Irreverent Romp through British Royal History

by Matt Richardson Dundurn (September 01, 2001)

Covering over a thousand years of royal history, Matt Richardson highlights the triumphs, tragedies, and scandals that are central to this rich heritage.

Now You Know: The Book of Answers

by Doug Lennox & Catriona Wight Dundurn (September 01, 2003)

With all the conciseness of his original radio scripts, Doug Lennox "cuts to the quick" in telling you the things you always wanted to know.

The Art of Complaining: Canada's Consumer Action Guide

by Phil Edmonston Dundurn (August 26, 2013)

Defective cars, contaminated food, insurance company abuses, botched vacations, or government errors and indifference ... these issues and more are examined in The Art of Complaining. Phil Edmonston's newest...

The Pleasures and Treasures of Britain: A Discerning Traveller's Companion

by David Kemp Dundurn (January 12, 1992)

Nowhere else will the discerning traveller find so much diverse and essential information about British culture gathered together in one volume. With the author as your witty and knowledgeable guide, take a...

Handbook of Upper Canadian Chronology: Revised Edition

by Frederick H. Armstrong Dundurn (September 01, 1985)

A revised and greatly expanded edition of this important and long out of print reference book on Upper Canada to 1841. The new edition includes the basic population statistics, a completely revised list of the...

Maps That Made History: The Influential, the Eccentric and the Sublime

by Lez Smart Dundurn (April 30, 2005)

Features 25 glorious maps that chart societies, land, sea, and skies; maps that have influenced and inspired; and maps that misrepresent.

Now You Know Canada

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (June 03, 2017)

  • All-Canadian trivia book from Doug Lennox’s extensive Now You Know series
  • The Now You Know series is beloved across Canada, having sold over 240,000 copies, and the first book in the series, Now You Know,...

The Ontario Craft Beer Guide

by Robin LeBlanc & Jordan St. John Dundurn (May 20, 2017)

With nearly 100 new breweries, this guide to Ontario craft beer is everything you’ll need to know about the range of outstanding brewers and beers in the province.

The explosion of craft beer variety in North...

Is Canada Even Real?

by J.C. Villamere Dundurn (May 06, 2017)

  • A quirky, lowbrow look at all the things we Canadians secretly cherish and/or furiously deny
  • Addresses Canada’s international reputation as a country that’s just a little too good to be true
  • Author also...

Colossal Canadian Failures: A Short History of Things that Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

by Randy Richmond & Tom Villemaire Dundurn (September 01, 2002)

A lighthearted look at Canadas unsung heroes the eccentrics, the failures, the misguided, and the just plain over-optimistic.

Now You Know Soccer

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (June 01, 2009)

Known around the world as football, soccer is the worlds most watched and played sport. Now Doug Lennox, the striker of Q&A, scores with a pitch full of tidbits that delivers the goods on Pel, Maradona, Beckham,...

Script Tease: A Wordsmith's Waxings on Life and Writing

by Eric Nicol Dundurn (May 05, 2010)

Why write in the first place? Its the second most satisfying thing you can do lying down. You must need to write. After 73 years of scribbling, Eric Nicol holds forth on dangling participles, punctuation, and...

The Ontario Craft Beer Guide

by Robin LeBlanc & Jordan St. John Dundurn (May 14, 2016)

The comprehensive field guide to over a thousand Ontario beers and the brewers who make them. Join noted beer experts Jordan St. John and Robin LeBlanc as they tell the stories and rate the heady brews found...

Reel Winners: Movie Award Trivia

by Richard Crouse Dundurn (October 22, 2005)

Canada's premier movie critic Richard Crouse delivers this definitive guide to the inside scoop on movie awards.

A Sherlock Holmes Handbook

by Christopher Redmond Dundurn (July 25, 1993)

A Sherlock Holmes Handbook examines the world of Sherlock Holmes -- the characters and themes, the publishers and readers, Victorian London, and more. This new edition catches up on new films and books and the...

The Ph.D. Trap Revisited

by Wilfred Cude Dundurn (October 01, 2000)

This book lays bare the faults of the Ph.D. program, showing that in most disciplines it is savage, mechanical, and cruel.

Now You Know Pirates: The Little Book of Answers

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (March 26, 2008)

The true Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Sir Henry Morgan, and lots more, from ancient keelhauling to twenty-first-century buccaneering, are all here in Q & A commodore Doug Lennox's Now You Know Pirates.

1000 Questions About Canada: Places, People, Things and Ideas, A Question-and-Answer Book on Canadian Facts and Culture

by John Robert Colombo Dundurn (June 01, 2001)

Is the dollar bill still legal tender? Who were the Symphony Six? What is the monkey-in-a-hat stamp? These are some of the questions answered within.

The Military Leadership Handbook

by Robert W. Walker & Bernd Horn Dundurn (September 29, 2008)

This concise manual identifies, describes, and explains the concepts, components, and ideas that relate to military leadership.

