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Don't Be a Victim

by Nancy Grace & John Hassan Grand Central Publishing (September 21, 2020)

Discover gripping true crime stories and the surprising tools you need to keep you and your family safe -- from iconic legal commentator, TV journalist, and New York Times bestselling author Nancy Grace.


Don't Be a Victim

by Nancy Grace & John Hassan Grand Central Publishing (September 22, 2020)

From street assaults and home predators to computer hackers, protect yourself and your loved ones from crime with this essential guide from legal expert, television journalist, and New York Times bestselling...

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, 12th edition

by Daniel H Honemann, Thomas J Balch, Daniel E. Seabold & Shmuel Gerber et al. PublicAffairs (August 31, 2020)

The only current authorized edition of the classic work on parliamentary procedure--now in a new updated edition

Robert's Rules of Order is the recognized guide to smooth, orderly, and fairly conducted meetings....


by William Bridges & Susan Bridges Da Capo Lifelong Books (December 16, 2019)

Celebrating 40 years of the best-selling guide for coping with life's changes, named one of the 50 all-time best books in self-help and personal development -- with a new Discussion Guide for readers, written...

Smarter Living

by Karen Barrow, Tim Herrera & Karron Skog Black Dog & Leventhal (December 02, 2019)

Smart, actionable advice and life tips on how to improve your career, your home, your finances, your relationships, and your health for a happier life -- all from the popular Smarter Living section of the New...

How to Have Impossible Conversations

by Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay Da Capo Lifelong Books (September 16, 2019)

"This is a self-help book on how to argue effectively, conciliate, and gently persuade. The authors admit to getting it wrong in their own past conversations. One by one, I recognize the same mistakes in me....

The US Armed Forces Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Survival Manual

by Dick Couch & Brian Troxell Hachette Book Group (March 20, 2018)

In an era of geopolitical instability, terrorism, and the threat of a North Korean missile attack, military experts teach you how to survive the worst-case scenarios we all dread

If a dirty bomb explodes three...

Become Your Child's Sleep Coach

by Lynelle Schneeberg Da Capo Lifelong Books (September 02, 2019)

Proven bedtime solutions for parents of preschool and elementary school children -- from a Yale doctor

While there are plenty of resources available to establish healthy sleeping patterns for babies and toddlers,...


by Therese Oneill Little, Brown and Company (April 15, 2019)

From the author of the "hysterically funny and unsettlingly fascinating" New York Times bestseller Unmentionable, a hilarious illustrated guide to the secrets of Victorian child-rearing (Jenny Lawson).


100,000+ Baby Names

by Bruce Lansky Da Capo Lifelong Books (July 08, 2019)

The most helpful, complete, and yearly up-to-date name book

What's new about names? The new edition of 100,000+ Baby Names by Bruce Lansky features the most up-to-date lists of names, trends, advice, and fascinating...

Mom Hacks

by Darria Long Gillespie Da Capo Lifelong Books (February 18, 2019)

100+ self-care hacks for any mom to eat right, move more, stress less and get a good night's sleep, by a doctor who is also a mom

Why is it generally accepted that motherhood comes at the expense of our health--with...

Take Care of Yourself, 10th Edition

by James F. Fries & Donald M. Vickery Da Capo Lifelong Books (August 28, 2017)

A revised edition of the classic self-care guide, with new research on aging. "Every family should have this book"(Annals of Internal Medicine).

Continuing to break new ground after forty years in print, Take...

What's Your Creative Type?

by Meta Wagner Seal Press (April 10, 2017)

The greatest creators in human history -- from Mozart to Meryl Streep, Jackson Pollock to Jay-Z -- don't just have talent -- they also understand their motivations for pursuing art. What's Your Creative Type?...

The Double-Daring Book for Girls

by Andrea J. Buchanan, Miriam Peskowitz & Tavia Gilbert HarperAudio (May 13, 2013)

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling phenomenon The Daring Book for Girls is an even more daring guide to everything from making a raft to learning how to play football to the art of the Japanese...

The Spender's Guide to Debt-Free Living

by Anna Newell Jones & Carly Robins HarperAudio (April 26, 2016)

Popular blogger Anna Newell Jones of delivers this self-help manifesto that reveals how a "spending fast" will help you get on the road to living debt-free.

In 2009, young photographer Anna...

No Dream Is Too High

by Buzz Aldrin, Traber Burns & Ken Abraham Blackstone Publishing (April 05, 2016)

Everywhere he goes, crowds gather to meet Buzz Aldrin. He's a world-class hero, a larger-than-life figurehead, and the best known of a generation of astronauts whose achievements surged in just a few years from...

The Compleat Gentleman

by Brad Miner, Dale Archer & Christopher Lane Blackstone Publishing (November 01, 2004)

At a time of astonishing confusion about what it means to be a man, Brad Miner has recovered the oldest and best ideal of manhood: the gentleman. Reviving a thousand-year tradition of chivalry, honor, and heroism,...


by William Bridges, George Psomas & Susan Bridges DaCapo Lifelong (December 17, 2019)

The best-selling guide for coping with changes in life and work, named one of the 50 all-time best books in self-help and personal development Whether you choose it or it is thrust upon you, change brings both...

Stealing Your Life

by Frank W. Abagnale & Raymond Todd Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

When Frank Abagnale trains law enforcement officers for the FBI’s National Academy about identity theft, he asks agents for their addresses and nothing more. The next day, he returns with everything he would...

World History In Minutes

by Tat Wood Quercus (August 03, 2015)

Psychology in Minutes

by Marcus Weeks Quercus (August 03, 2015)

Astronomy in Minutes

by Giles Sparrow Quercus (August 03, 2015)

The Memoir Project

by Marion Roach Smith Grand Central Publishing (June 08, 2011)

Read the "practical resource for beginners" looking to write their own memoir because this is the essential guide on the topic -- now new and revised (Kirkus Reviews)!

The greatest story you could write is the...

E-Mail Etiquette

by Samantha Miller Grand Central Publishing (October 31, 2001)

Miss Manners for the Internet Age, People Magazine's Samantha Miller delivers a highly original and valuable guide to smart and productive email usage.

10 Days to a Sharper Memory

by Russell Roberts, Abby Marks-Beale, Lenny Laskowski & Tom Nash Grand Central Publishing (September 25, 2009)

Remember names, details, and facts with the most effective memory system ever. The step-by-step guide that assesses your present memory quotient and shows you how your memory works, 10 Days to a Sharper Memory...

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

by John Bartlett & Geoffrey O'Brien Little, Brown and Company (December 01, 2014)

More than 150 years after its original publication, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations has been completely revised and updated for its eighteenth edition. Bartlett's showcases a sweeping survey of world history,...

Bartlett's Book of Love Quotations

by John Bartlett Little, Brown and Company (October 30, 2009)

From its first appearance in 1855 to its recently published sixteenth edition, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations has set the standard for books of quotations. Now, for the first time, more than 900 of the most...

The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes

by Clifton Fadiman Little, Brown and Company (October 30, 2009)

A book compiled of anecdotes from other collections, arranged under the name of the person they're about.

The Man's Book

by Thomas Fink Little, Brown and Company (May 05, 2009)

Being modern and manly in today's world isn't always easy.

Do you know how to tie a bow-tie, mix a martini, or make a potato gun?

Do you know when to get married and how to break up, or the difference between...