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Shades of Light

by Sharon Garlough Brown Ivp Books (August 20, 2019)

"I was desperate. . . . I couldn't turn off the dark thoughts, no matter how hard I tried or how much I prayed. And then I spent a whole weekend in bed, and the crying wouldn't stop, and I got really scared....

Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit

by Christopher J. H. Wright Ivp Books (January 21, 2017)

How should Christians live? On the one hand, some very legalistic Christians stress the importance of keeping all the rules—that you must do this and never do that if you want to prove you are really a Christian....

Teach Us to Pray

by Gordon T. Smith Ivp Books (April 17, 2018)

  • 2019 Logos Bookstore Association Award for Christian Living

Sustainable Young Adult Ministry

by Mark DeVries & Scott Pontier Ivp Books (August 20, 2019)

Young adult ministry scares us. Young adults seem like the elusive Holy Grail demographic in Christian ministry. We often treat them like another species, with an inscrutable culture all their own. To have a...

Opening the Red Door

by John A. Bernbaum & Philip Yancey Ivp Academic (September 17, 2019)

After the Berlin Wall fell, a group of Christian colleges in the U.S. seized the opportunity to begin strategic faculty and student exchanges with universities inside the Soviet Union. They could not have foreseen...

Recapturing an Enchanted World

by John D. Rempel & Gordon T. Smith Ivp Academic (January 28, 2020)

How might our worship recapture and reflect the enchanted world of God's nearness in Jesus Christ? In this first volume in IVP Academic's Dynamics of Christian Worship series, John D. Rempel offers a vision...


by Joshua N. Moon, David W. Baker & Gordon J. Wenham Ivp Academic (August 21, 2018)

The prophet Hosea lived through the tumultuous final decades of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. The Assyrian invasion culminated in the destruction of Samaria, the end of the Northern Kingdom, and the exile...

The Feasts of Repentance

by Michael J. Ovey & D. A. Carson Ivp Academic (August 13, 2019)

In gospel proclamation today, the critical New Testament element of repentance can be far too often ignored, minimalized, or dismissed. Yet John the Baptist, Jesus himself, and those he commissioned to spread...

The Possibility of Prayer

by John Starke Ivp Books (February 11, 2020)

The world clamors for efficiency and productivity. But the life of prayer is neither efficient nor productive. Instead, as we learn in the psalms, prayer calls us to wait, to watch, to listen, to taste, and...

Eastern Turkey

by T. A. Sinclair Pindar Press (December 31, 1989)

This second volume continues with a description of the fine Georgian monuments of the Tao region, including Ihan, Ök Vank, and Haho. The Pontus region comes next, the centre of the medieval Greek empire of...

Marines in the Marianas, Volume 1

by Eric Hammel Pacifica Military History (June 06, 2013)

The American mid-1944 campaign in the Mariana Islands was an important strategic step that placed Tokyo and the rest of Japan’s industrial heartland within range of the new U.S. Army Air Forces B-29 very-long-range...

Marines on Iwo Jima, Volume 1

by Eric Hammel Pacifica Military History (June 06, 2013)

Even in as bloody and bluntly violent a war as Americans encountered in the Pacific, Iwo Jima, the ultimate expression of death and mayhem, stands out. It was in a class by itself, a meatgrinder smashed by a...

Marines on Iwo Jima, Volume 2

by Eric Hammel Pacifica Military History (June 06, 2013)

Even in as bloody and bluntly violent a war as Americans encountered in the Pacific, Iwo Jima, the ultimate expression of death and mayhem, stands out. It was in a class by itself, a meatgrinder smashed by a...

Marines on Okinawa

by Eric Hammel Pacifica Military History (June 06, 2013)

y late March 1945, the pathway to invasion of the southernmost major island of the Japanese archipelago, Kyushu, had been secured but for one necessary stepping stone American forces required to support their...

Always Faithful

by Eric Hammel Pacifica Military History (March 08, 2016)

A Picture is worth a thousand words

In his Always Faithful, noted military historian Eric Hammel has assembled one hundred Marine Corpsa combat photos from the Pacific Theater of operations during World War II....

Cold War Resistance

by Marc Landas Potomac Books (October 01, 2020)

In June 1941 a pair of British scientists boarded a plane for America with World War II raging all around them. They carried a precious commodity - penicillin - and the knowledge that it would change history....


by Abigail R. Esman Potomac Books (October 01, 2020)

In the days after 9/11, Abigail R. Esman walked the streets of New York haunted by a feeling that was eerily familiar: the trauma of violence that hovered in the air. Friends, family, and strangers moved, walked,...