Now You Know Big Book of Answers

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (August 31, 2007)

The master of Q & A is back with a treasure trove of his favourite trivia culled from his four previous Now You Know books, plus 150 brand new questions. Doug Lennox dispenses knowledge concisely in this fun,...

Now You Know Golf

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (September 02, 2008)

Doug Lennox, the links pro of Q&A, hits the green with a barrage of golfing trivia on everything from albatrosses and barkies to Vardon grips and zingers. All the titans, male and female, take a swing, including...

Now You Know Almost Everything: The Book of Answers, Vol. 3

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (October 08, 2005)

Never losing sight of the joy of discovering the "why" of ordinary things, Now You Know Almost Everything makes sure you just about know it all.

The Northrop Frye Quote Book

by Northrop Frye, John Robert Colombo & Jean O'Grady Dundurn (February 24, 2014)

Here is a specialized dictionary of quotations based on the thoughts and writings of a single person. It is evidence that there is a Canadian writer of whom it may be said that we as his readers can grow up...

Big Bang, Baby: Rock Trivia

by Richard Crouse Dundurn (April 26, 2000)

Big Bang, Baby will entertain and enlighten music fans and will challenge even the experienced rock trivia junkie.

Now You Know More: The Book of Answers, Vol. 2

by Doug Lennox & Catriona Wight Dundurn (September 01, 2004)

The runaway bestseller Now You Know: The Book of Answers, went through five printings and sold over 20,000 copies. In this second book, Lennox continues to trace the history and reasons for hundreds of expressions...

In Defence of Plain English: The Decline and Fall of Literacy in Canada

by Victoria Branden Dundurn (September 01, 1992)

This indispensable guide to the English language defines bad English and how to use and write good English.

The Canadian UFO Report: The Best Cases Revealed

by Chris A. Rutkowski & Geoff Dittman Dundurn (July 03, 2008)

A popular history of the UFO phenomenon in Canada, which has captured the imaginations of young and old alike.

Getting What You Deserve: The Adventures of Goldhawk Fights Back

by Dale Goldhawk Dundurn (October 01, 2003)

Reveals the background battles and adventures Goldhawk and his team had during their 12 years of advocacy, and updates the stories of some of his memorable clients.

Now You Know, Volume 4: The Book of Answers

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (September 16, 2006)

Building on the success of his previous bestsellers, Doug Lennox masterfully dispenses the answers to quirky questions, never losing sight of the joy of discovering the "why" of ordinary things.

Now You Know Extreme Weather: The Little Book of Answers

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (September 30, 2007)

When it rains, it pours, especially when it comes to bestselling author Doug Lennox's Now You Know Extreme Weather, one of his new Little Books of Answers. Weather concerns us all, and now with this dense compendium...

Maps for Family and Local History (2nd Edition): Records of the Tithe, Valuation Office and National Farm Surveys of England and Wales, 1836-1943

by William Foot, Geraldine Beech & Rose Mitchell Dundurn (April 01, 2004)

Maps for Family and Local History shows how three great land surveys can provide information on ancestral homes, as well as fascinating historical snapshots of specific areas. Covering 1836 to 1943, the Tithe,...

Now You Know Disasters: The Little Book of Answers

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (March 26, 2008)

In Now You Know Disasters, Q & A ringmaster Doug Lennox showcases the what, why, when, where, who, and how of everything that's gone tragically and terribly wrong, past and present.

The Great Canadian Trivia Book 2

by Randy Ray & Mark Kearney Dundurn (May 01, 1998)

Award-winning writers Mark Kearney and Randy Ray dig even deeper into Canadas curious characters, storied past, and cultural idiosyncrasies.

The Handbook of Canadian Boarding Schools

by Ashley Thomson & Sylvie Lafortune Dundurn (September 01, 1999)

A comparison of boarding schools with information on the educational environment of each province.

Christian Names in Local and Family History

by George Redmonds Dundurn (April 13, 2004)

This groundbreaking work challenges assumptions on the frequency of first names and shows that they can be significant in tracing genealogies or studying communities.

Under Arrest: Canadian Laws You Won't Believe

by Bob Tarantino Dundurn (August 30, 2007)

This entertaining romp spotlights the countrys past and present strange-but-true laws and legal history.

Now You Know Christmas: The Little Book of Answers

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (September 30, 2007)

From oversized socks filled with treats to firs in living rooms and strange stories and songs, Christmas makes us all scratch our heads every now and then to wonder why we celebrate the way that we do. In Now...

500 Years of New Words: the fascinating story of how, when, and why these words first entered the English language

by Bill Sherk Dundurn (September 01, 2004)

500 Years of New Words takes you on a journey through the English language from the days before Shakespeare to the first decade of the 21st century. Entries are arranged in chronological order based on the earliest...

Colossal Canadian Failures 2

by Randy Richmond & Tom Villemaire Dundurn (April 01, 2006)

This second entertaining collection offers more evidence that Canada could adopt as its national slogan If we dont laugh, well cry.