Why Nation-Building Matters

by Keith W. Mines Potomac Books (August 01, 2020)

No one likes nation-building. The public dismisses it. Politicians criticize it. The traditional military disdains it, and civilian agencies lack the blueprint necessary to make it work. Yet functioning states...

On Distant Service

by Susan M. Stein Potomac Books (July 01, 2020)

On July 18, 1924, a mob in Tehran killed U.S. foreign service officer Robert Whitney Imbrie. His violent death, the first political murder in the history of the service, outraged the American people. Though...

An Unladylike Profession

by Chris Dubbs & Judy Woodruff Potomac Books (July 01, 2020)

When World War I began, war reporting was a thoroughly masculine bastion of journalism. But that did not stop dozens of women reporters from stepping into the breach, defying gender norms and official restrictions...

Why Globalization Works for America

by Edward Goldberg Potomac Books (July 01, 2020)

Blue-collar job loss, immigration, trade deficits - Americans blame globalization for a host of problems. Indeed, even in a political system split by fundamental divisions, populists and progressives alike belong...

Deconstructing Dr. Strangelove

by Sean M. Maloney Potomac Books (July 01, 2020)

King of the Cold War crisis film, Dr. Strangelove became a cultural touchstone from the moment of its release in 1964. The duck-and-cover generation saw it as a satire on nuclear issues and Cold War thinking....

Operation Rising Sun

by David W. Jourdan & James P. Delgado Potomac Books (June 01, 2020)

In 1944 Allied codebreakers learned the Imperial Japanese Navy had dispatched the cargo submarine I-52 to occupied France with tons of military supplies and payment - in gold - for German assistance. I-52 undertook...

Political Godmother

by Meg Heckman Potomac Books (June 01, 2020)

Newspaper publisher and GOP kingmaker Nackey Scripps Loeb headed the Union Leader Corporation, one of the most unusual - and influential - local newspaper companies in the United States. Her unapologetic conservatism...

Before Chappaquiddick

by William C. Kashatus Potomac Books (June 01, 2020)

On July 18, 1969, a car driven by Senator Edward M. Kennedy plunged off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, off the coast of Cape Cod. Mary Jo Kopechne, a twenty-eight-year-old former staffer for Kennedy's brother...

Forbidden Memory

by Tsering WOESER, Susan T. Chen & Robert Barnett Potomac Books (April 01, 2020)

When Red Guards arrived in Tibet in 1966, intent on creating a classless society, they unleashed a decade of revolutionary violence, political rallies, and factional warfare marked by the ransacking of temples,...

Touched with Fire

by David E. Lowe Potomac Books (December 01, 2019)

Morris B. Abram (1918–2000) emerged from humble origins in a rural South Georgia town to become one of the leading civil rights lawyers in the United States during the 1950s. While unmasking the Ku Klux Klan...

The Investigator

by Vladimír Dzuro & Carla Del Ponte Potomac Books (November 01, 2019)

The war that broke out in the former Yugoslavia at the end of the twentieth century unleashed unspeakable acts of violence committed against defenseless civilians, including a grizzly mass murder at an Ov?ara...

From Chernobyl with Love

by Katya Cengel Potomac Books (November 01, 2019)

In the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the late twentieth century was a time of unprecedented hope for democracy and freedom in Eastern Europe. The collapse of the Soviet Union left in its wake a number...

Drunk in China

by Derek Sandhaus Potomac Books (November 01, 2019)

2020 Gourmand Award in Spirits

China is one of the world’s leading producers and consumers of liquor, with alcohol infusing all aspects of its culture, from religion and literature to business and warfare....

Descendants of Cyrus

by Christopher Thornton Potomac Books (November 01, 2019)

We know the current political narrative: Iran is dangerous, full of terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. But Christopher Thornton here tells a different story: one of good food, liberal-minded people,...

Containment in the Middle East

by Ehud Eilam Potomac Books (November 01, 2019)

National security affairs analyst Ehud Eilam examines the strategy of containment in the Middle East as it is currently pursued. For the United States, containment is a way to avoid war with Iran and thwart...

Becoming Ronald Reagan

by Robert Mann Potomac Books (October 01, 2019)

In the 1960s transitioning from acting to politics was rare. Ronald Reagan was not the first to do it, but he was the first to jump from the screen to the stump and on to credibility as a presidential contender....

From Miniskirt to Hijab

by Jacqueline Saper Potomac Books (October 01, 2019)

Jacqueline Saper, named after Jacqueline 'Kennedy, was born in Tehran to Iranian and British parents. At eighteen she witnessed the civil unrest of the 1979 Iranian revolution and continued to live in the Islamic...

Building the Nation

by Heather Selma Gregg Potomac Books (December 01, 2018)

Building the Nation draws from foreign-policy reports and interviews with U.S. military officers to investigate recent U.S.-led efforts to “nation-build” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Heather Selma Gregg argues...

Ronald Reagan

by David T. Byrne Potomac Books (November 01, 2018)

In this ambitious work David T. Byrne analyzes the ideas that informed Ronald Reagan’s political philosophy and policies. Rather than appraising Reagan’s personal and emotional life, Byrne’s intellectual...

Bourbon and Bullets

by John C. Tramazzo & Fred Minnick Potomac Books (November 01, 2018)

American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines carried whiskey at Yorktown, Gettysburg, Manila, and Da Nang. It bolstered their courage, calmed their nerves, and treated their maladies. As a serious American...

The Soldier from Independence

by D. M. Giangreco & Alonzo L. Hamby Potomac Books (October 15, 2018)

Revealing the little-known facts of Harry Truman’s remarkable military performance, as a soldier and as a politician, The Soldier from Independence adds a whole new dimension to the already fascinating character...

Patriotic Murder

by Peter Stehman Potomac Books (October 01, 2018)

Robert Prager, a lonely German immigrant searching for the American dream, was probably the most shameful U.S. casualty of World War I. From coast to coast, Americans had been whipped into a patriotic frenzy...

The Man in the Arena

by Rodger McDaniel & Alan K. Simpson Potomac Books (September 01, 2018)

Best Nonfiction Book of the Year from the Wyoming State Historical Society

There was a time when Wyoming and other Rocky Mountain and midwestern states were as likely to elect a liberal Democrat to Congress as...


by Katya Cengel Potomac Books (September 01, 2018)

San Tran Croucher’s earliest memories are of fleeing ethnic attacks in her Vietnamese village, only to be later tortured in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge.

Katya Cengel met San when San was seventy-five years...

Blaming China

by Benjamin Shobert Potomac Books (September 01, 2018)

American society is angrier, more fragmented, and more polarized than at any time since the Civil War. We harbor deep insecurities about our economic future, our place in the world, our response to terrorism,...

Terrorism, Betrayal, and Resilience

by Prudence Bushnell Potomac Books (October 01, 2018)

On August 7, 1998, three years before President George W. Bush declared the War on Terror, the radical Islamist group al-Qaeda bombed the American embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, where Prudence Bushnell was serving...

After Combat

by Marian Eide & Michael Gibler Potomac Books (September 01, 2018)

Approximately 2.5 million men and women have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in the service of the U.S. War on Terror. Marian Eide and Michael Gibler have collected and compiled personal combat accounts from...

African American Officers in Liberia

by Brian G. Shellum Potomac Books (August 01, 2018)

African American Officers in Liberia tells the story of 'seventeen African American officers who trained, reorganized, and commanded the Liberian Frontier Force from 1910 to 1942. In this West African country...

The I-35W Bridge Collapse

by Kimberly J. Brown Potomac Books (July 01, 2018)

“A bridge shouldn’t just fall down,” Senator Amy Klobuchar said after the August 1, 2007, collapse of the Minneapolis I-35W eight-lane steel truss bridge, which killed 13 motorists, injured 145, and left...

Operation Kinetic

by Sean M. Maloney & Mike Jackson Potomac Books (July 01, 2018)

In the late 1990s, NATO led the Kosovo Force (KFOR), charged with stabilizing Kosovo and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia after genocide and other atrocities were carried out in the Balkan region. Operation...

In Command

by Matthew Oyos Potomac Books (June 01, 2018)

Although Theodore Roosevelt was not a wartime president, he took his role as commander in chief very seriously. In Command explores Roosevelt’s efforts to modernize the American military before, during, and...

Raising the Flag

by Peter Eicher Potomac Books (June 01, 2018)

Since its inception the United States has sent envoys to advance American interests abroad, both across oceans and to areas that later became part of the country. Little has been known about these first envoys...

American Detective

by Thomas A. Reppetto Potomac Books (June 01, 2018)

From the Roaring Twenties to the 1970s detectives reigned supreme in police departments across the country. In this tightly woven slice of true crime reportage, Thomas A. Reppetto offers a behind-the-scenes...